Tuesday, July 13, 2010

House Plans

If I were to choose to purchase a house that has already been built, or to buy a lot and have a home built, I would without any doubt choose the latter, to purchase the lot and supervise the building of my dream house. It will be my dream house because it will be built according to my needs and my choices, and not to meet the needs of someone else. So it is just so appropriate to make sure that every detail in the planning is taken care of. The first thing I will need is a concrete picture of the home I would like to have built. First I must consider what kind of house I would like, how big I want it to be, how big I can afford it to be, where I would like to live, and so forth.

One good place to start is the HDA Inc. website They have many thousands o fhouse plans, and tools to help you estimate how much it will cost to build the home you choose depending on where you live. This website is of HDA Inc. , a privately owned corporation that was founded in 1983 and now provides a wide range of custom home plans that you can look through until you find a house plan that suits your needs and your budget. With various search tools you can narrow your choices down as much as you want, or just take your time to browse through the many house floor plans which is a great way to get some ideas. As all of you know, I am currently saving for beautification of our current home. Yet I will continue to search for my dream home at so when the time comes I have a definite concrete plan, a place to start.

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