Sunday, May 31, 2009

Home Lighting

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Hi folks, I am really sleepy in here just finished chatting to my boyfriend few minutes ago and I promise him to go to bed soon. But I can't go until I am done with the pending task. I want to have a worry-less Sunday.. lol.....

Anyway, this will not take me some times I just need to finish two more task and I am off to bed... So I will bid good night to all before I forget it....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Custom T-Shirt

Hi folks, I recently came across this website called They offers custom T-shirts printing with no minimum orders. Other available products are mugs, kids t-shirts, hoodies, aprons, organic t-shirts,mouse pads, personalized gifts and a lot more. If you wish to get any of the above mentioned stuff don't look any farther, visit Custom Your Shirt.

Early Bird

Good morning folks! I woke up few minutes before six in the morning. If was not the sms of my friend I am sure I am still sleeping at this time. Anyway , while typing this post I am also filling up the vouchers for the SK Inter-zone Basketball Tournament Awarding tomorrow.

So I will not make this post long because I am running out of time. I need to finish filling it up before 7.30 am.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On Mesothelioma

Hi folks, have you heard of mesothelioma? It is an asbestos-caused cancer of the membranes that surround many of the body’s vital organs. It’s often considered or spoken of as a form of lung cancer, but this is incorrect. If you to know more information about the illness offers advice, information, symptoms, and news information on this horrible disease. So hurry check it out for more information.

Rubber Stamps And A Lot More !!

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A Reason To Update

Hmmpp.. I am glad that I have a good reason to update this blog again. It's almost a week since my last post. I do want to update all my blogs everyday but for some reason I am can not think of a good topic to write about. That is why, I can only update this blog or my other blog every time I have a link assignment which seldom happened for few weeks now.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Looking For Bridesmaid Dresses?

Early this month I was surprised when my cousin handed me a wedding invitation. I do not have any idea who among my friends are going to tie the knot. And to my surprised the wedding invitation is from the couple I know from our place that but decided to settle in another place. The couple is marriage in a civil ceremony for some years now.

Talking about wedding, are you in search of bridesmaid dresses for your wedding? Then is the right place to visit. They have been selling wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses for over thirty years now {30}. is the world's leading online wedding apparel destination. Their goal is to provide complete one-stop shopping for all brides, bridesmaids and all special occasion. Keen to know more about the what they offer? Then visit now.

Getting Late

Everybody is sounds asleep now except me who is making some noise from my keyboard. I better kick my ass outta here. I still need to wake up early tomorrow to prepare the things that we need to bring to my sister's place.

So guys, I will not make this post long now.. A wish you all a good night sleep!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

On Birthday

Few years ago I am not earning the way I earn today, that is why life for me and my son is quite difficult. Thanks God, he is good to me. He give me a supportive boyfriend, a way to earn some buck online.

Anyway, because of financial difficulties I was not able to gave a birthday bush to my son when he turned one year old. If I only have a lot of money to spend that time I will surely look for 1st birthday party themes. I hope I will to my next child, crossing my fingers cross..winks..

A Rest

Yes, I finally had a long rest today. I was sleeping for many hours today, after a very tiring preparing and entertaining visitors yesterday I really deserve a good rest. My sister is home now, she is having a small business for their upcoming fiesta with her sister in law. Tomorrow is another tiring day, we need to clean and keep the utensil that was used.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Payday Loans

I spend quite a big amount of money for the past few days. I kept on buying some goods that we will need on Saturday and another unexpected expenses came last Sunday when we brought my nephew to the hospital. I am surprised when my sister handed me the hospital bill. It was a big amount for a one day stay in the hospital. Thanks God my boyfriend is always there to help me financially.

Let’s face it, there are times that we are running out of cash. Whether it’s unexpected tow of bill, medical bill or we just need some extra money to buy some groceries. If you are one of those who is into this kind of situation, you might want to consider the Pay Day Loans that the has to offer which they are definitely the life saver of the day to have a fast cash or cash advance. In few just minutes, you can apply for a simple No Fax Payday Loan in the amount of your choice, and faxing is not necessary.

What I Am Doing

I am really busy for the past few days preparing for the santa cruzan celebration on Saturday. Tomorrow morning we are going to my sister's place to fetch the pigs that we are going to use on this occasion. Hopefully, I can still blog tomorrow when I arrived from my sister's place.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Quick Update

Its been days since my last update and I don't have any plan to do an update either. But then I deem it proper to make a short update to let my visitors and reading knows what I have been doing.

To start with, yesterday we brought my nephew to the hospital because he accidentally bumped his head on the wall while playing. I worried because his appearance his really bad, he looks pale and he vomit once. I hope the vomit is because he is nervous cos he always like that. Every time he is afraid of something he would vomit. I hope the x-ray result will be negative. Please help us pray for that..

So I better go now but before I hit the sign out I must read about ephedra, the supplement that has been around for many years now and has maintained its consistency of being the most trusted supplement for people who wants to shed off some pounds and to reach their personal satisfaction.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weekend Update

MySpace Happy Weekend Comments

Weather nowadays is really unpredictable, it's summer here in the Philippines but its been raining for few days now. The kids, can not play outside like they usually day last weekend.

Anyway, I do hope you guys will have a fruitful and happy weekend.