Friday, June 26, 2009

Treadmill at ProForm

I’ve been gaining weights for the past three years and for few months now I have been thinking to shed the unwanted fats on my baby. But unfortunately this is not happening especially when I opt to stop walking every morning for personal reason.

How I wish I own a treadmill, with this I do not need to go out to do my daily exercise. Anyway, if you guys are planning to have your own treadmill at home you can purchase this equipment at ProForm. They are the world’s No.1 fitness brand providing the best cardiovascular exercise for your running or walking workouts.


gab's mom said...

o you know what, i have the same wish. i'd like to have treadmill also. ;-)

JM Estoque said...

tama po yan. :)
walking is already a best form of exercise

Yen said...

We have a treadmill in the office and is open to all of us. pero nakakatamad mag maintain. hehe

Ate, thank you ha. muka nga pong putol yung sa baba,.hehe sori po sa abala