Thursday, December 30, 2010

Being A Single Mom

I can still remember the feeling when I found out that I am pregnant. It was June of 2004 when I noticed some changes in my body, two weeks after visiting my boyfriend then, who is working in another place. I immediately told him about the changes I notice and that I have a hint that I am pregnant. I didn’t hear any complain nor any clue that he is not going to marry me when I finally confirmed that I pregnant. In fact he seems to be happy. But I was wrong because he didn’t come back the day he promise me to be back and I only realized it when I was at the labor room for he was nowhere to be found and I could not contact him in his mobile. It was then when I started to worry, I started to ask myself if I can support the needs of my child if in case the father will abandon us.

That time I already know that being a single mother is not easy, I know how hard it is because I saw it with my own mother. She needs to leave us and work in another country so that she can support our needs. Fortunately I have a very supportive family that help me raise my son and later on I found a nice boyfriend who accepted my son as his own and help me financially.

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