Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day

I am going to downtown area later today to buy groceries and the stuff I need for the new year but then the heavy rain outside makes me lazy to go out. I also need to drop by at the DILG before heading to downtown to follow up the schedule of the dialogue I requested to few of the honorables in my place regarding the Philhealth premium payments. I am hoping the this issue will be settle now that I brought it the office of the DILG because lots of fabrication gossip is roaming around my area so I need to do something to clear my name.

Anyways, I am hoping that the rain will stop before I leaf the house.

Being A Single Mom

I can still remember the feeling when I found out that I am pregnant. It was June of 2004 when I noticed some changes in my body, two weeks after visiting my boyfriend then, who is working in another place. I immediately told him about the changes I notice and that I have a hint that I am pregnant. I didn’t hear any complain nor any clue that he is not going to marry me when I finally confirmed that I pregnant. In fact he seems to be happy. But I was wrong because he didn’t come back the day he promise me to be back and I only realized it when I was at the labor room for he was nowhere to be found and I could not contact him in his mobile. It was then when I started to worry, I started to ask myself if I can support the needs of my child if in case the father will abandon us.

That time I already know that being a single mother is not easy, I know how hard it is because I saw it with my own mother. She needs to leave us and work in another country so that she can support our needs. Fortunately I have a very supportive family that help me raise my son and later on I found a nice boyfriend who accepted my son as his own and help me financially.

To those single moms out there you don’t need to fret for I found this awesome single moms website. The website is especially design to help single moms find financial help, scholarships and grants. One can also find helpful articles on how to get assistance such as housing, utility bills and food assistance in your state. So if you’re a single mom like me, is the perfect site to visit.

Hooked Again

I really miss playing Farmville, for more than a month I was lazy playing Farmville. Actually it is not the laziness that stopped me from playing Farmville, I want to relax my right arm for it’s been a while that I feel something strange whenever I move it. My boyfriend asked me to see a doctor and I am glad that it is fine now after taking medicine. Though I don’t feel anything when I try to move it to different position I don’t want to uber used it again.

So I might be hooked in Farmville again for few days but I will definitely not play like I did before to avoid having bad right arm.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Distribution Center

Without a doubt running a business is not an easy. There are lots of important things to consider having a successful business especially if you are in distribution business.

Talking about distribution business, if you are living around Virginia and is looking for a good distribution center, warehousing and logistic service then I urge you to visit Diversified Distribution. It’s a family own business that aims to help customer solve their distributions, warehouse and logistic problems. They will also help you increase efficiency and maximize profits.

Should you need more information about the company? I urge you to visit the link I’ve provided above. I am quite sure by visiting the company I am talking about you will have a smooth distribution of your products, with this your customers will talk about your good service to their friends. Who knows one of their friends needs your service in the future.

For A Change, I Did The Laundry

This morning I decided to do our laundry. It’s been a while since the last time I do our laundry because it is my mom who usually does our laundry. Well, been busy these past few weeks so I don’t have time doing the laundry.

On the other hand, it is nice that I did our laundry because my mom complained having a bad headache while I am doing the laundry. Good thing she is fine now, I told her to take her medicine for I have a an idea that her blood pressure is high.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Few months ago, a tricycle driver won a lottery. Just recently, I happened to passed by their newly built house. The house is really beautiful and I am sure they spent millions for the house itself. Well, I know they still have millions in the bank I am just hopping that they will spend their money wisely so they won’t go back to the way of life they used to have.

I am wondering if they are considering investing some of their money in gold or silver bullion bars. I’ve heard that precious metals are the safest investment these days.

SEO Services

Monetizing a blog is not an easy task; to be successful in this field your blog must have a good traffic and rank. I remember when I was starting blogging, at first all I want is to own a website wherein I could talked about anything and everything under the sun. Later on, I discovered that I can earn extra money in blogging so I started searching about SEO services for a friend told me to build a good blog traffic. She is right indeed because my online earning starts to grow after getting a good traffic and rank.

So if you’ve a blog and you want to earn from it, then you should considered reading and searching SEO services.

Gay Christmas Party

Argh, it's a rainny Tuesday morning here in the other part of the world. I woke up early today so I am here blogging. Hopefully, I will not be lazy to continue blog hopping after chatting to my bloyfriend.

Btw, last night I was invited to attend a Christmas party. I didn't regret attending for I had so much fun. Well, no wonder because they are all gays, they are all wearing make ups and wearing ladies clothes and accesories. But then I need to go home right after I finish eating because the little one is a bit sick.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Lighting Fixtures

Man, if money is not a problem I would like to replace the lights fixtures we had in our living and in my room. I want to have an elegant lights in our living in the name of beauty.

For those who are searching for lighting fixtures I urge you to visit It’s an online provioder of top quality lighting fixtures sech as lanterns, chandeliers, lamps, post-mounted lighting, pendant lightings and a lot more with warranties and free shipping on orders over 49usd.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nice Web Template For Holidays

Last Christmas all my blog were dressed in a holiday layouts. Christmas is always been my favorite time of the year so to let the world know how excited I am for the birth of our Saviour I always make a holiday layout. For some reasons, I missed it this year. I have been searching for Christmas web templates but I do not have enough budget to pay for a customized layout. Too bad, it’s already late when I found this site that offer wide selection of Christmas templates that suits my budget.

Well, I am going to bookmark this website so next time I need a new layout I will surely visit this site called

Been Busy

I’ve had a busy days this past few days, shopping and wrapping gifts for my cousins and god children. This year I decided to buy some toys for my younger cousins. Apart from shopping and gift wrapping, if I don’t have anything to do am always taking a nap because I always woke up at around 3 in the morning to attend the nine mornings mass. I am glad that I didn’t miss one mass.

I am glad that busy days are over, I will have more time blogging. In fact in started blog hopping this morning and will continue blog hopping in the next couple of days. So to those who visited me I will be in your door steps soon.

On Christmas Bla

How is your christmas celebration folks? As for me, we had a family get together at home, although the younger brother of my mother missed it because they are busy with their business they cooked something for the small party, nonetheless the party was a success dispite of their absence and the absence of the my other aunt who is in London right now. Everybody enjoyed the food and singing for my aunt, the wife of nanay’s younger brother rented a videoke.

On the lighter note, the little one, my nephew and nieces got their christmas present yesterday. The little one got a transformer robot, my nephew and nieces received a bikes. Last two christmases the little received a Remote Controlled Cars, I was glad when he told me he wants a robot this year, for a change. While my nephew received a remote controlled helicopter. Often times I wonder of the evolution of technology, before I seldom see remote controlled cars, helicopters, boats, tanks and a lot more.

In deed the evolution of high technology brings joy to children and adults.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

On Furnitures

I am not suppose to blog today because it is Christmas but then I missed chatting to my boyfriend this morning so I decided to go online and check his offline. After reading his offline and sending an offline I decide to go surf the net.

One great website that I stumble upon is Max Furniture blog. Through this blog one could get ample information about different kind of furniture. So if you are planning to buy furniture in the future but don’t know yet what kind of furniture to choice then this site is the perfect place to visit. I don’t have any plan of buying furniture soon but I could not stop myself from reading the blog. At least if I decided to buy furniture I know what I am going to buy.

Anyways I am going now, for my sister and friends want to have a little drink in celebration of Christmas day.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Meme

Since Christmas day is just three days away I took this quiz.

You Are Merry Christmas

You are a traditionalist when it comes to the holidays, and you aren't going to be politically correct about it.

You celebrate Christmas, and you don't think there's any reason to hide it. Most other people celebrate it too.

You are content to wish everyone a "Merry Christmas." It doesn't have to be a religious thing.

"Happy Holidays" is just too generic for your taste. You aren't going to tone down your greeting for anyone.

Gift Wrapping

I am almost done wrapping the gifts for my cousins and godchildren. I am going to downtown with my sister in law to buy few more toys as I forgot to buy the toys for my cousins. I am going to pick up the gift for the little one that I keep in at my friends house. The little one doesn’t know that I already buy his gift so he keep on bugging me because it’s only three days to go and yet he don’t have a gift under our Christmas tree.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Nine Morning Mass

Today is the fifth day of the nine mornings mass, I am glad that I attended the five mass every morning and I oath to complete the nine masses. Although I need to wake up at around 3 o’clock in the morning it doesn’t matter as this is only happens once a year. The church is always full, in fact there are lots of people who are standing inside and outside the church.

This morning I saw ladies who were sitting in a 2 step stools. Good thing they decided to bring it for standing for more than two hours is tiring. That is why I always try to wake up early so I won’t be standing for I am not sure if I can manage to stand for few hours.

Relaxing Songs

I am currently listening Christmas songs played in my notebook. I always feel great and relax whenever I am listening Christmas songs; I guess it because Christmas time is my favorite time on the year.

I remember when I was in third year high school I get excited after the holiday season for I am was excited for the prom night. I know most parents will start searching for prom dresses 2011 right after the holiday season so they will have ample of time finding the best deal available in the market, after all we all spend too much because of the holiday season.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Blab

It’s been a while since my I bloged. I always check my mail everyday but I am uber lazy to blog. I do have some stories to share but as of now I am not yet in mood to wirite it in here. Aside from uber lazy I am not in a good mood too. I am a bit pissed but I can say that I am more disappointed.

Anyways, I will be off soon as I am going to attend the chirstmas party of the little one. I am done cooking the food that we are going to share with his classmate and their parents. So bye for now folks, I hope I will time to update my other blogs.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Use Business Cards In Promoting Business

One thing I have notice these past few months is the high rivalry among business owner. I have seen some business stablishment that is under renovation which means that the business owner wants his/her business to be striking and comfortable to stay.

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Christmas Spirit

Notice the snow flakes? Well, since I could not make a holiday layout I decided to put the snow flakes effect and the season greetings on top of my post. With this my blog will have a christmas spirit. Yay, I am uber excited for the Christmas day.

The little one is also excited for their Christmas party. I still need to buy the gift for hhis Manita and the clothes he is going to wear. For kinder, they are going to wear green pants and white shirt. I am planning to buy it later today.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Have Fun At Boston Dating

I was reviewing the little one a while ago. He complained that he is getting sleepy so I let him take a nap and continue what we are reviewing later tonight. Since I don’t think I will have enough time to take a nap I decided to go online. I don’t know what I am going to do as I am lazy and I don’t have exciting story to share. So I end lurking arounf the workld wide web.

Looking back, when I was bored you will see me lurking in one of the dating site where I met my boyfriend. Since I and the boyfriend agreed to deactivate our account I could not lurk around like what i did before. Anyways, I don’t have any reason to go there since I am no longer available. However to those who are bored and is searching for fun then I urge you to visit boston dating. You can find thousands of Boston single who are also bored and looking for fun and most especially ready to flirt online. Isn’t it exciting? So hurry, go and visit the website for more information.

Smoking In A Healthier Way

Are you one of those who want to quit smoking but having a hard time doing it, then perhaps you can switch to something that is healthier? I have read somewhere that 510 Electronic Cigarette is great; because of stylish and elegant look you will not be uncomfortable when you use it in public. So if you could stop smoking then go for electronic cigarette particularly 510 e-cigarette.


Wondering why I am still awake in this wee hour? Well, I woke up an hour ago. My boyfriend called up for a short chat. I should be in bed now but I could not sleep my mind is wandering. Well, I don't have online tasks to do now so I better get my butt in here. But before I do than I am going to send offlines to the boyfriend.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Losing His Crowning Glory

Losing hair can be disappointing, my cousin who is in his 20’s noticed that he was losing his hair. As first he didn’t mind it for he thought the shampoo he is using is the culprit so he change another brand of shampoo but to no avail. It was then when he started to freak out he asked me to search reasons for hair loss because he don’t have any idea why he is losing his crowning glory. No one in the family is bald, if he continue to lose his hair then he would be the first bald in the family.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Flirt Online

These days finding someone to talk when you are bored is easy. With hundreds of dating sites online I am quite sure you could find someone with the same interests as you.

So, if you are single and available why not find someone online, you can never tell the one that you are looking for is out there waiting for you. Joining dating site online is also a good forte to those single men and women who wants to meet someone for a long term relationship or someone to flirt with. One great site to visit when it comes to meeting single men and women is Lincoln dating site online. By visiting this site you will have a bigger chance to meet flirty singles that will make your boring night into an exciting and flirty night.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the site now and start flirting.

A Dream Camera

It has been my dream to own a nice camera but for some reason I could not have it. At least not this year, I know someday I can have this kind of camera and when this time comes I will make sure I will have enough memory cards because I am not sure if I could stop myself from taking pictures.

Anyways, if you are in need of additional memory card then perhaps you want to look around online. As we all know online store is the perfect place to go for you can find perfect deals of everything and anything.

Missed The Pouring Of Opps..

I was busy cleaning and sorting some papers earlier that I miss catching those fishes in my dashboard. I still have some available tasks in my dashboard but I am waiting for the bigger payout to be available. I should be grabbing any tasks that are available but most of the time I am lazy to do re view. Image doing a review of 150 words and get paid for less than $5? Often times it’s not bad to choosy.

Shop Around For Funeral Insurance Quotes

I am not searching for funeral insurance quotes as I already have one, I started paying it three years ago. But for those who are planning to get a funeral insurance, then this post can be of help. I recently found this website that allow visitors to compare funeral insurance policies and other important stuff that you needed to know. Shopping around for information is a good key of getting the best service.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Darn! I still have few tasks left that need to be done. But I am not in the mood to blog today, I more want to sleep. I am bewildered of so many thoughts, hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. How I wish I could write the details in here but it is my rule not to write everything that involve my life and my family’s life.

On the lighter note, I would like to great Mama Mary a happy birthday, thanks for all the blessing that I and my family continue to receive.

Comfortable Home To Stay

Nothing more rewarding that going home to relax after working for long hours. That is why, making our home comfortable and relaxing to stay is not an easy tasks. We need to consider a lot of things to accomplish the looks that we want for our home. However there are times that we just focus beautifying inside our home, we forget that relaxing outside our home is really great, specially if you have a beautiful garden. That is why, when beautifying our home we should consider beautifying inside and outsider for it is one important key to achieve the relaxing ambiance in your home.

As for me, if ever I and my boyfriend decide to have our own home I want to have a wide backyard wherein I can do gardening. I want to have a beautiful garden full of different flowers. But for me to achieve the garden that I want I will be needing hand pruners. Well, I still have ample of time to look around for affordable pruner.

Indoor Extreme Activities

Are you bored and tired spending long hours working in your office? Are you planning to take a break from your hectic work schedule but you don’t have an idea where and what to do? How about try something that you haven’t tried before? Adventure is a good stress reliever because it gives us the adrenaline rush that make us feel alive. A good friend who loves indoor and outdoor activities told me about it. He could not explain his feeling when he does something that is daring and adventurous. In fact he wants me to try indoor skydiving, it’s been few months since I talked to this friend but I haven’t try it.

I guess, I need professional help before trying this stuff for safety reason. It’s going to be my first experience if ever I try it, so I want it to be perfect. So if you love indoor activities then perhaps you could try indoor skydiving and share your experience to me. Hehehe..

Early Bird Catches The Worm

Early Bird Catches The Worm

True in deed, I haven't been checking many sites early in the morning for few months. This is the first time I did it again, check for online oppurtunity early in the morning.

I woke up early today which really good for there are lots of fishes (online tasks) waiting in my pond (dashboard) lol. It’s been a while since the last time I grabbed some fishes my dashboard, the payout is not big compared before but it’s better than nothing. How about you? Did you manage to grab those fishes too? If so, then I am happy for you.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Antique Door Handles

There are lots of residential building that are being constructed near my place. There is this particular house that I really love. It’s almost done so I could see that the house is really beautiful. At one point I wonder if the owner of the house is going to use antique interior door handles, like what I saw at House of Antique Hardware. If they do, then I am sure they will have an awesome door handle.

Divorce Lawyers

Walking down the aisle to my dearest boyfriend is a dream come true. Well, it’s every woman’s dream to be wed with their partner and live happily ever after like what happened in the fairytale stories. Fairytale do happen in real like however we have to work hard to happy and successful marriage.
For some reasons, there are some couple who failed saving their marriage, this is when Divorce Lawyers Austin is in the recue. So if you want to get what is rightfully yours I would advise you to hire divorce lawyer who knows how to defend you. True, there are hundreds or even thousands of divorce lawyer out there but in reality not all of them knows their craft.

So if you are considering or in the process of divorcing your partner then you know where to go. At you can hire the best divorce lawyers in town.

Good Morning Folks.. was your sleep? Mine was nice. I didn't blog much last night because I feel sleepy at around nine o'oclock. I wanted to return the visit to my visitors but I don't want to abuse my health.

Anyways, I will have more time blogging now so I am quite sure I will be in your door steps soon. See yeah!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Buying Gold Coins

Yesterday, I was talking to my long lost friend in facebook. We lost contact for tyen years, no wonder we had lots of question about us during our chat. We also talked about our former classmates and before I logoff she asked me what keeps me busy. I joked my friend that I buy gold coins. huh, how I wish I have money to spend in buying gold coins for I know this is a good investment.

If ever I have the money, I will surely buy gold coins, rare coins and other precious metal at This website is America’s best dealer in precious metals which means you’re only buying authentic precious metals.
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Reading Pocket Books

When I woke up this morning I decided to read the pocket book I borrowed few days ago. I started reading it yesterday, I love the story to the point the I cried while reading it. I still have two more pocket books waiting for me, I need to finish them before Tuesday for I need to return it to the owner.

It’s been a while since the last time I bought a pocket for my collection. Yes, you read it right, I am collecting local pocket books. I will try to take photos of it next time for you to see it.

Back Again

Hello folks, I am here again blogging. I had my short nap right after I log off from blogging few hours ago. I should teaching the little one on his assignment but he wants to do it later as he is watching his favorite cartoon show. Anyways, he only needs to answer one subject.

On lighter note, the house is less noisy today since my sister and her kids left after lunch. I am sure my son will miss them as he enjoy playing with his cousin. Well, time flies and before we miss them so much they are here again for holiday vacation.

Right Investment

Have you tried investing into something but failed? If so, then I know you will have hard time deciding what investment to take into after you failed in your first investment.

If you’re in a lookout for another investment then I urge you to buy gold, it could just be the exact investment you are looking for. One good reason to choice investing in gold and other precious metals is that it has been proven that precious metals is the safest way to protect wealth. So be smart and choice the right investment. You can visit for more information on how you can start investing in gold.

Reason To Be Happy

Woot, I will have a fruitful weekend again, online opportunity keep on pouring, which is really good considering that the holiday season is on the air. I could not thank you enough for the blessing that I and my family continue to receive. With this I don’t have any reason to be livid and furious just beacause there are people who are trying to put me down. God is not sleeping, He is there watching each one of us and He knows who is good, who is just trying to be good.

Have a nice weekend folks!

Haircare Products

Do you have problem managing your hair? I did many times, I even came to a point that I decided to cut my hair short so I would not have problem fixing my hair but my cousin advise me not to do it. Instead he give me some tips on how to take care my hair and urge me to use haircare products that will fix my damage hair.

Fortunately, I happen to came across this website that offer hair care products that has good customer service and fast delivery. Now, I can’t wait to have a long shiny and manageable hair.

E-cigarittes Coupon

My brothers smoke, well in fact it is not only my two brothers that smokes because most of the males in the family are smoking, I am not happy with it though for I know it is not good to the health.

Recently, a friend told me about electronic cigarittes. I don’t have an idea what an electronic cigaritte is, so I opt to search around the net and I stumbled upon this site that offer Vapor King Coupon. With this, one can actually save on any purchase of top quality and high perfomance e-cigarittes at Vapor4life. In deed this site is a must to visit website when it comes to e-cigarittes.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Will Attend A Birthday Party

I am going to attend the 50th birthday celebration of my mother’s good friend and I am one the symbolic gift. I don’t know yet what I am to say infront of her visitors. I do hope that I will do fine when I hold the mic, lol. Anyway, I won’t make this post long for I only want to know you folks what I am going to do today. I hope I could share photos during the celebration soon. For now, allow me to go and prepare. My mother has been bugging me to get my ash off and start preparing myself.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Room Makeover

It’s a gloomy Saturday morning here in my other part of the world, well, the rain might start to fall any time today for I noticed that the sky is getting darker. I also feel gloomy today beacause I so much miss my boyfriend, I haven’t see him on cam for few days now. I really hope I will see him today.

On the other hand, since I don’t have anything to do today I opt to surf the net. While browsing I stumbled upon this site that offer wide array of blinds. I don’t have any plan of buying blinds but after browsing the website I am tempted vertical window blinds that they offer. I am sure it wil look good in my room and it will add more beauty in my room as well. How I wish I can afford to give my room a makeover this time.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Business Logo Design

We all want to be financially stable for our future, with this we want to have our own business. A business that will help us achieve our goal. However, managing a business is not an easy task to do, lots of business owner can attest to this fact. You have a lot of things to consider to have a successful business. You should think of a good strategy to stand out among other business stablishment.

If you’re a business owner and wanting to promote your business or searching of a good approach to be noticeable then you might want to consider getting a logo that will make your business noticeable. When it comes to business logo there is a good website that offer Logo Design Process of your choice. Their design and brandin team will create a logo that will surely make your business standout. Should you need more information about business logo, I urge you to visit the website

Power Interuption

Haist, the electric power has been on and off. I was facebooking when the first power interuption occurred, after few minutes the electricity is back. Another power interuption occurred when I was about to open my notebook to blog. I really hope I won't lost the electricity again for I am in the mood to blog today. I also have few tasks that need to be done, so I might as well try to finish them before it’s due.

On Payday Loans

How times flies, we are just hop and jump away for Christmas. I can hear christmas song played in the radio and in the mall, I can also see christmas decoration in some houses, mall, stores and even some offices. It is this time when everybody gets busy shopping for presents and other stuff in preparation for the holiday season. It is this time also when we spend too much in shopping and sometimes we run out of cash. Browsing from our relatives and friend is not a guarantee that you can get the cash you need for they are also in need of money and the next payday is a week away. Applying for payday loans comes in a handy.

In one point or another, I also experince having financial difficulties but because I don’t have a regular job I could not apply for payday loans. However I could not top myself in searching and reading about payday loans for future reference. I have some friends who are working, if in case they need an immediate cash to cover some unexpected bills and other expenses then I can be of help to them because I also have knowledge about payday loans.

Anyways, if you or you know someone who is having financial problem this coming holiday season you can use the internet to find information on about payday loans before you can apply for a payday loan. Aside from information about different types of loans you can also find companies that offer immediate payday loans fast and convenient. Just bear in mind that there are lots of lending companies online so be careful on choosing which company to trust. Uppss, I guess this post will help those who are in need of extra cash for immediate use or for whatever purpose it may serve.

Cheap Rugs

If money is not a problem I would like to do some changes in our home but since I don’t have enough money to spend in beautifying our home I shall save and minimize buying stuff that is not important so that I can do whatever I want to do to our home. As of now, I am saving for renovating our kitchen and I am hoping that I could finish this project next year.

Anyways, if you are bored of the looks of your home then perhaps you could customize any part of your home by putting Cheap Rugs. With this you can make your home more elegants and cool. Talking about Rugs, if in any case you are searching on where to find wide selection of rugs then the right place to visit is In this site you will find lots of rugs in different colors, share and designs. Aside from having a wide selection of rugs you can also save some dollars as you can find good quality yet affordable rugs.

So next time you shop for rugs you know where to go. As for me, when I have enough money to buy the Area Rugs that I like I know where to go and what to buy.

Back To Blogging World

Hello guys! What’s up? I apologize for not updating this blogie for few days. I am just uber busy laletly running some offline errands, the good news is that I will have more time blogging. With this I am hoping that I could return the visit in a regular basis. I will have more time chasing opps and doing other online errands.
But for now, I shall do and finish few of my pending task for they are going due in an hour.