Friday, June 11, 2010

A Long Lost Friend

The advent of internet technology allows people to do many things. As for me it helps me to earn extra money while staying at home. It is my way of communication to my boyfriend who is living in another part of the world and it also allows me to start communicating to my old lost friends. Like last night I was surprised when I received a message from my friends back in high school. She is not living in Manila with her family. I found out that she choice to stay at become a full time mom.

I wonder if she still wants to become a certified public accountant as she finish her course few years ago. I know how she wants to be an accountant so I was kind of surprised when she told me that she choice not to work. Talking about certified public accountant, I recently found this website which offer complete information about certified public accountants and everything related to certified public accounting. Whether you need a small business accountant in a particular state, or a cpa tax accountant in your city, or any other accounting professional in some part of the country is the perfect place to visit.

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Nova said...

oh congratz to your friend...