Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Proof Of Income In Blogging

SR proof of earning

Are you of those stay at home mom who wants to earn online while staying at home? If so, the you now by now that blogging is not easy like other people think. You need to build a good traffic and pagerank for you to be successful in this endeavor.

As for, my earning last year is kind of slow. It’s not because I don’t have enough time to do my task but it because my blog has zero pagerank. I am very please that my earning in this year is good compare to my earning last year. I know that is not permanent, though I am really hoping that my pagerank in my four blog will stay longer so I could save for my next home project.

The attach photo is my proof of earning since I start blogging for SR. With this I am very thankful that Mr. Google has been good to me.

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