Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random Thoughts

Pardon me guys for not posting an update for the past couple days. I am not actually busy but whenever I have an idea to post about I will lost it before I could put it in words. I guess time like this is most difficult part of being a blogger.

On the lighter side, I made a layout for Mommy Riza and I am glad that she like the layout. Hopefully the artist in me will stay longer as I want to change the layout of good friend and I also need to make another layout for my other blog since holiday season is almost over.

I am blaming my self for being a procrastinator because I lost the task I've reserve many times in SS. I just hope I will have a chance to reserve the opps in the future.


imelda said...

i did join ss too but when i posted and published it, it says my blog wasnt listed.dnt know i may not join ss na cguro.sayang it was 7.50 pa naman. how is justin now?

Lynn said...

hi sis!

thank you for the visit. happy new year too!

good for u, u know how to create a layout. wish i can do the same. keep up the good work!