Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blabbing Me

Gezzz... paid post is really slow since last week... well, no wonder I lost the PR’s in my other blogs. Deeply In Love lost its PR more than a week now and Designs and Scrap LO lost its PR few days ago. And I blame myself for not blog hopping seriously for more than a month. Well, my pc was not working properly and it made me lazy to stay online longer.

But now that my pc is fix my blogging mood is gone and all because of this PR thingy. Hay... life of a blogger is not really easy.
Anyway, aside from losing the PR’s in my other blogs, I stunned when I try to open my other blog who have its own domain. The domain expired last August 23 and I didn’t receive any mail to notify me about the expiration. Hopefully, this will not affect my paid post that is pending for approval. I am not sure if I can pay renewal tomorrow because my plan to go downtown is on Thursday.


imelda said...

il take care of this lot, just text job. will send helper to pay gcash to globe, i will be in la paz kasi tomorrow as speaker.

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