Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weight Loss

As you all know, I have been blogging and complaining about my weight. I started to gain weight a year after I give birth to my son. Prior to that I have been dreaming to gain few kilos but to no avail so when I started to gain I am very happy. However I started to worry when a friend told me that I gain to much so I started to minimize my food intake but because I am a food lover I had a hard time dieting.

After three years of continuously gaining I already gain more than 12 kilos. Just imagine my normal weight before in give birth was 45-46 kilos and now I weigh 62 kilos. Hayy.. how I wish I could have my previous weight in just one snap but I know it’s impossible I need perseverance to get want I want. And since I love eating, I am searching on how I can reduce my weight and maintain proper balance diet. Good thing I came across this site which offer many weight loss products such as Sugar Free Brownies, kay's naturals, diet bars, diet shakes, meal replacement, meal replacement bars, meal replacement shakes, protein bars, fiber supplements, salad dressings and much more. They also offer money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. So if your main goal is loss weight the perfect site to visit is

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