Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Indoor Extreme Activities

Are you bored and tired spending long hours working in your office? Are you planning to take a break from your hectic work schedule but you don’t have an idea where and what to do? How about try something that you haven’t tried before? Adventure is a good stress reliever because it gives us the adrenaline rush that make us feel alive. A good friend who loves indoor and outdoor activities told me about it. He could not explain his feeling when he does something that is daring and adventurous. In fact he wants me to try indoor skydiving, it’s been few months since I talked to this friend but I haven’t try it.

I guess, I need professional help before trying this stuff for safety reason. It’s going to be my first experience if ever I try it, so I want it to be perfect. So if you love indoor activities then perhaps you could try indoor skydiving and share your experience to me. Hehehe..

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