Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day

I am going to downtown area later today to buy groceries and the stuff I need for the new year but then the heavy rain outside makes me lazy to go out. I also need to drop by at the DILG before heading to downtown to follow up the schedule of the dialogue I requested to few of the honorables in my place regarding the Philhealth premium payments. I am hoping the this issue will be settle now that I brought it the office of the DILG because lots of fabrication gossip is roaming around my area so I need to do something to clear my name.

Anyways, I am hoping that the rain will stop before I leaf the house.

Being A Single Mom

I can still remember the feeling when I found out that I am pregnant. It was June of 2004 when I noticed some changes in my body, two weeks after visiting my boyfriend then, who is working in another place. I immediately told him about the changes I notice and that I have a hint that I am pregnant. I didn’t hear any complain nor any clue that he is not going to marry me when I finally confirmed that I pregnant. In fact he seems to be happy. But I was wrong because he didn’t come back the day he promise me to be back and I only realized it when I was at the labor room for he was nowhere to be found and I could not contact him in his mobile. It was then when I started to worry, I started to ask myself if I can support the needs of my child if in case the father will abandon us.

That time I already know that being a single mother is not easy, I know how hard it is because I saw it with my own mother. She needs to leave us and work in another country so that she can support our needs. Fortunately I have a very supportive family that help me raise my son and later on I found a nice boyfriend who accepted my son as his own and help me financially.

To those single moms out there you don’t need to fret for I found this awesome single moms website. The website is especially design to help single moms find financial help, scholarships and grants. One can also find helpful articles on how to get assistance such as housing, utility bills and food assistance in your state. So if you’re a single mom like me, is the perfect site to visit.

Hooked Again

I really miss playing Farmville, for more than a month I was lazy playing Farmville. Actually it is not the laziness that stopped me from playing Farmville, I want to relax my right arm for it’s been a while that I feel something strange whenever I move it. My boyfriend asked me to see a doctor and I am glad that it is fine now after taking medicine. Though I don’t feel anything when I try to move it to different position I don’t want to uber used it again.

So I might be hooked in Farmville again for few days but I will definitely not play like I did before to avoid having bad right arm.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Distribution Center

Without a doubt running a business is not an easy. There are lots of important things to consider having a successful business especially if you are in distribution business.

Talking about distribution business, if you are living around Virginia and is looking for a good distribution center, warehousing and logistic service then I urge you to visit Diversified Distribution. It’s a family own business that aims to help customer solve their distributions, warehouse and logistic problems. They will also help you increase efficiency and maximize profits.

Should you need more information about the company? I urge you to visit the link I’ve provided above. I am quite sure by visiting the company I am talking about you will have a smooth distribution of your products, with this your customers will talk about your good service to their friends. Who knows one of their friends needs your service in the future.

For A Change, I Did The Laundry

This morning I decided to do our laundry. It’s been a while since the last time I do our laundry because it is my mom who usually does our laundry. Well, been busy these past few weeks so I don’t have time doing the laundry.

On the other hand, it is nice that I did our laundry because my mom complained having a bad headache while I am doing the laundry. Good thing she is fine now, I told her to take her medicine for I have a an idea that her blood pressure is high.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Few months ago, a tricycle driver won a lottery. Just recently, I happened to passed by their newly built house. The house is really beautiful and I am sure they spent millions for the house itself. Well, I know they still have millions in the bank I am just hopping that they will spend their money wisely so they won’t go back to the way of life they used to have.

I am wondering if they are considering investing some of their money in gold or silver bullion bars. I’ve heard that precious metals are the safest investment these days.

SEO Services

Monetizing a blog is not an easy task; to be successful in this field your blog must have a good traffic and rank. I remember when I was starting blogging, at first all I want is to own a website wherein I could talked about anything and everything under the sun. Later on, I discovered that I can earn extra money in blogging so I started searching about SEO services for a friend told me to build a good blog traffic. She is right indeed because my online earning starts to grow after getting a good traffic and rank.

So if you’ve a blog and you want to earn from it, then you should considered reading and searching SEO services.

Gay Christmas Party

Argh, it's a rainny Tuesday morning here in the other part of the world. I woke up early today so I am here blogging. Hopefully, I will not be lazy to continue blog hopping after chatting to my bloyfriend.

Btw, last night I was invited to attend a Christmas party. I didn't regret attending for I had so much fun. Well, no wonder because they are all gays, they are all wearing make ups and wearing ladies clothes and accesories. But then I need to go home right after I finish eating because the little one is a bit sick.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Lighting Fixtures

Man, if money is not a problem I would like to replace the lights fixtures we had in our living and in my room. I want to have an elegant lights in our living in the name of beauty.

For those who are searching for lighting fixtures I urge you to visit It’s an online provioder of top quality lighting fixtures sech as lanterns, chandeliers, lamps, post-mounted lighting, pendant lightings and a lot more with warranties and free shipping on orders over 49usd.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nice Web Template For Holidays

Last Christmas all my blog were dressed in a holiday layouts. Christmas is always been my favorite time of the year so to let the world know how excited I am for the birth of our Saviour I always make a holiday layout. For some reasons, I missed it this year. I have been searching for Christmas web templates but I do not have enough budget to pay for a customized layout. Too bad, it’s already late when I found this site that offer wide selection of Christmas templates that suits my budget.

Well, I am going to bookmark this website so next time I need a new layout I will surely visit this site called

Been Busy

I’ve had a busy days this past few days, shopping and wrapping gifts for my cousins and god children. This year I decided to buy some toys for my younger cousins. Apart from shopping and gift wrapping, if I don’t have anything to do am always taking a nap because I always woke up at around 3 in the morning to attend the nine mornings mass. I am glad that I didn’t miss one mass.

I am glad that busy days are over, I will have more time blogging. In fact in started blog hopping this morning and will continue blog hopping in the next couple of days. So to those who visited me I will be in your door steps soon.

On Christmas Bla

How is your christmas celebration folks? As for me, we had a family get together at home, although the younger brother of my mother missed it because they are busy with their business they cooked something for the small party, nonetheless the party was a success dispite of their absence and the absence of the my other aunt who is in London right now. Everybody enjoyed the food and singing for my aunt, the wife of nanay’s younger brother rented a videoke.

On the lighter note, the little one, my nephew and nieces got their christmas present yesterday. The little one got a transformer robot, my nephew and nieces received a bikes. Last two christmases the little received a Remote Controlled Cars, I was glad when he told me he wants a robot this year, for a change. While my nephew received a remote controlled helicopter. Often times I wonder of the evolution of technology, before I seldom see remote controlled cars, helicopters, boats, tanks and a lot more.

In deed the evolution of high technology brings joy to children and adults.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

On Furnitures

I am not suppose to blog today because it is Christmas but then I missed chatting to my boyfriend this morning so I decided to go online and check his offline. After reading his offline and sending an offline I decide to go surf the net.

One great website that I stumble upon is Max Furniture blog. Through this blog one could get ample information about different kind of furniture. So if you are planning to buy furniture in the future but don’t know yet what kind of furniture to choice then this site is the perfect place to visit. I don’t have any plan of buying furniture soon but I could not stop myself from reading the blog. At least if I decided to buy furniture I know what I am going to buy.

Anyways I am going now, for my sister and friends want to have a little drink in celebration of Christmas day.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Meme

Since Christmas day is just three days away I took this quiz.

You Are Merry Christmas

You are a traditionalist when it comes to the holidays, and you aren't going to be politically correct about it.

You celebrate Christmas, and you don't think there's any reason to hide it. Most other people celebrate it too.

You are content to wish everyone a "Merry Christmas." It doesn't have to be a religious thing.

"Happy Holidays" is just too generic for your taste. You aren't going to tone down your greeting for anyone.

Gift Wrapping

I am almost done wrapping the gifts for my cousins and godchildren. I am going to downtown with my sister in law to buy few more toys as I forgot to buy the toys for my cousins. I am going to pick up the gift for the little one that I keep in at my friends house. The little one doesn’t know that I already buy his gift so he keep on bugging me because it’s only three days to go and yet he don’t have a gift under our Christmas tree.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Nine Morning Mass

Today is the fifth day of the nine mornings mass, I am glad that I attended the five mass every morning and I oath to complete the nine masses. Although I need to wake up at around 3 o’clock in the morning it doesn’t matter as this is only happens once a year. The church is always full, in fact there are lots of people who are standing inside and outside the church.

This morning I saw ladies who were sitting in a 2 step stools. Good thing they decided to bring it for standing for more than two hours is tiring. That is why I always try to wake up early so I won’t be standing for I am not sure if I can manage to stand for few hours.

Relaxing Songs

I am currently listening Christmas songs played in my notebook. I always feel great and relax whenever I am listening Christmas songs; I guess it because Christmas time is my favorite time on the year.

I remember when I was in third year high school I get excited after the holiday season for I am was excited for the prom night. I know most parents will start searching for prom dresses 2011 right after the holiday season so they will have ample of time finding the best deal available in the market, after all we all spend too much because of the holiday season.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Blab

It’s been a while since my I bloged. I always check my mail everyday but I am uber lazy to blog. I do have some stories to share but as of now I am not yet in mood to wirite it in here. Aside from uber lazy I am not in a good mood too. I am a bit pissed but I can say that I am more disappointed.

Anyways, I will be off soon as I am going to attend the chirstmas party of the little one. I am done cooking the food that we are going to share with his classmate and their parents. So bye for now folks, I hope I will time to update my other blogs.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Use Business Cards In Promoting Business

One thing I have notice these past few months is the high rivalry among business owner. I have seen some business stablishment that is under renovation which means that the business owner wants his/her business to be striking and comfortable to stay.

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Christmas Spirit

Notice the snow flakes? Well, since I could not make a holiday layout I decided to put the snow flakes effect and the season greetings on top of my post. With this my blog will have a christmas spirit. Yay, I am uber excited for the Christmas day.

The little one is also excited for their Christmas party. I still need to buy the gift for hhis Manita and the clothes he is going to wear. For kinder, they are going to wear green pants and white shirt. I am planning to buy it later today.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Have Fun At Boston Dating

I was reviewing the little one a while ago. He complained that he is getting sleepy so I let him take a nap and continue what we are reviewing later tonight. Since I don’t think I will have enough time to take a nap I decided to go online. I don’t know what I am going to do as I am lazy and I don’t have exciting story to share. So I end lurking arounf the workld wide web.

Looking back, when I was bored you will see me lurking in one of the dating site where I met my boyfriend. Since I and the boyfriend agreed to deactivate our account I could not lurk around like what i did before. Anyways, I don’t have any reason to go there since I am no longer available. However to those who are bored and is searching for fun then I urge you to visit boston dating. You can find thousands of Boston single who are also bored and looking for fun and most especially ready to flirt online. Isn’t it exciting? So hurry, go and visit the website for more information.

Smoking In A Healthier Way

Are you one of those who want to quit smoking but having a hard time doing it, then perhaps you can switch to something that is healthier? I have read somewhere that 510 Electronic Cigarette is great; because of stylish and elegant look you will not be uncomfortable when you use it in public. So if you could stop smoking then go for electronic cigarette particularly 510 e-cigarette.


Wondering why I am still awake in this wee hour? Well, I woke up an hour ago. My boyfriend called up for a short chat. I should be in bed now but I could not sleep my mind is wandering. Well, I don't have online tasks to do now so I better get my butt in here. But before I do than I am going to send offlines to the boyfriend.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Losing His Crowning Glory

Losing hair can be disappointing, my cousin who is in his 20’s noticed that he was losing his hair. As first he didn’t mind it for he thought the shampoo he is using is the culprit so he change another brand of shampoo but to no avail. It was then when he started to freak out he asked me to search reasons for hair loss because he don’t have any idea why he is losing his crowning glory. No one in the family is bald, if he continue to lose his hair then he would be the first bald in the family.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Flirt Online

These days finding someone to talk when you are bored is easy. With hundreds of dating sites online I am quite sure you could find someone with the same interests as you.

So, if you are single and available why not find someone online, you can never tell the one that you are looking for is out there waiting for you. Joining dating site online is also a good forte to those single men and women who wants to meet someone for a long term relationship or someone to flirt with. One great site to visit when it comes to meeting single men and women is Lincoln dating site online. By visiting this site you will have a bigger chance to meet flirty singles that will make your boring night into an exciting and flirty night.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the site now and start flirting.

A Dream Camera

It has been my dream to own a nice camera but for some reason I could not have it. At least not this year, I know someday I can have this kind of camera and when this time comes I will make sure I will have enough memory cards because I am not sure if I could stop myself from taking pictures.

Anyways, if you are in need of additional memory card then perhaps you want to look around online. As we all know online store is the perfect place to go for you can find perfect deals of everything and anything.

Missed The Pouring Of Opps..

I was busy cleaning and sorting some papers earlier that I miss catching those fishes in my dashboard. I still have some available tasks in my dashboard but I am waiting for the bigger payout to be available. I should be grabbing any tasks that are available but most of the time I am lazy to do re view. Image doing a review of 150 words and get paid for less than $5? Often times it’s not bad to choosy.

Shop Around For Funeral Insurance Quotes

I am not searching for funeral insurance quotes as I already have one, I started paying it three years ago. But for those who are planning to get a funeral insurance, then this post can be of help. I recently found this website that allow visitors to compare funeral insurance policies and other important stuff that you needed to know. Shopping around for information is a good key of getting the best service.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Darn! I still have few tasks left that need to be done. But I am not in the mood to blog today, I more want to sleep. I am bewildered of so many thoughts, hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. How I wish I could write the details in here but it is my rule not to write everything that involve my life and my family’s life.

On the lighter note, I would like to great Mama Mary a happy birthday, thanks for all the blessing that I and my family continue to receive.

Comfortable Home To Stay

Nothing more rewarding that going home to relax after working for long hours. That is why, making our home comfortable and relaxing to stay is not an easy tasks. We need to consider a lot of things to accomplish the looks that we want for our home. However there are times that we just focus beautifying inside our home, we forget that relaxing outside our home is really great, specially if you have a beautiful garden. That is why, when beautifying our home we should consider beautifying inside and outsider for it is one important key to achieve the relaxing ambiance in your home.

As for me, if ever I and my boyfriend decide to have our own home I want to have a wide backyard wherein I can do gardening. I want to have a beautiful garden full of different flowers. But for me to achieve the garden that I want I will be needing hand pruners. Well, I still have ample of time to look around for affordable pruner.

Indoor Extreme Activities

Are you bored and tired spending long hours working in your office? Are you planning to take a break from your hectic work schedule but you don’t have an idea where and what to do? How about try something that you haven’t tried before? Adventure is a good stress reliever because it gives us the adrenaline rush that make us feel alive. A good friend who loves indoor and outdoor activities told me about it. He could not explain his feeling when he does something that is daring and adventurous. In fact he wants me to try indoor skydiving, it’s been few months since I talked to this friend but I haven’t try it.

I guess, I need professional help before trying this stuff for safety reason. It’s going to be my first experience if ever I try it, so I want it to be perfect. So if you love indoor activities then perhaps you could try indoor skydiving and share your experience to me. Hehehe..

Early Bird Catches The Worm

Early Bird Catches The Worm

True in deed, I haven't been checking many sites early in the morning for few months. This is the first time I did it again, check for online oppurtunity early in the morning.

I woke up early today which really good for there are lots of fishes (online tasks) waiting in my pond (dashboard) lol. It’s been a while since the last time I grabbed some fishes my dashboard, the payout is not big compared before but it’s better than nothing. How about you? Did you manage to grab those fishes too? If so, then I am happy for you.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Antique Door Handles

There are lots of residential building that are being constructed near my place. There is this particular house that I really love. It’s almost done so I could see that the house is really beautiful. At one point I wonder if the owner of the house is going to use antique interior door handles, like what I saw at House of Antique Hardware. If they do, then I am sure they will have an awesome door handle.

Divorce Lawyers

Walking down the aisle to my dearest boyfriend is a dream come true. Well, it’s every woman’s dream to be wed with their partner and live happily ever after like what happened in the fairytale stories. Fairytale do happen in real like however we have to work hard to happy and successful marriage.
For some reasons, there are some couple who failed saving their marriage, this is when Divorce Lawyers Austin is in the recue. So if you want to get what is rightfully yours I would advise you to hire divorce lawyer who knows how to defend you. True, there are hundreds or even thousands of divorce lawyer out there but in reality not all of them knows their craft.

So if you are considering or in the process of divorcing your partner then you know where to go. At you can hire the best divorce lawyers in town.

Good Morning Folks.. was your sleep? Mine was nice. I didn't blog much last night because I feel sleepy at around nine o'oclock. I wanted to return the visit to my visitors but I don't want to abuse my health.

Anyways, I will have more time blogging now so I am quite sure I will be in your door steps soon. See yeah!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Buying Gold Coins

Yesterday, I was talking to my long lost friend in facebook. We lost contact for tyen years, no wonder we had lots of question about us during our chat. We also talked about our former classmates and before I logoff she asked me what keeps me busy. I joked my friend that I buy gold coins. huh, how I wish I have money to spend in buying gold coins for I know this is a good investment.

If ever I have the money, I will surely buy gold coins, rare coins and other precious metal at This website is America’s best dealer in precious metals which means you’re only buying authentic precious metals.
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Reading Pocket Books

When I woke up this morning I decided to read the pocket book I borrowed few days ago. I started reading it yesterday, I love the story to the point the I cried while reading it. I still have two more pocket books waiting for me, I need to finish them before Tuesday for I need to return it to the owner.

It’s been a while since the last time I bought a pocket for my collection. Yes, you read it right, I am collecting local pocket books. I will try to take photos of it next time for you to see it.

Back Again

Hello folks, I am here again blogging. I had my short nap right after I log off from blogging few hours ago. I should teaching the little one on his assignment but he wants to do it later as he is watching his favorite cartoon show. Anyways, he only needs to answer one subject.

On lighter note, the house is less noisy today since my sister and her kids left after lunch. I am sure my son will miss them as he enjoy playing with his cousin. Well, time flies and before we miss them so much they are here again for holiday vacation.

Right Investment

Have you tried investing into something but failed? If so, then I know you will have hard time deciding what investment to take into after you failed in your first investment.

If you’re in a lookout for another investment then I urge you to buy gold, it could just be the exact investment you are looking for. One good reason to choice investing in gold and other precious metals is that it has been proven that precious metals is the safest way to protect wealth. So be smart and choice the right investment. You can visit for more information on how you can start investing in gold.

Reason To Be Happy

Woot, I will have a fruitful weekend again, online opportunity keep on pouring, which is really good considering that the holiday season is on the air. I could not thank you enough for the blessing that I and my family continue to receive. With this I don’t have any reason to be livid and furious just beacause there are people who are trying to put me down. God is not sleeping, He is there watching each one of us and He knows who is good, who is just trying to be good.

Have a nice weekend folks!

Haircare Products

Do you have problem managing your hair? I did many times, I even came to a point that I decided to cut my hair short so I would not have problem fixing my hair but my cousin advise me not to do it. Instead he give me some tips on how to take care my hair and urge me to use haircare products that will fix my damage hair.

Fortunately, I happen to came across this website that offer hair care products that has good customer service and fast delivery. Now, I can’t wait to have a long shiny and manageable hair.

E-cigarittes Coupon

My brothers smoke, well in fact it is not only my two brothers that smokes because most of the males in the family are smoking, I am not happy with it though for I know it is not good to the health.

Recently, a friend told me about electronic cigarittes. I don’t have an idea what an electronic cigaritte is, so I opt to search around the net and I stumbled upon this site that offer Vapor King Coupon. With this, one can actually save on any purchase of top quality and high perfomance e-cigarittes at Vapor4life. In deed this site is a must to visit website when it comes to e-cigarittes.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Will Attend A Birthday Party

I am going to attend the 50th birthday celebration of my mother’s good friend and I am one the symbolic gift. I don’t know yet what I am to say infront of her visitors. I do hope that I will do fine when I hold the mic, lol. Anyway, I won’t make this post long for I only want to know you folks what I am going to do today. I hope I could share photos during the celebration soon. For now, allow me to go and prepare. My mother has been bugging me to get my ash off and start preparing myself.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Room Makeover

It’s a gloomy Saturday morning here in my other part of the world, well, the rain might start to fall any time today for I noticed that the sky is getting darker. I also feel gloomy today beacause I so much miss my boyfriend, I haven’t see him on cam for few days now. I really hope I will see him today.

On the other hand, since I don’t have anything to do today I opt to surf the net. While browsing I stumbled upon this site that offer wide array of blinds. I don’t have any plan of buying blinds but after browsing the website I am tempted vertical window blinds that they offer. I am sure it wil look good in my room and it will add more beauty in my room as well. How I wish I can afford to give my room a makeover this time.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Business Logo Design

We all want to be financially stable for our future, with this we want to have our own business. A business that will help us achieve our goal. However, managing a business is not an easy task to do, lots of business owner can attest to this fact. You have a lot of things to consider to have a successful business. You should think of a good strategy to stand out among other business stablishment.

If you’re a business owner and wanting to promote your business or searching of a good approach to be noticeable then you might want to consider getting a logo that will make your business noticeable. When it comes to business logo there is a good website that offer Logo Design Process of your choice. Their design and brandin team will create a logo that will surely make your business standout. Should you need more information about business logo, I urge you to visit the website

Power Interuption

Haist, the electric power has been on and off. I was facebooking when the first power interuption occurred, after few minutes the electricity is back. Another power interuption occurred when I was about to open my notebook to blog. I really hope I won't lost the electricity again for I am in the mood to blog today. I also have few tasks that need to be done, so I might as well try to finish them before it’s due.

On Payday Loans

How times flies, we are just hop and jump away for Christmas. I can hear christmas song played in the radio and in the mall, I can also see christmas decoration in some houses, mall, stores and even some offices. It is this time when everybody gets busy shopping for presents and other stuff in preparation for the holiday season. It is this time also when we spend too much in shopping and sometimes we run out of cash. Browsing from our relatives and friend is not a guarantee that you can get the cash you need for they are also in need of money and the next payday is a week away. Applying for payday loans comes in a handy.

In one point or another, I also experince having financial difficulties but because I don’t have a regular job I could not apply for payday loans. However I could not top myself in searching and reading about payday loans for future reference. I have some friends who are working, if in case they need an immediate cash to cover some unexpected bills and other expenses then I can be of help to them because I also have knowledge about payday loans.

Anyways, if you or you know someone who is having financial problem this coming holiday season you can use the internet to find information on about payday loans before you can apply for a payday loan. Aside from information about different types of loans you can also find companies that offer immediate payday loans fast and convenient. Just bear in mind that there are lots of lending companies online so be careful on choosing which company to trust. Uppss, I guess this post will help those who are in need of extra cash for immediate use or for whatever purpose it may serve.

Cheap Rugs

If money is not a problem I would like to do some changes in our home but since I don’t have enough money to spend in beautifying our home I shall save and minimize buying stuff that is not important so that I can do whatever I want to do to our home. As of now, I am saving for renovating our kitchen and I am hoping that I could finish this project next year.

Anyways, if you are bored of the looks of your home then perhaps you could customize any part of your home by putting Cheap Rugs. With this you can make your home more elegants and cool. Talking about Rugs, if in any case you are searching on where to find wide selection of rugs then the right place to visit is In this site you will find lots of rugs in different colors, share and designs. Aside from having a wide selection of rugs you can also save some dollars as you can find good quality yet affordable rugs.

So next time you shop for rugs you know where to go. As for me, when I have enough money to buy the Area Rugs that I like I know where to go and what to buy.

Back To Blogging World

Hello guys! What’s up? I apologize for not updating this blogie for few days. I am just uber busy laletly running some offline errands, the good news is that I will have more time blogging. With this I am hoping that I could return the visit in a regular basis. I will have more time chasing opps and doing other online errands.
But for now, I shall do and finish few of my pending task for they are going due in an hour.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rejuvenate Skin

Yay, I was changing my son’s son when he told me I look old. So after changing his clothes I hurriedly look myself in the mirror and my son is right. I saw fine lines near my eyes, it’s another sign that I am really getting old. Soon I need to do something to rejuvenate to make it look beautiful and flawless. I read somewhere that glycolic products helps rejuvenate the skin so I might consider the glycolic peeling in the future. I still need the approval of my boyfriend so I can’t do it soon.

Month Of November Is Soon To End

How time flies, in few days we will be welcoming the month of December. Wow, holiday season is fast approaching, our Christmas tree was up two weeks ago. The little one is so excited to put it up again, since then he has been bugging me to buy his gift so we could put it under our tree. No gift yet under our tree, I really need to start buying gift so I could put it in under our tree.

Acne Body Wash

Fact, teens are prone to acne, however people of any age can also a victim of this unwanted skin problem. The other day while I and my cousin was on our way to the mall I notice the lady sitting next to me, she has some acne in her back. Upon seeing those acne I wonder if the lady tried to treat because if she did she might be using an acne body wash, like the one I saw at

I am just fortunate that I don’t have acne problem.

Eczema Threatment That Works

The advent of internet technology made a extreme changes to our daily life. I remember when I was making my term paper back in highschool I stayed in the library most of the time but now you will notice that students prefer to use the internet.

Just recently I found this website that deal with eczema treatment, these days finding treatment that actually work is not really easy because there are lots of company promises to be effective and safe but theb truth is they are not. To make sure that you’re buying effective treatment you should read reviews or better yet ask some friends who have tried the treatment.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Yummy Chocolate

I am not a chocolate lover but I could not stop myself from eating the chocolate I bought the other day. The little one is sitting next to me and he is also busy eating the chocolates. Well, I don’t buy choloate in a regular basis so it is okay to eat some once in a while.

So much for this cholocate thingy, as much as I want to talk more about it but I still have some online tasks to do.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Watch Out

Who doesn’t want holidays, are you? Well I guess we all want holiday season.
It is this time when we get busy shopping for presents, preparing and attending parties and other holiday errands.

I wonder who among us will need phentermine diet pill after the holiday season. With lots of mouth watering foods serve in the table I am quite sure we will gain some after the holiday season.So if you dont want to gain weight then watch out the food you eat.

Fruitful Week

Woot, it’s another fruitful week for me. I have some tasks to do over the weekend which is really good because I have something to do while the boyfriend is away from home. I haven’t see him on cam for two days now, although I he calls me every night I still miss his big time. Hopefully, he can get a good internet connection so we can chat soon.

Apart from being busy in my online task I also have some offline stuff to run over the weekend. So it will be an uber weekend for me.

Recycled Business Cards

The little one is watching television right now; he is sitting next to me. While watching the television he keeps on asking how many days to go before Christmas. As a mother I know the reason why he is excited to this big day, it is because he will get the uptimus trime robot he wish for. Well, in fact it is not only him who is excited to this day but also me. What keep me excited is the gift giving and shopping. I am almost done shopping stuff for Christmas, I am going to buy my nephew clothes this weekend and after that I will start searching for Christmas cards that I am going to send to my relatives and friends.

My cousin who own a business asked me to help him find recycled business card, he is planning to send it to his customers. Good thing, I came across this website that offer different kinds of cards. I don’t need to roam around to search for the kind of card that my cousin needs.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Great Deals Of Kitchen Appliances

It’s the time of the year wherein everybody spends too much in shopping. But do you know that we can actually save some bucks while shopping? Wondering what I am talking about? Well, if are to shop online you can find anything and everything in a very reasonable price.

Since holiday season is just a hop away each one of us are busy thinking and searching of a good present to give to our love ones. If I am to ask what present I would like to have this Christmas then without a doubt I will choice to get cooking ware, the kind of cooking ware that I found online.

So whether you are searching for new refrigerator or any kitchen appliances this coming holiday season online shopping is a good choice for you can find good deals of everything you need. Aside from affordable prices you can alsio find helpful articles about shopping. So why settle for roaming around when you can buy all you want from the comfort of your home?

I Missed

Haist, I missed the opps in my IPL dashboard. How I wish I have ample of time refreshing my dashboard to catch those fishes in my dashboard but I need to go soon for I need to settle my internet connection. Hopefully, I will get back my internet connection later today, because I have some tasks waiting for me and I will try to catch the fishes that are currently in gray colors in my dashboard.

For now, I shall go home.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Very Nice Gift

I am almost done with my Christmas shopping, before my younger sister left to Samar we shop for my niece’s clothes and for the new baby. Few days ago, I bought the little one clothes and last month I bought his gift. I kept it at my friends house for I he might open it before Christmas day. Now, I only need to buy gifts for my nephew and niece’s.

Talking about gifts, I wonder if someone would buy gold bullion as a present. Darn! If I am the one who’s going to receive this kind of gift I will surely shout for joy. Who would not anyway, this is not just a very nice gift but gold bullion is a nice investment too. If, you want to surprise your love ones with this kind of gift then you should go and visit This would be of help.

Busy Like A Bee

I am uber busy lately as I need to file all my transaction for this year. I will no longer be the treasurer in our barangay starting next month but I will be receiving the same amount that I am receiving being the treasurer but this time it’s not from the government but from my boyfriend. When I told him I will be poorer by *,***.** he told me he be the one to give it to me. How nice of him, I know he has been spending a lot lately and yet he still want to give this amount to me. I am really lucky to have found him and soon we will be together always (fingers cross).

Next month I will be less busy and will have much time blogging. Hehehe..

I Am A Great Clumsy

I am here at the internet café (again), well I should not be here since the boyfriend bought me a notebook few days ago. Earlier, I was trying to connect the internet but I couldn’t, so I decided to call my internet provider and the guy who answered my call told me that my connection is temporary disconnected because I didn’t pay my bill last month. Upon hearing this I immediately told the guy that I paid my internet bill last October together with my phone bill.

I was advice to search my receipt can call again so they can connect my connection back. When I found the receipt I was disappointed because the other bill I paid was not for my internet but for my aunt’s phone bill. My fault because I am clumsy and not careful, next time I should check the bills before paying it to avoid problem like this.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

On Black Friday

Without a doubt everybody in the US is waiting and preparing for the Black Friday event that is going to happen soon. How I wish we also have this event in my country, coz then I can save a lot when I buy clothes, toys and other present for my family, godchildren and friends.

For those who are going to shop on this big day I advise you to make a list on what are going to to make suire that you're not missing a thing. Enjoy shopping!!!

I Couldn't Go Back To Sleep

Huh, wondering why I am still awake in this wee hour? I slept early and when the boyfriend call me I could not go back to sleep so I decided to go online, which is nice coz I can finish the task the I got today that I need to finish over the weekend. I will return the visit that I owe to my visitors after doing the task I've got. So see me in a while guys!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Totally Wicked Products

In deed internet technology is one great key to find great deals and big discount. Nowadays, buying disaccounted products is a big help for us to survive in the recent economic situation. If you are searching of totally wicked discount product then I urge you to visit So those who are seaching for e-cigaritte to give to your father, brother or friend you know where to go. You can visit them now, for more totally wicked coupon information.

Fine Linens

Few days ago I was in the mall with my mother and the little one. After buying the stuff that we need to buy for that day, because we still have ample of time I decided to roam around a little and stumbled upon the fine lines section. The Sferra fine linens really caught my attention, I will surely buy this type of linens in the future. is the right place to visit for your bed, bathroom and table linen needs

Gloomy Weather

It's a gloomy Saturday here in my other part of the world. I only hope that it will not rain later for I and my mother will go downtown to buy the clothes she needs on Tuesday. I will also look around to look for gift ideas for my godchildren. I have more than ten godchildren. I also have few kids in mind that needs new clothes, I hope I could find affordable and yet nice quality kids clothes.

Friday, November 19, 2010


The little one wants to give his friend in school a laptop and mobile phone in her birthday. At a bit shock when my son told me about it, at a young age he has a sign of being extravagant to his friends. I wonder if he still want to give expensive gifts such as Galaxy Tablet PC, laptop and other gadgets.

Well, I only hope he will find a good job in the future so he can afford to buy expesive gift, whether its for his friends, girlfriend, wife or even for me.hehehe.

Gift Idea

Are you having a hard time chosing what present to give to your parents, relatives or friends? If so, thenyou might want to consider giving them karaoke machine. I am sure they would love to recieve such gift more especially if they love to sing.

My mother likes to sing, I have this feeling that she wants to have a karaoke player at home. I sure if we have this at home she would sing all her favorite karaoke songs.However, I am not sure if can buy a karaoke player this year for I and the boyfriend decided what present to give her and in fact she will have it in advance.

Back To Normal Mode

Yeheyy....after almost two months of going to internet cafe to blog and chat my bofriend, finally all is back to normal. I am chatting to my boyfriend from home since yesterday afternoon. We are finally back to normal mode, chatting thrice a day. I can also blog everyday,with this I am sure that I can finish my online task before the due date.

Thanks to my uber loving boyfriend for buying the notebook I am using now. I am really lucky to have found you. Looking forward to be with you **winks**.

Restaurant Coupon Codes

Holiday season is just around the corner. There are lots of ways on how to celebrate this special occasion. Others wants to celebrate it with thier love ones at home, others want to celebrate it away from home, some wants to dine out. Whereever you want to celebrate this holiday what count is that you you know the essence of the occasion.

Talking about holiday season, we all know that it is this time when we are spending too much in shopping for present to our family, godchildren and friends. With this using coupon codes will help us save some money. One great site to visit when it comes to restaurant coupons is, in this site you will find huge of resturant listings that offer printable restaurant coupons. So if you want to dine out with our family or friends then you should visit this site and browse thier online restaurant coupon guide near your place.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Contact Lenses

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

But theoretically speaking each one of us wants to be physically beautiful, that is why more and more individuals are using different accessories to look their best.

For my gay friends, contact lenses are part of their accessory to enhance their beauty. They also used it to someone who is a candidate of a beauty pageant. However, for individuals who have poor eyesight they don’t wear it as part of enhancing their beauty but more on having a good eye sight. So whether you have poor eyesight or using contact lenses for enhancing your beauty it is a must that you used high quality of contact lenses to avoid eye problem.

A while ago, I happened to came across this site which offer disposable purevision multifocal contact lenses for as low as $38.50. I haven’t tried using contact lenses but if ever I need to use it I will surely buy it Well, I might share this site to my gay friends in case they need new contact lenses.

Careless, Forgetful, Etc...

Darn! what is happening to me? I forgot to publish the non paid post I typed a while ago. So here I am typing another post because I am lazy to redo what I have typed. Anyway, I will be going home soon for I want to take a nap. These colds is giving me a little headache. Good thing I don't have a lot of online tasks to do today. But hopefully the sherif will shower me more opps this coming weekend.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Adult Acne Treatment

There are many causes of having acne, it maybe because of using cosmetics, luck of sleep, bad eating habit and etc. I remember my friend who has adult-acne problem, luckily she was able to get rid of it after trying some acne treatment.

If you’re one of those who have adult acne problem you should be careful on buying acne treatment because there are lots of treatment that is not actually working. So to be sure that you are buying effective products you should visit

On Colon Cleanser

I am not getting any younger, four months from now I will be turning 32. Yay, kind of old but I am really thankful to Him for I am still here enjoying although I am currently going through a lot of stuff but I know I will survive with His help and my love ones help.

I’ve been thinking of my health as well, I wonder how colon cleanser works. I read a lot about it and most of them are giving positive comment.

For those who are searching for colon cleanser I urge you to visit the link above.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Go Pacman

I could not help myself to wish our boxing champ Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao to win his 8th boxing title over Mexican boxer Antonio Margarito. I will be watching the delayed telecast at home. Just bad because I could not follow the round by rounds result online, like I did in his previous fight. I do have internet connection at home but my desktop is broken. I could not open it.

GO GO Go!!!! Pacman….

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Losing Weight

Few years ago I always wanted to gain weight for I look too skinny. A year after giving birth to the little one I was happy when I started to gain weights but started to fret when I noticed that I am near the limitation that the boyfriend wants me to gain. Now, that I gained more than the boyfriend wants me to gain I am having a hard time losing it although it does not matter to that boyfriend how much I gain. He is more than worried of my health.

Last year I tried to exercise every morning, for some reason I and the boyfriend agree not to continue walking every morning. So the few pounds I lost I gain it back again after few months. Haist, losing weight is not an easy task to do, really. It needs motivation and the willingness to succeed. Well, if not really fat but if in any case I need to undergo Human chorionic gonadotropin to lose weight then without a doubt I will go for it.

Going Home Soon..

Suppose to be I will not going to internet café today bit because I have few tasks that are due today I am oblige to go online and do my online tasks. Well, I am almost done so I will be going home soon. I am also getting sleepy and I promise to the boyfriend that I will sleep early.

Before I hit the publish button and post this entry I would like to take this opportunity to thank my visitors. I will be in your site sometimes next week that is a promise.

Hire Someone Who Knows How To Depend You

There are lots of crime happened everyday and there are lots of innocent people who are put in jail because they are misjudge. Usually if someone is in jail without committing the crime it is because they failed to hire someone who knows how to depend their client. That is why if you are charge of something that and you know you are innocent it is a must that you hire someone who knows your rights and prove that you are innocence for doing the crime.

If you are searching for San Diego Assault & Battery Charges lawyer I would urge you to visit Steigerwalt Law Firm. They have aggressive and experience defense lawyer that will defend your side. They have been in this kind business for many years now so you can be sure that the money you are spending is worth it. So if you want to prove to everyone that you are innocent, you should hire someone who knows how to defend their client.

Well Be Off For Lunch

Yay, it’s already past twelve noon but here I am still blogging. I still have few tasks that need to be today. My stomach starts complaining while I am typing my previous post. Sigh! This is the disadvantage if you’re blogging in the internet café; you want to finish everything that you need to finish before going home.

Well, I don’t want to sacrifice my health so I will be off for a while to eat my lunch and hopefully take a nap before coming back online. I have 2 more tasks that are due today. So bye for now guys! I’ll see you soon.

Outdoor Hot Tubs

I was talking about dream house in my other blog a while ago. For this blog, I will be talking about dream house again or having a tub in the bathroom to be specific.
An hour ago, I was browsing photos of a hotel in Manila. Each photos shows luxury, while browsing one photo to another I wonder if I will be given a chance to enjoy the luxury of soaking myself in the tub. Well, I am not losing hope. Who knows, someday the boyfriend surprised me and build a backyard hot tub. hehehe…

Talking about tubs, I happen to came across this website called Dimension One Spas. They are leading manufacturing of hot tubs for many years now. With their wide selection of indoor and outdoor hot tub I am certain that you will found something that suit your need and budget. So for those who are building a house and in search of hot tubs I urge you to visit and check out their products.

I Want A Holiday Layout

Holiday season is in the air. With this, I want to change the layout of this blog and my other blogs but because I my desktop is not yet fix I doubt if I can make a holiday layout for my blogs. Well, I still have few weeks to do that. I only hope all will get back to normal next week. Keeping my fingers cross. For now, I shall settle in my old layout. Anyway, they are not that old..

Friday, November 12, 2010

Shopping For Holiday Present

I was at the mall earlier today; I noticed that there are lots of people who are starting to shop for their love ones. Well, shopping early for your love ones is really great for you can find good quality items in reasonable price.

As for me, I also started shopping for Christmas gift. I wonder if I can find plus size lingerie for my mother. Anyways, I still have ample of time to do look around so I am pretty sure I can find what I am look for before Christmas.

Annoying Power Interuption

Power interruption really sucks, more especially if you in the middle of doing something and you need to finish it immediately. Like what happened to me few minutes ago, I am almost done with the review I am doing when suddenly power interruption occur. I was about to pay my invoice when the electricity is back. I am lazy to redo the review I was doing a while ago so here I am doing a non-paid post instead.

Well, I don’t have any choice but to do the review I was doing before the power interruption.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holiday Vacay

Travelling from one place to another is one of my dreams since I was a kid. However due to financial difficulty travelling will always in my things to do list. I am fearful that it will be in my things to do list for next year. Well, I am not losing hope for I know one day this dream of traveling to one place to another will happen and if that happened I want my family to be with me.

If I have enough money to spend for a holiday vacation I would bring my family to a place wherein we can enjoy and do lot of fun. I came across this site that offer affordable lodge, camping, holiday parks to families who want to spend their holiday away from home. So if you are one of them, then perhaps you want to visit the site I am talking about and check what they offered if it meets your budget and needs.

Friday, November 5, 2010

I Need More Info

It’s almost twelve noon and yet I am still here at the internet café, I will be going soon for I hear some sounds in my stomach lol. But before I go and take my launch I need to visit the United States Gold Bureau again as I need more information in gold bullion. I have been reading a lot of blog about gold investment in my blogger friends. I might invest in gold if I won a lottery because I know gold bullion is not a cheap investment so I know I need quite a big amount of money before I could start this kind of investment.

Am I Stress?

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You are able to find balance, and compared to most people, you aren't stressed out.

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Marketing Your Business Online

These days, running a business can be an overwhelming task to do most especially of the current economic situation. There are lots of businesses declared bankruptcies while other business owners are trying to survive despite of the business crunch. However if you have the ability to run a business and you have a unique technique to market your business then without a doubt you can be sure of succeeding in spite of the economic crisis.

As we all know, more and more individual prefer to shop online, pay their bills online and etc. In fact almost everything is done online nowadays. For business owner you can promote your business online with this your business will be visible to possible customers. Just a while ago I was surfing the net when I found this site that offer WebVisible. This help local businesses connect with their possible customers online. They have been helping business owner interact possible clients since 2001

Health Insurance Talk

In this time of economic uncertainty preparing for the future is a must thing to do for us to live on. As a single mother I am starting to save for the future of my son little by little. Saving is not an easy task to do especially that I am the bread winner in the family but I am glad that I have a very supportive boyfriend that support me in everything he can.

In terms of health insurance, I am thankful that I started paying it few years ago so whenever I or the little one needs to be hospitalized I can use this health insurance. But for those, who don’t have health insurance and is searching for one I would suggest you to visit Health-On-Line-Co.Uk. Through this site you can shop health insurance that fits your needs and budget from the comfort of your home. To know more about the website you can visit them anytime of the day.

Blogging Instead

I should be chatting to the boyfriend today but I am late for half an hour. The reason is that the internet café is close still and when they are finally open they don’t have internet connection. Good thing there is an internet café using wifi so here I am blogging instead of chatting to the boyfriend. I tried to call him few times but no answer. Well I am sure that I’ll going to see him later tonight.

For nor, I will take this opportunity to blog and do few of my online tasks.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Want Vertical Blinds

I was in the mall earlier to buy the transformer robot that the little one wants for Christmas. Since I still have time to roam around I decided to look around for affordable Christmas décor. On my search in looking for Christmas décor I came across a stylish blind that will look good in my room. However because I don’t have enough budget for blinds I opt to look around hoping I can also find an affordable blinds but I was not lucky for the blind I want is expensive.

I might consider buying it online for I know I can find affordable vertical blinds like the one that I saw in the mall. Well, I still have ample of time searching online since I know I could not afford to buy it this time because holiday season is fast approaching and I want to buy something for myself.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Singapore Diamonds

Who doesn’t want to get a diamond ring from their husband or boyfriend? I am quite sure every woman wishes to get a diamond ring from their partner.

If you are searching for a nice gift for your wife or girlfriend this coming holiday then perhaps you can dropped by at They offer wide selection of stylish singapore diamonds. The site is also offering singapore proposal ring if you’re planning to propose to your girlfriend this coming holiday season. Should you need more information? Visit the site now!

Missed Updating

Dang! I missed updating this blog for the past couple of days. Well, I am always online but since I do not have tasks to do and I don’t have exciting story to share.

I came online today hoping I could catch the boyfriend online but he is offline I also tried to call his mobile but no answer. I guess the boyfriend it sound asleep; I will just catch him later today. For now, I shall go home for my sister and nieces are waiting for. We are going to shop their clothes for Christmas; I know it’s early but they are going home today or tomorrow morning.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Custom Cases

I don’t brag that I know everything because I don’t. Like for instance, my cousin was talking about pelican cases and he asked me what I can say about. At first I am hesitate to tell him that I don’t have any idea what pelican case is but because I want to be honest I told him that I don’t have any idea. My cousin joke me about it, so when I get home immediately search what pelican case is. I burst to laugh when I found out that it is commonly use by law enforcement, firefighters, the military, the medical industry and outdoor & hobby enthusiasts around the globe to protect highly technical and specialized equipment.

If you happen to be in a lookout of pelican cases I urge you to visit This website carries wide selection of Custom Cases and pelican cases that suits your budget and needs. So what are you waiting for? Visit the site now for more information.

York Hotels

Are you tired of hustle and bustle of the city? Are you planning to take a weekend break from your hectic schedule at work? Of do you want to surprise your love ones to a weekend stay in the country side of New York? Whether you want a weekend stay or a short at the country side of New York or to any other place it is a must the hotel you are going to stay is affordable and yet comfy to stay.

One great place to visit when it come to York Hotel is Lady Anne Middleton’s Hotel. Although the place is in the country side it is still close to the York’s main tourist attraction and business. The room service, laundry service, newspapers and other services are available for request. Sp for those who are planning to take a short break Lady Anne Middleton’s Hotel is the perfect place to visit. Why settle and pay high in accommodation when travelling when you have the same offer for less cost?

Less Hassle

Hello guys! How is your weekend so far? As for me, I will surely have a hassle less weekend. Last weekend, I was uber busy preparing for the barangay and sk election since my mother was one of the candidate running for barangay office. Online tasks this weekend so kind of slow as well though I am thankful that online task poured last week. Now have $$$ pending payment, I hopefully I could buy something for myself from my blogging earning.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Iphone For Christmas Present

I was chatting to the boyfriend a while ago, mostly we talked about the gifts we are going to give to the little one, nieces and nephews. Sigh! Christmas spirit is on the air I can always hear Christmas song here in the internet café and it makes me feel good.

Talking about gift, if you are having a hard time deciding what present to give to your love ones then you might want to consider giving them an iphone. I happened to came across this site which offer iphone warranty, isn’t it a good offer?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


One good reason to be happy about if you have internet connection at home is that you can access everything without any hassle. Like for example if you are searching for a website that tackles about eczema the perfect place to visit Through this site you will find out everything that you want to know about the illness.

So what are you waiting for? Go and visit the site now!

A Filipina Scam?

Darn! I don’t know what I am going to write in here but I need to make a non paid post because I don’t want my blog to be full of paid post.

I remember few weeks ago I talked about a girl who is lying to someone and I guess she is the same girl who us using the next pc. I only hear her talking and demanding someone to send her money. She bla blaing she need the money for her plane ticket because she need to attend a seminar for her work. Sigh! The last time I heard her talking to someone she said she is jobless. Huh, this girl is really into something. She is getting into my nerve. I just hope she realize what she is doing.

On Supplements Reviews

The kids are enjoying their semestral break in school classes will start right after all saints day which is next month. My sister who is living far from us is here with her kids. The little one like it very much when he could play his baby cousin. Too much noise sometimes annoys me but I love the kids so I am quite sure I can stand the noise.

However, there are times that I could not concentrate on what I am doing especially if I am reading supplement reviews, a friend asks me to help her find the right supplement for her.

Treatment For Acne

Few days ago, I met a former classmate in my elementary years. I was surprised when I saw her because she used to have a flawless face but now acne is all over her face. I guess she sense that I am wondering why she got those acne and so she started to tell me the story. A beauty product she once uses is the culprit why acne is all over her face.

Well, I told her that finding treatment for acne that actually work is easy these days. I give her some tips on how she can find effective acne treatment. I am just hoping that the treatment she will find will not make her acne problem worst.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Better Luck Next Time

Suppose to be the boyfriend will help me do my online tasks because he don’t want me to stay longer online because of I am having headache right now. Unfortunately I could not login to my dashboard so I decided to do my tasks tomorrow. Hopefully, still have enough time to finish my online backlog.

I also have some story to share but I could not do it now. Hopefully I can do it tomorrow.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

United State Bureau

If you are an internet user you know by now that you can find a lot of great site which will help you start investing for the future. One great site that is worth visiting is United States Gold Bureau. This company offer gold coin, gold bullion, silver bullion and coins, platinum bullion, platinum coins, rare coins and few to mention. You will also find helpful atrticle on how you can start investing in gold.

My aunt has been investing in gold jewelries for many years now. I wonder if she will invest in gold bullion in the future. if so, then the future of her only son is safe and sound.

Missed My Movie Buddy

I don’t know what is happening to my movie buddy. It’s been a while since the last time we watched movie together. I kind of missed it. Hopefully, I will receive a sms from her so we could bond again. Been stressed for the past couple of days and watching a movie will help me recharge.

No Blog Visit

I missed blog hopping, it’s been a while since the last time I visited other blogs. I really hope I can bring my desktop to repair shop early next week. I am glad that my two domain maintained the PR3 but sad because my other blogs lost the PR3 but gained PR1. Not bad considering that I haven’t been building traffic to my blog. So I still have reason to rejoice.

Have about you? Have you lost your PR or gain a higher PR?

Payday Loan

In one way or another we experience running out of budget and the next pay day is a week away. Your relatives and friends are also in a tight budget. Well, if you will do a little research you will found out that you can actually apply for payday advance loan at The site is one of the leading online money lenders that offer loans to anyone who need cash fast with no hassles. So what are you waiting for? Visit the site today for more information.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yaz Side Effect

In deed the advent of internet technology is beneficial to each one of us. Student can research any topic they needed. Internet technology can also be a means of communication, shopping, payment bills and many to mention. For other people internet technology can be a source of information, may it a legal matter, family matter or medical matter.

Talking about medical matter, have you heard about Yaz? For me, it’s the first time I heard about this medicine. If you have been taking this medicine and you found out the you feel something strange then stop taking the medicine and check out the yaz side effects.

Heart attack, stroke, severe blood clotting, sudden death, increase in appetite, sudden weight gain, hair lose are only new of the side effect of Yaz. If you experience any of them and been taking Yaz then it’s high time you consult someone who knows your rights and legal options.

White Opps

Yay, I should be going home right now but after seeing those available online tasks I decided to stay a bit longer and take the opportunity to grab those white tasks. I could not think of a good word to type so I will not be staying long. I am experiencing wordless moment again. Hehehe.. I only hope I could finish one task before logging off.

Yesterday I missed one task; well I actually forgot to do it before logging out.

On Acne Solution

I know how annoying it is when you have acne all over your face and other part of your body. I know someone who has been using different types of acne solution to no avail.

Now that she found the perfect and effective acne solution, she can’t hide her excitement because after long time of searching and trying different kinds of solution she finally found the acne solution that works in her sensitive skin.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gold Bullion At

Have you heard about United States Gold Bureau? If not, let me give you a brief information of the company. The company is selling gold, silver and other precious metals and coins for direct personal delivery. They they deliver your orders to any independent bank depository of your choice for safe storage.

So if you are considering on investing in precious metals such as gold bullion the right place to visit is With them, without a doubt you are buying authentic products. Well, they are the leading precious metal dealer in the US for nothing.

If I have money, I will immediately purchase any product with them.

Prince Lexus First Birthday

Yesterday was the first birthday of my nephew, son of my cousin Albert. Too bad my grandmother was not with us to celebrate because the pathway from our home to the road is muddy and slippery. Granny walks slow, with this we don’t want to risk her safety. We just brought some food for her when we get home. In this way she can still eat the food we ate although she wasn’t able to witness the party.

To Prince Lexus, may you have many many more birthday to come and good health throughout the year and the next coming years.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Big Thank

I will go home soon, but before that I would like to take this opportunity to thank sheriff for the tasks I got for the past couple of weeks. Tomorrow is a holiday here in my other part of the world and I hope I will have longer time chatting to the boyfriend and blogging. It’s been a decade since the last time I visit other blogger. I don’t want to lost my PR right now because I need to start saving for my next project.

Diet Pill That Work

The boyfriend told me that I am losing weight. If he is telling the truth then I guess I don’t need to search diet pill that works for myself. I will just continue eating less then perhaps I will reach my goal to lose 10 kilos. However, a friend asked me to help her find an effective diet pill so I guess I will continue to search diet pill that actually work for my friend.

Good thing, I found this site that offer effective and safe diet pills. I will be sharing the link to my friend next time we meet.

Monday, October 18, 2010

United States Gold Bureau

Have you heard about if not, then let me give you a brief information about this site.

United States Gold Bureau is a trusted company when it comes to precious metals. They have in this kind of business for many years now helping people who want to invest in gold, silver and other precious metals and coins. So if you are in a lookout on where to buy authentic gold coins United States Burea is theperfect place to log on. They can deliver your order personally or arrange a safe storage in any independent back or depository.
Should you need more information? Visit the site now!

The Story Behind The Tears

It’s been a while since the last time I post a picture of thelittle one in thise blog. So I will be posting his latest photo.

This photo was taken during the Search for Little Mr & Ms Sportfest 2010. He was crown as the Mr Sportfest 2010.

Wondering why he is crying?

Wekk, he don’t like wearing the crown and cape because he said the crown is only for gays while the cape tickle him. With this we don’t have a good photo of him while wearing the crown and the cape.

Dining Room Table

A week ago, I was in a funiture store with my friend. My friend is looking for an afforadable dining room table because their old dinning table will retreat soon. We did find a good dining table but my friend could not afford it. Good thing I found this site that offer wide selection of dining room table that suit my friends budget

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Off To Go Home

I will be going home in a while, well right after I am done with this post. It's getting late and I dond't want to stay longer. I will have time tomorrow to finish my online tasks left. Before I publish this post allow me to thank my visitors. I am sorry if I can't visit you back at this moment but I promise to make it up to you soon. If not tomorrow I will surely do it the next following day.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend guys!

Country Cottages

Traveling and taking a break are on my wish list for this year but because of I am not rich and I need to save and plan everything that I want to take. Unfortunately my dream of taking a break will not happen this year and I am really hopping it will happen next year. If I only have lots of money to spend I will surely travel and visit the place I want to visit but because I am don’t have lots of money I need to be patient and work hard so that can travel and visit few of the place I want to visit before I get too old.

If money is not a problem I would like to stay in cottage. No doubt staying in the country side with my family will help me rejuvenate and relax. I happen to came across this site that offer affordable cottages in the UK, english country cottages and holiday cottages. If you are planning to take a break this coming holiday season I would urge you to visit the site.

Choice A Good And Secure Investment

Have you tried investing into something that turned our to be wrong investment to go into? With the recent economic situation choosing of investment that will double your capital is a difficult tasks. There are lots of business oppurtunities to choice from but how can you be sure that you choice the right one.

One good way of choosing the right investment is read, ask other your relatives and friends. With this you will get helpful information and advice. Another way is using the internet technology, you will be amazed that there are lots of people who wants to investment in gold and other precious metals. If I am to start investing I would like to investment in gold bars. But since I don’t have enough money yet to buy gold bar or coin I shall settle on buying jewelries. Jewelries has been proven to be a big of help to someone who have financial problem because you can pawn them anytime you want.

The Barangay And SK Election

The Barangay and SK Election is fast approaching. My mother is running for council member for her second term. I really hope she could make is again this time, well my mother has no bad record in the barangay and I think it’s a good reason to vote my mother.

I hope the coming election will be peaceful and quite although I know that vote buying will be uncontrolled in many places and our place is not excused in buying votes. I can only hope that the voters will vote wisely and won’t vote the candidates who has bad record in the barangay such as using barangay funds, degrading other, uber proud of the position and few to mention.

Home Improvement Using Wooden Blinds

I know I have been putting a big amount of my blogging money in improving our home. A year ago, I manage to put the finishing touches in floor. However I didn’t achieve what I want as the center flooring started to crack a week after the finishing. I was not happy with that happen as I spent quite a big amount of money for the project. After many months I found out that the crack is getting worse so I decided to finally out the tile flooring I want.

Now that I am done with the house flooring I am thinking of making our home more comfortable to live in. This time I want to focus on beautifying our windows, we have been using curtains for many years now and I guess it’s high time we use stylish blinds this time. A while ago, I stumble upon this site that offer Cheap wooden venetian blinds that will suit my tight budget. I am going to browse the site again hoping I could find more cheap blinds.

Secure Investment For The Future

The reason why more and more people choice to invest in jewelries because of a good returns that gold has to offer compared to other forms of investment. With this, you are certain that you won’t be losing your hard-earned money. However buying gold is not an easy task for there are stores who sell flawed gold that is why it is a must that we buy gold in a trusted good seller like Through this site one can get helpful information in buying gold and other form of precious metals.

So if you are considering investing in gold bullion you know where to buy it.


It almost one in the afternoon, no wonder I am starving. I do have some online tasks that need to be done but for now I need to go home and eat my lunch. I don’t want to sacrifice my health. I might go back later today to blog since I and the boyfriend will not chatting. It’s a Sunday, it’s his time to stay longer in bed.

Online Blessings

Darn! I have a lot of online pending tasks assigned to me for the past couple days. But because I only have limited time blogging I can’t hardly finish four tasks a day. Now, that the school foundation of the little one is finished I have longer time blogging and hopefully I will also have time returning the visit to my visitors. I owe them big time for I haven’t visiting back for like a decade lol.

But before I end this post allow me to say Happy Sunday and be safe if you are planning to go out and have fun with your family or friends.

Get Math Help Online

Are you one of those students who are having difficulty dealing with your math subject? Well, I know how it feels when you can’t understand what your teacher is trying to explain for I also have problem understanding my Math subject back then. If I only knew a place where I could find Math homework help every time I have math problems to solve at home I not have problem solving my homework.

Students these days are very lucky for they can find Free math help and Free homework help in the world wide web 24/7. Few months ago, I found this awesome site that helps students or even the parent Solve math problems online. Tutor Vista is the leading online tutoring company these days offering an incredible unlimited monthly tutoring package in a very affordable cost in all subjects.

So visit the site now and stop worrying your Calculus problems,algebra problem, statistic problem, Factoring polynomials problems and other subject problems.

Friday, October 15, 2010


How time flies and before we know it it’s already Christmas time. It seems that is was only yesterday when we were busy buying gifts for our love ones. Talking about buying gifts, if you are having a hard time finding a gift to your love ones then perhaps you might want to consider giving headphone such earbud headphone to your family who loves listening to music. With this they will always remember you when they use the headphone you give to them.

One great place to visit when it comes to headphones They have wide selection of headphones that will suit your budget and taste. For more information visit the site now.

Overlooking The Boyfriend And Online Task

Yours truly has been uber busy for the past few days to the point that I missed chatting to the boyfriend before bedtime. I know I owe him big time and I promise to make it up to him next week. Aside from overlooking my love I also missed blogging. It’s been a while since the last time I visited other blog and I owe them a visit as well.

For now I am here again at the internet café, I decided to come early so I could blog a little while waiting for the boyfriend to come online. I can’t stay longer now for I am a bit sick.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Custom Postcards

I don’t have enough time to stay long online for I need to watch the little one. He is having practice for their show on Saturday. But before I go I would like to search for custom postcards that I am going to send to my relatives and friends who live in another part of the world. I am glad that I came across this site that offer wide selection of postcards.

Well, I still have ample time left to decide which postcards I am going to buy. For now, I need to find postcards for my mother. She is running for office in the coming barangay election. I only have few days left for the campaign period will start tomorrow.

Goodness, I have a lot of stuff to be done but I only have a little time to finish them all. I do hope I could finish everything I need to finish before it’s too late.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Garage Door Parts

These days housebreaker can be found anywhere and they attack any time. They are just waiting for a good chance to attack our house. With this we really need to be caution to avoid of housebreakers. One good way of avoiding them is having a secure fence. If you have a garage I would urge you to install a secured garage door.

I happen to came across this site that offer wide selection of garage door parts. So if you are searching for garage parts you could visit If you have any question regarding the item you can call them at (440) 365-5707 between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM EST or send an email to our sales team.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

DePuy Hip Recall Lawyer

Did you have your hip operated? Are you suffering from swelling, pain and have problem walking? If so, then perhaps your operation is not successful for this can be a symptom of having a detached implant, fracture of the bone around it. A dislocation of the implants components can also be a reason.

Do you know that you can actually hired a DePuy Hip Recall lawyer to help you get the right compensation for not having a successful operation? At O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath they have experience lawyer that would help you get what is right for you. For more information, you can visit the site now.

In Communication Again

I was surprised when I log in to my facebook account this morning. I already have four pending request for adding but because I don’t know them personally I haven’t approve their request and I don’t have plan on approving their request. The boyfriend won’t be happy if I do.

Anyway, I was surprised when I saw a former classmate who happened to be a good friend way back in college. I tried to search her name before but to no avail. Well, no wonder because she is new in facebook. I am really glad that since I joined FB I already have some friends in college whom I started communicating. I already exchange few message to my long lost friend. Too bad I am busy doing my online task so I could not talk to her this time. Hopefully next time I will have ample of time talking to her.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Need To Go Home

I mentioned in my other blog that I have load of dirty clothes waiting for me at home. It’s already 12 noon here in my other part of the world. I guess I need to get my ass off in here so I could finish the laundry today. Hopefully, I will have time to blog later today. I really want to finish my online tasks before I lost them again.

But before I hit the publish button allow me to say Happy Weekend to all of you…

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Beautifying our home is not an easy task. However if you have the resources I guess you can get the looks you wants without hassle. Are you considering on giving a face-lift to your boring home? Do you know by simply using blinds can add the look to our home? As for, I never thought that blinds can actually add beauty the our room and other parts of the house until I bumped to this awesome site that offer ample selection of blinds.

At these moment I am using a red curtain in my room window. Since I am thinking of redecorating my room and other part of our home I want to try wooden vertical blinds. I don’t have enough budget yet but I know where to buy the blinds I want in case my budget it anough.

For those who needs blinds you can check out They have wide selection of blind that suits your taste and budget.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Health Insurance

I started paying my health insurance more than a year ago. I haven’t used it for I haven’t been hospitalized. I am happy that the little hasn’t been hospitalized as well. Before I really don’t realized the importance of having a health insurance until my nephew was hospitalized. The kid who he shared the room used his father health insurance and I was surprised of much the health insurance paid to the kids hospital bills. Since then I promise not to miss paying my health insurance.

With this time of economic crisis getting health insurance is a wise decision. We can never tell when we need medical attention so it is best to be prepared. If you are looking for a private health insurance for yourself or family the right place to log is With them you can apply for an instant private health insurance cover online. You can also search the right insurance that suit your need and budget. So what are you waiting for, get your own health insurance now.

At The Internet Cafe

Darn! It’s getting cold in here. I am here at the internet; I decided to stay longer after chatting to the boyfriend for I have few tasks that need to be done. I am glad that I manage to grab few tasks in one of the paying site I work with. Hopefully I could grab more right after I submit the post link. It’s getting late and my I am starving too.

But before I hit the publish button allow me to thank all my visitors. I promise to visit you again soon.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Math Help Online

Fact, there are only few student in one class that doesn’t have problem understanding Math subject. Doing Math homework is not easy more especially if we can’t find someone who is a Math problem solver. Thank goodness to the person who invented the internet technology for we could find online website such as that offers Free math help. Tutornext offer online tutorial for K-12 and college students in a cheapest possible price.

So if you or you know someone who roughly needed Math homework help and Free homework help you can share this site with them. I am quite sure the site will be a big help. Whether you are looking for College algebra, Factoring polynomials or Math word problems tutor vista is the perfect place to log on. Isn’t it a good site? If only, I know this site way back before then I know I will not have problem with Math subject.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Second Career

Having problem paying your bills? Do you find it hard to budget your earnings? If so, then perhaps its high time you consider take up second carrer to help you pay the bills and other expenses. These days more and more people are getting more concious on how they look so there is not doubt that putting upa beauty parlor is a good option. However you should know that being in a cosmetology business is not easy.

If you are thinking of going to one of the best cosmetology school I urge you to check out Hoover Alabama Cosmetology School at Regency Beauty Institute Hoover 1775 Montgomery Highway S., Hoover, AL. 35244. Regency Beauty Institute is one of the best beauty school that you trust. Founded 50 years ago and has thirty campuses across nine states.

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Hurting Arm

I don’t know what is wrong with my right arm. It hurt when I tried to stretch it. The pain started a month ago, but I didn’t put much attention to it. After doing the laundry today I noticed that it hurt me more when I stretch it. I guess I need a massage. I am over using my right arm. I am right handed so most of the time I use my right arm. Hopefully the pain will fade away soon.

Slimming Wraps

In my previous post I mentioned that I can already smell the christmas season. Aside from shopping and gift giving another reason why I am excited for the holiday season is that there lots of party invititation. When I heard the word party the first thing that cross to mind is the mouth watering foods that are serve in the table.

Darn! I am trying my best to lose weight and yet I am here, talking about foods. I guess I need a site like after the holiday season to help me get rid of unwanted fats.

Discounted Movies

Without a doubt having an internet connection is such a big help. Well, if you know how to use it properly then you will undertand what I am saying. One great opportunity of having an internet at home is that you can shop anything you want from the comfort of home. You can also avail of free shipping and discounted prices.

For those movie fanatic you can avail of the free shipping and discount that blu ray movies is offering. The site offer wide selection of movies from drama to comedy, from adventure to horror and much more. For more details you can visit the site now!

It's October Na!

Darn! Been uber busy for the past couple of days. I didn’t notice that the month of September ended and it’s already 3rd of October. How time flies, I can smell chirstmas season. Yay, I know its too early but the boyfriend will not call me a Christmas girl for nothing. Hehehe..

Anyway, I do have lots of plan for this holiday season. I want to buy another set of jewelries from my blogging money. However I am not sure if I will have enough saving until December as I have other priorities in my lists. Well, I am crossing my fingers that online blessing will continue to pour.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Custom Made Scrubs

Almost a month ago, my younger sister gave birth to her fourth child in the birthing facility near my place. When I visited her the first thing I notice was that the newly opened birthing facility is clean and comfortable to stay with of it has an air conditioned room. Secondly, I noticed that the nurse attending my sister is wearing a stylish nursing scrub top. I wonder if the nurse is wearing a custom made scrubs for I seldom see a scrub that is beautifully made.

Well, with the advent of internet technology I would not be surprised if the nurse purchase her scrub uniform in one of the online store that offer uniform for nurses. Ohh, talking about nursing scrubs. I happen to came across this site that offer ample of scrubs in a reasonable cost. If in any case you are searching for medical uniform the right place to log on is

Friday, October 1, 2010

Web Hosting Guide

Are you planning to have your own personally site or a site for your online business? With thousand of website offering web hosting service choosing the right and reliable web hosting can be a difficult task. I myself, can attest how difficult it is to find an affordable web host and yet offer a good service. However if you will do a your homework and do a little research you will surely find means on how to find reliable hosting.

One great site that is worth visiting if you are looking for a web host provider is for they offer hosting guide, multiple domain web hosting, shared web hosting, cheap hosting and much more. While browsing the site i found out that they are also offering useful and good web hosting articles which will help you decide what type of hosting to choice.

So next time you need web hosting service you know where to go.

Been Busy

I missed blogging for two days for I accompany the little one their scouting camping. For the past two days I need to get up early to prepare the breakfast as we need to leave the house at 6 in the morning. Tiring but I feel great whenever I see the glow of happiness in my son's eyes.

Last night, the little one experience the torch parade and bonfire. When we get home he was uber excited to share his experience to his cousin. Hopefully I could upload few photos here.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Discounted Hair Products

I was chatting to the boyfriend a while ago. I am glad that we manage to tackle the extra expenses I will be having next. A big thanks to the boyfriend for always be here although there are times that I am a pain in your butt.

Anyway, right after our chat I decided to stay longer for I need to help my cousin find a treatment for his hair problem. He is few years younger and yet he is starting to lose his hair and he is starting to freak out. Good thing happen to came across this site which offer ample medication for hair lose problem. For those who have hair problem and seaching for prefessional hair care or you want to pamper your hair like you are in a salon then you might want to try Bumble and Bumble product.

Aside from this product they also offer Moroccan Oil, L'Oreal Texture Expert, Keratin Complex, OPI and other hair tretment products. What make this site different from other site is that you can find brief description of the product when clicking it. Another good thing about this site is that they offer discounted products which is good especially in times of financial difficulties.

Morning Bla

Darn I will be facing a lot of extra expenses next month. I really hope I will have enough resource. My online earning is not really good in this month though I am still thankful that I can still grab some task and almost of them despite desktop problem. As of now, I am here at the internet café. I decided to stay longer after chatting to the boyfriend but I need to go soon for the little one is expecting me in his school. I do hope I will have longer time later today.