Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On Chasing Opps

It is really difficult to chase opps these days. And although this blog has its own domain I seldom grab opps for this blog. A page rank would be a great Christmas present for this blog. This blog has been craving for a pagerank for more than a year now.

But then since I can't blog hop from this blog Mr Google wont give any PR for this blog. But then again I am crossing my fingers for the best..

Friday, November 20, 2009

Buy Wow Gold

I am not geeky type of person when it comes to online gaming. However, I am always amazed every time I see kids and adult playing online games. They seem serious on battling to one another.

To those computer savvy and likes playing online games and is searching on where you can buy wow gold head over to the site called It is an online store retailer that sells game money for the computer video game such as World of Warcraft as well as other virtual currency. What I like in this website is that you can always have your money back just in case you are not satisfied with the service.

Blabbing Blogger

I am in the mood to blog today yet but I cannot write what is in my mind. I have so many ideas that keep on crossing my mind but when I tried to write it I end always up watching the desktop screen. It’s really annoying, anyway since the writer is me is not functioning well I opted to blog hope from my other blog. I just feel sad cos I haven’t blog hopping from this blog for a gazillion years now.

I’ve been wishing to gain back the pagerank for this blog that I’ve lost more than a year ago but if I will not try to increase the blog traffic and visitors for this blog I might not get the page rank I am wishing for this blog. How I wish I have all my time to stay in front of the desktop.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Online Insurance

Getting insurance these days is not easy as we think it is, as there are hundreds of insurance companies that promises a good coverage but in fact only few of them are true to their words. Thankfully, insurance companies invaded the World Wide Web which gives insurance seeker better options and find the insurance company that will suffice their needs and budget.

Anyway, if anyone here is searching or planning to buy an insurance online whether it’s health insurance, car insurance or any other insurance I urge you to check out

Long Nap

My mother and my son attended a birthday party this afternoon that is why it was too quite that I had a long nap. It was around 5pm when I woke up and timely because my mother and son arrive and brought me two slice of cake which I shared to my nephew and sister-in-law.

The Monzilla browser isn't not working yet and I am planning to uninstall it and install again.

Laptop As A Gift

Before we know its Christmas time already so before we run out of time it is best to have a list for present and buy them as soon as you can. If you are still searching on what gift to buy to your wife or husband then why not give her/him a laptop. I am sure any person that will get a laptop for a present will be ecstatic. You can check out wide range of laptops at

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ferrari Parts

We have our dream cars and even if I don’t know how to drive I also dream of driving my own car. Just imagine driving freely with your partner and going to some places.
Anyway, if you already own a Ferrari and is searching on where to find genuine Ferrari parts then you might want to visit to this web site called Ricambi America. Through the website you can find all the parts that you need for your precious car.


That is me, yes guys I am starving now. Just done chatting to my lalabs so please allow this sick blogger to take her breakfast and take her medicine. Hopefully I will be back later to return visit but I guess that is after I take a nap. I feel that I needed the nap soon.

So those who visited me expect me in your site as soon as I can today.. have a great day or night!!

Generational Equity Welfare

The advent of internet technology allow user to search and find information from the comfort of your home. Just recently while browsing the net I came across this website which has a good information about generational equity welfare. As we all know there are lots of individuals are having problems with their health care and social security. Often time complain occur too late and the least we can do is wished that we should have done something earlier.
So if anyone here is having any problem you can check out all academic research and you will for sure find amazing information that will help you solve the problem.

Quick Update

It's been a while since my last update, sorry guys yours truly has been sick since last week and I am still in the process of gaining back my strength which I hope I will soon. I need to so some offline stuff and as well online errands. I also dont want to lost the pagerank I have in my other blogs.

Anyway this is just a short update can visit my other blog for more information about my health.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Online Translator

Nowadays, finding a job is not easy as we think. With the high level of competency it is a plus if you know more than one language as some employer would like their employee to be knowledgeable in other languages. So to those you want to know other language you don’t need to fret as you can access translator from the comfort of your home.

Translia is an online translation company that offers professional and affordable services throughout the world. There are different types of translation services available, ranging from brand translation to business card translation. All you have to do is visit and register as client for free. Isn’t it amazing?
My boyfriend for almost four years is from Iceland and I am considering in learning his language little by little so I am going to visit the website often.


Yay, it is really hot here in my room. I opted not to use the aircon every night to minimize the electric bill. As of now I am using the electric fan but because my room is close the fan is not cooling me down. hayy.. I guess I need to open the aircon when I go to bed.

Myrtle Beach Vacation

Holiday season is just around the corner and it is this time that I have a lot of plan for my family. If money is not a problem I would love to take them to a luxurious family vacation and stay in myrtle beach vacation rentals. I am pretty sure we will enjoy the comfort that this beach vacation rentals offers to their customers. As I browse through the website I extremely amaze of their amenities. How I wish I will win a lottery so I can bring my family to this place.

Thinking Of The Future

Time flies and in few months I will be turning 31 I am indeed getting old and one realization that keep crossing my mind is I am not yet secure or my son if something happen to me (god forbid) and so I am considering on getting an insurance. However finding the right insurance is not an easy task as we think for there are a lot of insurance companies that promises a lot. Gladly I recently came across this website which offer insurance leads such as business insurance leads, health insurance leads, life insurance leads and a lot more!

Morning Update

hello guys! How are you doing so far? It will be be a very busy day for me and hopefully I can continue the blog hopping which I started yesterday. I haven't blog hop for this blog lately which is not good for this blog for I want to gain back the pagerank which I lost last year.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Industrial Computer

At last after being inactive to the World Wide Web I can now blog anytime I want. I am going to install photoimpact 7 software soon and start making holiday layout for free. I am glad that I can use my desktop now and hopefully for good. The desktop isn’t working perfect yet as I often freeze especially when I am using the webcam.

While browsing the net I happen to came across this website which offer industrial computer. I don’t have any plan buying a new desktop soon but if you do you can check out the website and who knows you can find something that interest you.


My gosh..I really need to take a nap now. My eyes is nearly close I blame my son why I am very sleepy now. He woke me up very early this morning. He did not leave me alone until I am finally awake.. he kept on saying that the sun is shining and I should not be sleeping. Silly son...

Brain Power Games

While browsing the World Wide Web I happen to came across this website called The website is not for entertainment only but it is also helpful to exercise your brain , improve your brain power, reasoning and memory. I shall visit this website more often and try brain games that they offer. So calling all online gamers! Visit the the website and exercise your brain power for free.

Back Finally

Ohh.. it's been a while since my last post for this blog. The desktop problem that I've been complaining for few months now was worsen few days ago. I can not use the skype and worse I cannot use any type of browser. Well, I can use internet explorer but I always encounter page error.

So I agreed when my lalabs told me to bring the desktop to repair shop and so far so good. Hopefully I will not need to deal hang-ups soon..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nebooks As Christmas Present

The son has been bugging me to put up our Christmas since September and yesterday he was really pleased when I let him put the Christmas balls in the tree.
Talking about Christmas, are you searching for the best present to your love ones? Worry no more head over to and check out their netbooks available. If I am to received this kind of present I would be very happy and would not ask for more lol..

Holiday Layout

Yay, Thoughts of a Sahm finally had the blog makeover for the holiday season. I do hope I will have enough time making another more layout for my other blogs. I also would like to offer freebie layout. Hopefully, I will not be lazy for the coming days lol. You know laziness and procrastinating always hit me.

By the way you can check out the layout live in my other blog or if you wish to check out the screen shot and my other design you can take a peak in my design blog.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Christmas Wish

Christmas is on the air and everybody are getting busy making a wish list. Like everybody does I do have a wish list for this coming Christmas. One of my list is to have a branded bag and if money is not an issue I would love having a diamond ring or earring.

Anyways, if you are searching on where to find wide selection of diamonds head over to

20% Witch

hello guys how is your halloween doing so far? As for me no plan for the halloween but in fact I haven't celebrate it in my whole life. Weird? Well, its darn true, hopefully I will be able to celebrate it in the future with my partner.

Anyway, i take this quiz at blog thing.

You Are 20% Witch

Nope, nothing really witchy about you!

You seem a bit too normal to be a witch. You don't have many witchy attributes.

You may want to consider dressing up as a witch for Halloween.

It's fun to feel a like a powerful witch, even if you're just pretending.