Thursday, September 17, 2009


Is what I am doing for almost one week and it's worth it. I am finally done posting some of my transaction last year, it's uber late I know but I blame my self for being a procrastinator. Now, I only need to post this year's transaction and hopefully I am done with it next week or at least before this month ends. hehehehe..

As for now, I need to review my son for his exam on Tuesday. I hope I will have more patience this time. I also hope he will do good in all of his exam. He ranked 3 in last time not bad for a student who more want to draw and get busy in his coloring book.


Nova said...

hahaah..that's what i do sometimes too...

Lynn said...

hi sis. musta na? thanks for the visit. medyo busy bisihan ang life sometimes kaya minsan lang blog hop. (",)

enjoy ur day ahead!

Tey said...

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