Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good Bye Tootache And Welcome Perly White Teeth

My sister in law is carrying her first baby, few days ago I have was sharing to her my experience during pregnancy. The morning sickness, the craving of a particular food and of course the aching tooth. I notice that I always had a tooth ache when I was pregnant so I ask the doctor if this is normal during pregnancy and indeed it is because a pregnant woman needs a lot of calcium. So it is advisable pregnant woman to visit your dentist regularly to avoid this problem.

Anyway talking about teeth, when I was a kid I don’t really love to brush my teeth and the result I don’t have the white pearly teeth that I am aiming o have now. Well, I know I could have it anytime I want if I have money to spend as I could visit the best dentist near my place. So do you want to have perfect teeth which you can show off every time you smile? Well, if you are living around San Diego then you don’t need to fret as you can find the best cosmetic dentistry San Diego. Safari and MD offer gum lifts, smile design, dental implants, teeth whitening with zoom, crowns, inlays, outlays and much more.

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