Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I remember the boyfriend complaining how thin I am during the first few months of chatting. He would always talk about breaking my bones when we finally together but that was more than three years ago. He stops worrying how thin I am in fact I reach the minimum weights he wants when I started gaining.

Though I lost few kilos few months ago, I’m afraid I am starting to gain back the weight I lost. I wonder if using treadmill will help me lose weight again. Talking about treadmill, if anyone here is considering in buying treadmill or other exercise equipment I urge you to visit The website offers wide selection of treadmills, skiers, exercise bikes and many more.

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Eegeeboy said...

Doing cardios (running,cycling and dancing) will definitely let you loose a lot of wait

but you have to watch out for the diet. In my case we use high fiber but low calorie foods to loose weight :)