Friday, July 9, 2010

Gain Much

Can you notice the big difference? The first photo was taken four years ago and the second photo was taken few months ago. Wonder why I gain much. I actually started to gain weight continuously a year after giving birth. My boyfriend use to tease me that he might break my bones when we are finally together. Since then, I ate more until I started to gain weight however when I reach the minimum weight I still continue to gain until such time that I am not happy with body.
There are times that I am having difficulty shopping my clothes and I wish I could shed some excess fat. Often times I am tempted to take best weight loss supplement as a way of losing weight.

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Maria Rizalina said...

Oh, were the opposite. When I gave birth I was a little healthy, then I went very thin like I'm anorexic. But thankfully, I gained weight again.