Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hello guys! how is your day so far? As for me, i don't have any plan to gout today anyway it's a gloomy Saturday so I will be staying at home like usual. I really hope the designer's mojo in me will get back today as I want to finish a layout which is long over due.

Yesterday, I did visit some of the links in my link list and I notice some of them has been idle for sometimes now. That is why I am going to update my link list anytime soon.

I also want to fix the layout for this blog as the background loading is too slow. hay... I do have a lot of things to do online.

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Lynn said...

hi sis!

thanks for the visit. glad to hear from u again. hope all is well. your layout is already nice but yes, giving it a new look would be refreshing.

enjoy ur weekend!