Monday, January 18, 2010

Anti-virus Software, Anyone?

A friend online advised me to check if my anti-virus is functioning properly as I have a lot of complain every time I am using my desktop. There are times that my desktop freezes while I am in the middle of doing something and need to restart it. But then I am still thankful that I haven’t experience crawling loading when I am using my desktop. On the other hand, I still worry that my desktop has incurred lot of virus after three years of use and although I want to buy a good and reliable anti-virus I can simply do it at this point of time.

Luckily I stumble upon an antivirus software that will not slow down my desktop unlike traditional anti-virus software. I really hope that after downloading the free trial I will not have any problem using my pc.

1 comment:

imelda said...

this reminds me that I should buy a new anti virus for my lappy.