Friday, July 30, 2010

Wide Selection Of Snowboards

Darn! I was about to publish the post I was typing a while ago when my desktop suddenly freeze and lost what I typed. Now, I don’t have the energy to re-write what I wrote.
Anyway, I noticed that I haven’t been updating this blog for the past couple of days, apologize folks. Yours truly has been uber lazy. I just hope I have all the time to blog hop and update my blogs tomorrow since it is weekend. I also promise a friend who wants to buy a new snowboard since she broke her snowboard the last time she used it.

I already started my search the other day and I already found a site who offer a wide selection of snowboards, snowboard bindings, snowboard boots, goggles, outerwear and accessories such as board bags, helmets and much more. What I like in this online store is that they offer free domestic standard shipping for orders over $99.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Law Enforcement Business Cards And Etc

Soon I will be going to bed but for some reason I want to lurk around the World Wide Web. While surfing from one site to another I came across this site which offer wide selection of custom design business card and printed products. If you have a business and considering having your own business card then Businesscards24 is the right place to log on. As we all know, having a business is one of the toughest job that anyone can have. A business should adopt some new ways on promoting the business to get more clients and getting a business card is one good key in promoting a business.

Go back the site I am talking about, as I browse the site I am amazed when I found out that they have over 10,000 different clip art, backgrounds and styles to choice from. If you want to have a customized design it is not a problem with them as you can download it using your favorite graphics software. So for those who are searching for law enforcement business cards, letterhead and much more.

Cool Weather

Hello peepz! I kinda like the weather today. It’s been raining the whole day so the temperature is cooler than what we have for the past couple of days. I guess I am going soon to bed to enjoy the cool weather. Anyway I need to wake up early tomorrow as I need to do something early tomorrow.

On the other hand, I attended the mass in honor of our patron saint, The Our Lady of Assumption. The visit of the patron saint in our barangay is one of the preparations for the town fiesta next month, August 15 to be precise.


As a student I don’t have a thing to say about any subject that deals with numbers. I remember that during my accounting subjects I had a hard time balancing the balance sheets and often I would regret taking such a course. With this experience, I am really sure that I will not be a certified public accountant anytime soon or in the future. So I salute those individuals who excel in any accounting field and in any subject that is associated with numbers. Talking about numbers is something the CPA likes to do and that I am sure. If you are talented with numbers like a CPA and you happen to be on the lookout for Non-profit accounting companies you can stop worrying as I happen to came across this site called MaherDuessel or

They focus on providing all sorts of accounting and consulting services to meet the needs of their clients who require government and non profit accounting expertise. Now that would mean working with a lot of numbers, that is for sure. They have been providing this service since 1989 and they continue to service hundreds of clients in Pittsburgh, Butler and Harrisburg. In recognition of their firm and the integrity they show their employees, Maher Duessel was nominated as one of The Best Places to Work by the Pittsburgh Business Times this year. They must be very special, these accountants So next time you need Accounting jobs Pennsylvania
the right place to visit is, the place for any certified public accountant.

Busy Monday

hello folks! How was you weekend so far? As for me, I didn't go anywhere I just stayed at home blogging and cleaning. Today, I will have a very busy Monday. U started doing the laundry and I also need to buy something in preparation for the visit of out patron saint.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Austin Air Conditioning Services

For some reasons, the boyfriend asked me to installed air conditioning in my room. At first I used it regularly but after I found out that the bill increase for more than half of my regular bill I stop using it. Although I still use it when the weather is hot to cool down the temperature.

Talking about air conditioning, just in case you are looking for air conditioning Austin TX services I urge you to visit The reason behind this is that I found out that Autumn Heating & Cooling is the finniest Central Air Conditioning Repair and Heating and HVAC Installation firm in Austin. All their workers are fully trained and qualified to handle whatever difficulties you may be experience with your air conditioning unit. They don’t use any sub-contractors that will give you an added assurance that we stand behind our work.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the site now for more information.

I'm Glad

Yeheyy.. I can start grabbing opps again at IPL, for more than a week I miss grabbing opps from them as the pagerank of this blog went down to zero (in my IPL dashboard). I am pleased that they have fixed the problem so I can start grabbing opps for this blog again.

Anyway, how is your weekend so far? As for me, I will just stay at home and run errands. Task this weekend is kind of slow so I had a chance to blog hop.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Personalized Gift

I know it’s too early to talk about buying of gift for this coming holiday season. But I have learned my lesson I had bad experience shopping for present few days before Christmas. So as early as now I am planning of what I am going to buy for my family, friends and godchildren. I am considering in buying personalized gifts as I noticed that personalized items are in these days.

I am going to check the site that my friend shared to me few days ago. I might find something that is okay to my budget.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Good Investment

Good morning guys! I am pleased that I manage to go online today as I need to finish few tasks that will expire in an hour. Life a blogger is not really easy especially if online tasks is outpouring. Despite the sleepless night you are still thankful for the blessings you are receiving.

As a single mother of a growing up boy I am determine to make any opportunities that would come my way. With this I am hoping that I could start saving for my son’s future. Hopefully, I could start buying gold coins at I have heard positive reviews that buying precious metals such as gold bullion, silver, rare coins and much. The price of gold and other precious metals has been stable for many many years now. In fact it is recognize for centuries as one of the best ways to preserve one’s wealth and purchasing power.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It's almost midnight but here I am sitting in front of my desktop. But I guess I am going to dose off soon as my eyes are getting heavy. I still have few tasks left, I will just wake up early tomorrow and do the tasks before it expire as I only have few hours left.

I really thought I could finish all my task today but I was wrong as my desktop has been acting up since this morning. Well, I just hope it will be better tomorrow. Sigh!!!


People Are Drawn To Your Passion

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It's clear that you care deeply about the others. You make everyone feel like they're your best friend.

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And while you're busy, you take time to connect and re-connect with others. You are very thoughtful.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cosmetology School In Jacksonville

Are you looking for Jacksonville Cosmetology School or maybe somewhere else across the country? Well, you can stop your search now.

A while ago, I stumbled upon this beautify institute called Regency Beauty Institute. This Beauty Institute was founded over 50 years ago in the Minneapolis Minnesota area. They now have established 30 campuses across nine states and is continue to expand. These school teaches basic education and the students are trained in salon settings under experienced faculty supervision. Students are also given the edge they need when applying for a job in a salon, cruise ships and other beauty establishments.

So if you’re interested in a career in cosmetology, you can log on at and you will find the information you need.


At the age at five the little has a lot of questions, I even notice he is more clever compare to other kids in the neighborhood. As a mother I am proud of my son but there are times I am also worried as he might starting to ask about his biological father at a young age. I’m afraid he could not understand why his father is not living with us. I’m afraid he would ask me to bring him to his father soon. In fact I have I have a lot worries when it comes to the little one. Sigh! Is this really my reward for being a single mother?

Short Chat

I only had a short time chatting to the boyfriend as he needs to drive his papa somewhere. I should be in bed right now but I decided to do the task that was assigned to me yesterday as I might not have enough time to do it tomorrow morning. Anyway, I have less assignment to do this weekend compare last weekend but I am still happy that I will be productive over the weekend. I will also have more time visiting other blogs and more time with the little one.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good Bye Tootache And Welcome Perly White Teeth

My sister in law is carrying her first baby, few days ago I have was sharing to her my experience during pregnancy. The morning sickness, the craving of a particular food and of course the aching tooth. I notice that I always had a tooth ache when I was pregnant so I ask the doctor if this is normal during pregnancy and indeed it is because a pregnant woman needs a lot of calcium. So it is advisable pregnant woman to visit your dentist regularly to avoid this problem.

Anyway talking about teeth, when I was a kid I don’t really love to brush my teeth and the result I don’t have the white pearly teeth that I am aiming o have now. Well, I know I could have it anytime I want if I have money to spend as I could visit the best dentist near my place. So do you want to have perfect teeth which you can show off every time you smile? Well, if you are living around San Diego then you don’t need to fret as you can find the best cosmetic dentistry San Diego. Safari and MD offer gum lifts, smile design, dental implants, teeth whitening with zoom, crowns, inlays, outlays and much more.

Hang ups

Geezz.. when I am doing chatting and doing my tasks I notice that my desktop is usually acting up. It is very annoying, For few days now I and the boyfriend could not use the cam when we are chatting cos I will immediately freeze. Sigh! I also need to save for my pc.

Wireless TV On ATT

Good morning guys! It’s Saturday once again and it would be a busy day on my part. To start my day, I am going to attend a meeting and after that I am going to run some offline errands. I just hope I will have enough time to do my online tasks.

But before I start my day I need to finish the task that is soon to expire. Argh! I don’t want to lose some $ because of being forgetful and having a bad desktop. How could I buy the gadget I am aiming to have if I could not save for it? Sigh! If I only have lots of money I would surely buy a high-tech mobile phone wherein I could watch my favorite show and blog when I am away from home.

My friend has been talking a lot about how much she enjoy watching TV on ATT wireless.

Friday, July 16, 2010

PR Glitch

Earlier this month I was surprised when I saw in my IPL dashboard that all my rank dropped down to PR0 from PR3 but when I checked my rank in Google page checker I still have my pagerank. On the spur of the moment I sent a message to customer love and I was happy to know the error is on their part. They are having a system problem and the next time I check my dashboard my pageranks are back. But the other day I experience the same problem and again I sent a message to customer love. I immediately received an answer that they are currently fixing the problem. Hopefully, they can fix the glitch soon so I could grab some opps again.


The aquarium of my little is place is temporarily placed on top of my computer table. This afternoon, before we go home he didn’t stop bugging me until I buy him the fish I promised a week ago.

While thinking of what I am going to write in here I notice that the seaweeds are not properly arrange, it’s kind of messy. So I decided to arrange the small aquarium of my son and add more seaweed. I just hope my son will like what I did to his pet fishes.

Baldness. No More

Baldness? Well, if you are keen to avoid of getting bald you can always try using the natural cure for hair loss treatment. All you have to do is do a little research here are there, I am pretty sure you will find treatment that works on you. My cousin is starting to lose his hair at a young age. At the age of 27 you will notice that his forehead is wider. Huh! I hope my cousin would not read this because he might curse me from announcing his hair problem in the world wide web.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


At last I manage to update my wordpress blog in a row. I am kind of guilty because I haven’t putting much time building the traffic of my new blog. I am glad that I able to visit some blog today. Hopefully, I will have more time blogging for the coming days. I really want to focus on building the traffic on my other blog since I want to submit it to my favorite paying site the soonest possible time.

House Plans

If I were to choose to purchase a house that has already been built, or to buy a lot and have a home built, I would without any doubt choose the latter, to purchase the lot and supervise the building of my dream house. It will be my dream house because it will be built according to my needs and my choices, and not to meet the needs of someone else. So it is just so appropriate to make sure that every detail in the planning is taken care of. The first thing I will need is a concrete picture of the home I would like to have built. First I must consider what kind of house I would like, how big I want it to be, how big I can afford it to be, where I would like to live, and so forth.

One good place to start is the HDA Inc. website They have many thousands o fhouse plans, and tools to help you estimate how much it will cost to build the home you choose depending on where you live. This website is of HDA Inc. , a privately owned corporation that was founded in 1983 and now provides a wide range of custom home plans that you can look through until you find a house plan that suits your needs and your budget. With various search tools you can narrow your choices down as much as you want, or just take your time to browse through the many house floor plans which is a great way to get some ideas. As all of you know, I am currently saving for beautification of our current home. Yet I will continue to search for my dream home at so when the time comes I have a definite concrete plan, a place to start.


Your Money Personality is Reasonable

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You are the type of person who likes to clean up often and get rid of dead weight. You live a streamlined life.

Safety First

In anything we do it is a must that our safety is not taken for granted. I remember when my aunt’s house were renovated two of the construction workers committed an accident. They where fixing something when they accidentally hit the live electric cable near with the steel. Luckily, nothing bad happened to the workers except of some cuts and fracture bones.

If you are planning to take a safety training course online I would suggest you to visit From this site you can find the online training which includes about the risk management, compliance reducing. The Website Pure Safety provides OSHA 10 online which includes a suite of safety courses that target the most common topics found in 29CFR.1926. The 14-lesson program is ideal for all construction workers, including project managers and supervisors.
For complete details and information you may visit any time. I personally know someone that work in a construction company I might share this link to him later.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Statistics Help Online

Like most of the student I don’t have a thing in any subject associated with number but luckily I able to pass them all without any problems. Anyway, do you know someone who is having difficulty understanding statistic subject? Well, you can tell them to stop worrying now for I found this site which offer Statistics help and Statistics tutor from the comfort of your home. This site will help user understand the statistic and probability concept.

They have professionals and well trained tutor that would help you find solution in your Statistics problems and Statistics questions easily. Too bad I didn’t know about this site when I was still in college I am quite sure I will not be left behind during our statistic subject because I would not miss using the free Statistics help that tutorvista offer. I will also find Statistics answers to all my homework without sweat.

Good night

I am going to dose off soon this time. No chat to the boyfriend and I've been sitting in front of my desktop most of the time today so my back and butt is kind of sore. But I am happy because I am finally done with all my pending tasks. Uppss,, no I still one more to do but I am going to do it tomorrow morning.

So good night peeps!!

Best Acne Treatment

There are lots of acne treatments out there, but question are they effective? Well, each product promises to be effective and safe. One good way to find the best acne treatments possible is through thorough reading and research.

So if you are having acne problem and tired of using the same acne treatment that is not effective then perhaps you might want to visit They provide articles about acne treatments, product reviews and other information to help consumer to find best product that can treat acne.


I have been sitting in front of my desktop since this morning. I am pleased that my desktop allow me to do my tasks. At this moment I could not afford to loosed any penny as I am currently doing home improvement in your home.

I really hope I still have time to visit some blogs and update my other blog.

Insurance Quotes Online

The boyfriend asks me if he could buy insurance here in the Philippines that would profit me and my son just in case something happen to him before he could come. Since I more want him than the insurance we didn’t chat more about it.

Anyway, just in case you are planning to get insurance I’d like to know that you can actually get life insurance quotes online. With this you can compare and find the best deal possible.

Watch Movie Online

One great opportunity that internet technology has to offer is that you can watch all your favorite movie for free. Yes, you read it right folks. You can actually Watch Movies without paying any penny. All you have to do is visit
So if you like watching movies online for free the site I mentioned above is the right place to log on.

Another Birthday Party

My son is going to attend another birthday party today. It's the 18th birthday of my the sister of my SIL. The son is kind of excited though he knows that it's not a kid party. Hopefully, he enjoy though some of the visitors is teens and adults.

Weight Loss Product That Works

Are you tired searching for weight loss product that actually work?

Well, finding the right weight loss products that actually work is not easy. The variety of weight loss product available in the industry it is hard to know which work and which don’t without trying each one. The best thing that a consumer can do is through thorough independent research. So sure you visit before buying any weight loss pill.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Off In A While

I will not be in a hiatus mode, but I will be off from blogging for few hours. I could not think of a good review this time so I might visit my farm and harvest some of my crops and plant. Hopefully, my desktop will be nice to me so I could finish my tasks and visit other blog. I also need to build the traffic in my new blog.

Anyway, I better get off in here and start farming.

Ab Workout

Dang! I am continuously gaining. My belly is getting bigger and bigger I guess I need to do the ab workout to avoid having a bulging tummy. Good thing I found this site that listed effective ab workout. I really hope I could do any one those workouts as I am not physically fit. As you all know I have asthma and I don’t think I could heavy workouts.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Satisfied Or Not

Have you heard about vigrx plus?

Well, as for me haven’t heard such word before and honestly I really don’t have any idea what is it until I found this website called The site tackles various men’s products and services available in the industry nowadays. As we all know there are site that especially design for adult purposes and I must say this site is the perfect place to visit to guys who are not satisfied on what they have.


My son has been suffering from colds for more than three weeks now. I am getting freak why the cold would not vanish. So I decided to bring him to the doctor and the findings he has allergy rhinitis. He is in medication for two months. I am hoping that the colds and cough will vanish soon.

Gain Much

Can you notice the big difference? The first photo was taken four years ago and the second photo was taken few months ago. Wonder why I gain much. I actually started to gain weight continuously a year after giving birth. My boyfriend use to tease me that he might break my bones when we are finally together. Since then, I ate more until I started to gain weight however when I reach the minimum weight I still continue to gain until such time that I am not happy with body.
There are times that I am having difficulty shopping my clothes and I wish I could shed some excess fat. Often times I am tempted to take best weight loss supplement as a way of losing weight.

Hair Lost Prevention

Does your father or mother experience losing hair? Then, your grandparents also suffered from it and there is a possibility that you might suffer hair loss as well. But the good news is that you don’t have to suffer hair loss. You don’t have to depend on silly methods like not brushing your hair too harshly and etc. All you have to do it visit and you will find out the best hair loss prevention.

I personally know someone who is losing his hair I might share the link to him later.

Pending Tasks

Darn! I still have some pending tasks that need to be done. If not because of my insufficient desktop I am sure that I am done with my entire pending tasks before it’s due. Now, I still need to finish nine more tasks that are going to expire today. Apart the tasks that will expire soon I still have other tasks waiting for me in another site. How I wish I have enough money to spend so I can upgrade my desktop.

Anyway, I better get my ass in here and start doing my tasks.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Get Your Tax Refund

My aunt has been living in United Kingdom for many years before her family decided to stay for good here in the Philippines. But after few years of staying her she decided to go back to London to work and save for their future. Last week I received a call from her and told me that she is going home soon. She refused to tell me her flight schedule as she wants to surprise her husband and son.

Few hours after our chitchat on the phone I started to do my usual stuff online and I stumbled upon this website which is designed to help their clients to obtain their maximum refund, quickly, efficiently and at an unbeatable commission rate of only 10%. I wonder if my aunt is aunt is eligible to receive the average £1,230 tax refund since she is going to leave the UK. I hope she call me again soon so I could give her the link to check if she is entitled for tax refund or tax rebate. For those living in UK and want to know if you can get a tax refund I would suggest you to visit for more information.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Shopping Online Made Easy

Few years ago, for some reason people are hesitant to shop online. Time has pass and there are more and more individuals choice to buy any of their desired items right from the comfort of their room instead of getting into the mall or at the local stores. If you like to shop online then perhaps could help your online shopping more enjoyable. Unlike traditional shopping site Shopwiki has 30,000 stores instead of the usual 1,000 stores that other shopping site have.

With the help of this website customers can shop and get almost everything they need, from designer clothes for men to summer clothes for women, backpacks, jewelry, accessories and many more. Although they offer a lot of products shopping with them made easy because you can search for your favorite product based on price, features, brand and retailer.

I am planning to buy another bunch of clothes because my old clothes don’t fit to me. I am please that I found shopwiki, I can start searching from their wide selection of clothing for women in a reasonable price.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nighty People

As much as I want to stay longer but I couldn't. I am getting sleepy, I don't want to stay longer because I might have problem going to sleep later. Surely, I will have a busy Sunday as I have some tasks that is waiting for me. I am happy though, been a while since the last time I got bunch of link assignment.

So, night folks!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hassle Free Moving

Indeed moving to one place to another can be a daunting task more especially if you do all the packing and unpacking of your belongings. Apart from packing and unpacking your stuff financial it also involve when moving. I remember when my aunt and her family decided to stay for good here in the Philippines they need to transfer most of their furniture and other belongings and when I ask my aunt how much they spent I was surprised because I don’t imagine that moving can be very expensive. The worst part is some of their stuff were broken when my aunt open the boxes. Finding a reliable and trusted moving company is not easy because there are lot of moving company that offer good services but the truth is only few of them are true to thie words.

Anyway if you or you know someone who is moving and looking for New York movers, then the perfect place to visit is There hard working crew will surely make your moving experience hassle free and enjoyable. On top of moving help, they also offer landscaping, maid services, cleaning, day labor services and etc. So folks why make your moving experience a disaster when you can hire local movers to do the job for you.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Buy Silver Bullion

I f money is not issue I would start collecting gold and silver jewelries because I know precious metal is consider to be the safest way to invest. I am kind of hesitating whether to buy silver bullion or to buy gold bullion. But anyway, I shall worry about what to invest when I have enough money to start.

To those who want to put up their hard earn money in precious metals I urge you to visit These days there are lots of companies offering gold, silver, platinum and other precious metal and yet only few of them are true to their promise and United States Gold Bureau is one of them.

Running Out Of Time

My post title says a lot. I am (again) cramming finishing my task that is due in less than an hour. Desktop problem is the reason behind the cramming. I have been trying to finish my task last night but I always freeze. Anyway, I better make this post short and continue doing my task. I still have two task to go.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Strong Relationship

Your Relationship is Strong

You've built the foundation of a great relationship, and it would take a lot to shake it.

Through good communication and respect, you have a true love that can last a lifetime.

Keep doing what you're doing, and your relationship should stay healthy for a long time.

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CitySights NY Coupon

I recently came across an awesome website that offers tones of coupon codes from top stores in the US of A. Whether you are searching for good deals in your next vacation or you want to purchase a new laptop you will surely find coupon codes in this website. I think the website is a great place to visit people who love to shop and travel.
One of my dreams is to travel outside the country so no wonder when I found about CitySights NY coupon that is offering I feel static as I know this is a good chance to realize my dream. But the feeling only lasted for few seconds as I know I could not afford to travel outside my country and in fact I even could not afford to an out of town vacation. Wining a lottery will surely make my dream into reality.

Accutane Lawsuit

I am glad that as a teenager I haven’t experience having acne problem though I sometimes have one or two pimple in my face when my monthly period comes. However not all teenager are lucky like I am, I personally someone who tried different acne remedy but to no avail so she decided to stop the medication as she is afraid that her acne problem get worse because of using lot of acne cream.

In deed there are lots of available acne treatments in market today but some of them are not safe to use and may bring damage to your health. I happen to came across this website that tackle about accutane. Accutane, also known as isotretinoin or roaccutane, some dermatologist considered this drug as a miracle drug as they believed it could also dramatically cure acne problem and other skin problem. However some user filed an accutane lawsuit, after they found out that their acne problem was worsen when they start using this medication and worse they found out that this drug has a lot of side effect. So if you’re one of the victims of this drug you may visit

Missed Blog Hopping

For couple of days now I haven't been blog hopping. But as you notice I have been blogging almost everyday and yet I could not return the visit of my constant visitors. Well, it is because my desktop has been hanging up on me while I am running online errands and often times my times I don't have enough time staying online.

How I wish I have enough money to upgrade my desktop. But as of now, I am not financially able to upgrade my desktop. Hopefully I can the soonest possible time.