Sunday, December 26, 2010

On Christmas Bla

How is your christmas celebration folks? As for me, we had a family get together at home, although the younger brother of my mother missed it because they are busy with their business they cooked something for the small party, nonetheless the party was a success dispite of their absence and the absence of the my other aunt who is in London right now. Everybody enjoyed the food and singing for my aunt, the wife of nanay’s younger brother rented a videoke.

On the lighter note, the little one, my nephew and nieces got their christmas present yesterday. The little one got a transformer robot, my nephew and nieces received a bikes. Last two christmases the little received a Remote Controlled Cars, I was glad when he told me he wants a robot this year, for a change. While my nephew received a remote controlled helicopter. Often times I wonder of the evolution of technology, before I seldom see remote controlled cars, helicopters, boats, tanks and a lot more.

In deed the evolution of high technology brings joy to children and adults.

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