Monday, July 26, 2010


As a student I don’t have a thing to say about any subject that deals with numbers. I remember that during my accounting subjects I had a hard time balancing the balance sheets and often I would regret taking such a course. With this experience, I am really sure that I will not be a certified public accountant anytime soon or in the future. So I salute those individuals who excel in any accounting field and in any subject that is associated with numbers. Talking about numbers is something the CPA likes to do and that I am sure. If you are talented with numbers like a CPA and you happen to be on the lookout for Non-profit accounting companies you can stop worrying as I happen to came across this site called MaherDuessel or

They focus on providing all sorts of accounting and consulting services to meet the needs of their clients who require government and non profit accounting expertise. Now that would mean working with a lot of numbers, that is for sure. They have been providing this service since 1989 and they continue to service hundreds of clients in Pittsburgh, Butler and Harrisburg. In recognition of their firm and the integrity they show their employees, Maher Duessel was nominated as one of The Best Places to Work by the Pittsburgh Business Times this year. They must be very special, these accountants So next time you need Accounting jobs Pennsylvania
the right place to visit is, the place for any certified public accountant.

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