Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I remember the boyfriend complaining how thin I am during the first few months of chatting. He would always talk about breaking my bones when we finally together but that was more than three years ago. He stops worrying how thin I am in fact I reach the minimum weights he wants when I started gaining.

Though I lost few kilos few months ago, I’m afraid I am starting to gain back the weight I lost. I wonder if using treadmill will help me lose weight again. Talking about treadmill, if anyone here is considering in buying treadmill or other exercise equipment I urge you to visit The website offers wide selection of treadmills, skiers, exercise bikes and many more.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Argh.. it’s been a while since my last post for this blog. I’ve been quite busy and lazy for the past couple days, I know my reason is lousy I am just making an excuse.

I really don’t have exciting story to share but I feel this blog need an update so here I am writing non post again. Anyway, I am not alone in the blogosphere who is writing garbage post lol. For few days now I am always with my son in going to school for this graduation program because my cousin’s wife who is working in the school is on maternity leave. Anyway 2 more week days to go…

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dream Profession

Applying for a job is not an easy task especially if you want to work in big companies. However, if you will do a little homework I am pretty sure that you will land to your dream job. is a good resource for those who are searching for a good job. They have listed hundreds of careers opportunities to choice from. All you have to do is visit the website and submit your latest resume online.


A rain at last, for the past few weeks the weather conditions was too hot to the extent that I don’t want to go out because the hit of the sun is hurting my skin. The land is extremely dry that it is starting to crack but good thing the rain has been showing for the past few days.
Anyway, it’s Friday once again. How times flies in just a couple of days we will be welcoming the month of April.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Human Growth Hormone

As we grow older sign of aging is unavoidable but there are some techniques to undo the sign of aging. Taking human growth hormone is one way of preventing aging.
The advantage of having an internet connection at home is that you can explore any topic that you want to know.

Just recently I happen to come across this website called So if anyone here want to know the human growth hormone facts the link I mentioned is a good source.

Prevent Wrinkles

No one can run away of having wrinkles however we can prevent from having wrinkles by having a healthy life style. I also heard that smiling is also a key to prevent wrinkles.

In any event that you really need to use wrinkle cream just to look younger than your age I would advise you to be vigilance in what kind of cream you are going to use. We never know that instead of younger looking you will look older than your age. So it a must to read reviews before buying any wrinkles cream.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fruitful Wednesday

Surprisingly my favorite website shower me with some task. I am happy when I checked my dashboard this morning as I did not get any from them last weekend. Hopefully, they will give me another bunch of task after I finish all the task that they assigned me today.

Aside from the tasks that I received today I am also done doing the blogger layout for Grace of My Lil Munchkin. I am going to make the post signature later and hopefully send the html code tomorrow.

Colon Cleansing

The former president of the Philippines Corazon Aquino died of colon cancer. It was already terminal when her family and doctor found it out. I wonder if her doctor would advice the former president to take colon cleansing if they find out the illness early.

Anyway, if you are searching on where to find safe and effective colon cleansing I urge you to visit. The website offer top colon cleansing available in the market today.

Prenatal Vitamins

My sister and my friend are on their way to parenthood for the fourth time. They are both having difficulties in conceiving the babies. Both are picky on what foods to eat, loves to stay on bed. I wonder if they are starting to take any prenatal vitamins that their bodies and babies need during the pregnancy. However all pregnant should be vigilance on what vitamins to take during pregnant as you may take a vitamins that is harmful to the baby.

Migraine And Allergy

Darn! I was not able to blog and chat the boyfriend because of terrible migraine and I blame it to my monthly visitor that will come anytime soon. I am glad that the migraine is gone when I woke up this morning but in exchange I am having allergy attack. I have runny nose which fall down on my family when I woke up and I am sneezing from time to time. That is the reason why I am wide awake blogging at this time. Since I could not go back to sleep because of allergy I opt to go online and do the task that I miss doing last weekend.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Health Saving Account

My mother turned 55 today, not really old but she is getting there. For many years she supported us alone as our father did not support us when they separated 24 years ago. I know for the fact that when she gets older she will not receive any allowance from the government since she didn’t work in the government. Often times I worry if I and her other sibling can support her needs with it comes to her health.

So, I am thinking of getting her a health savings account which she can use in the future.

Health Care Job

A years ago there millions of people lost their job all over the world. And because of the present economy situation some of them are still jobless and is looking for a job. Just in case you a graduate of any medical course perhaps you can apply for jobs in healthcare. All you have to do it post your resume and connect with top employers in the health care and medical industry. one can search thousands of healthcare and medical jobs.

For more information visit now!

Happy Birthday Nanay

I could not let this day pass without greeting my mother a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. She is 55 years old today and I wish she will celebrate more birthdays with us although we did not celebrate her birthday with a blast. I feel bad cos I don't have give for her but I know she will understand.

On Diet Pills

Tired of dieting and exercising but it seems that you haven’t losing your weight? Perhaps it’s high time you try another technique of losing weight such as taking diet pill. There are hundred diet pills to choice from that is why it’s kind of tricky to choice which one is effective. So you must be wise on choosing which diet pill to take of better yet learn more about side effects of diet pills.

At you find helpful information about diet pills that you need to know.

Acne Home Remedy

Luckily, my face is not acne prone unlike my cousin who has acne problem. She tried some acne remedies but nothing happened. At one point of her life she lost her confidence that she build over the past years but because of horrible acne she once thought no one will court her. So she has been asking my help to search online for an effective acne home remedies.

Luckily I came across this website called that analyze and reviewed hundreds of best selling acne remedy available in market and ranked them base on acne fighting power, speed results, product safety, long-term result, customer feedback and overall value.

New Blog

I have been thinking of making another blog but this time it a wordpress blog. I am currently maintaining five blogs but all of them are in blogger. I am done changing the layout with someone help pf course. I don't know anything about wordpress but I am sure I will in time.

I haven't open the blog for link exchange but I will very soon. So watch out for it guys!

Women Stuff

Women are undoubtedly vain we always want to look beautiful. Being a woman that I am, I sometimes worry how I look like when I grow older. So at this point of time I am trying to look at my best. A good friend of mine advice me to use face moisturizer so I am starting to browse online on where I could buy effective face moisturizer.

On Best Acne Treatment

Are you tired of using different types of acne treatment but nothing seems to work? Nowadays, there are hundreds acne treatment available in market that cause of high level of competition. However some of them claim to be the best and effective acne treatment but in reality they are not.

I happen to came across this website that revealed 10 best acne treatments of 2009. They bases of their study are science, customers review and price. So just in case you one of those who is suffering acne problem you can visit for detailed information.

Ouch Allergy!

I really hate it! While typing this post I am sneezing and wiping my nose. I guess my room accumulated a lot of dust which means I need to clean and not just my room but the whole house. Hmm... being lazy when it comes to cleaning I am sure it will takes sometimes before I could finally finish what I am doing.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Perfect Gift For Mothers

In few days from now my mother will turn 55 years old. But unfortunately I don’t have any plan for this big day although I really wanted to give her a surprise gift but because I am in a tight budget right now I could not buy anything for her. Anyhow I will just make it up to her by giving her amothers day gift. So I really need to start saving as early as now so I could buy the perfect gift for my mother. Anyway, she really deserves a gift for being a good mother to us. In fact she a mother and a father ruled into one.


Argh! I feel sleepy now, I know it's kind of early to be sleepy but I slept late last night and I woke up very early this morning. I guess I will take a nap after chatting the boyfriend.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring Plungers

Are you or know someone that is in the lookout of spring plungers? If so, then perhaps you could visit Reid Supply is a global industrial distribution company which offers a full-color catalog featuring our most popular industrial supply products distributed globally to all 50 United States and over 40 countries. Offering industrial-type spring-loaded devices like spring plungers, push-fit plungers and clamping pins, knobs, handles, metal working, bearing and power transmission and a lot more. Should you need more information? Visit the website now!