Thursday, July 8, 2010

Get Your Tax Refund

My aunt has been living in United Kingdom for many years before her family decided to stay for good here in the Philippines. But after few years of staying her she decided to go back to London to work and save for their future. Last week I received a call from her and told me that she is going home soon. She refused to tell me her flight schedule as she wants to surprise her husband and son.

Few hours after our chitchat on the phone I started to do my usual stuff online and I stumbled upon this website which is designed to help their clients to obtain their maximum refund, quickly, efficiently and at an unbeatable commission rate of only 10%. I wonder if my aunt is aunt is eligible to receive the average £1,230 tax refund since she is going to leave the UK. I hope she call me again soon so I could give her the link to check if she is entitled for tax refund or tax rebate. For those living in UK and want to know if you can get a tax refund I would suggest you to visit for more information.

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