Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Safety First

In anything we do it is a must that our safety is not taken for granted. I remember when my aunt’s house were renovated two of the construction workers committed an accident. They where fixing something when they accidentally hit the live electric cable near with the steel. Luckily, nothing bad happened to the workers except of some cuts and fracture bones.

If you are planning to take a safety training course online I would suggest you to visit From this site you can find the online training which includes about the risk management, compliance reducing. The Website Pure Safety provides OSHA 10 online which includes a suite of safety courses that target the most common topics found in 29CFR.1926. The 14-lesson program is ideal for all construction workers, including project managers and supervisors.
For complete details and information you may visit any time. I personally know someone that work in a construction company I might share this link to him later.

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