Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sweet Gesture

Oppsss.. got a call from lalabs...I was not expecting that he is going to call me since we were just chatting few minutes ago. Hay.. this gesture of my lalabs really makes me feel special and great... I am sure you will agree with me. lol

Anyway found this lovely poem online the other day, what do you think? isn't lovely?

Saturday Night is Sunday Morning

Watching you breath-- it fills my soul with life
Every time you see me I feel your warmth that shines.
You open your eyes to kiss me, just before goodnight;
You're tired, I know, but you'd rather shine a light
That dims very slowly throughout the quiet night.
Its almost Sunday morning so you better not fight
And let go.. close your pretty eyes real tight
Falling asleep next to me will be just fine.

Watching you leave on a Sunday is suffering death
And my soul plunges in itself, like lady Macbeth's.
I think of Saturday night and how it never ended
But Sunday morning came and both days felt splendid
So that Saturday night and Sunday morning blended
and every pain I've ever felt has now been mended.

The sun hasn't died just yet this Friday night;
I can sense your soul behind its essence shine
And always feel your arms around me tight
With tender loving hands all rightly mine--
When I'm with you i know everything is fine.

Sunday night is Sunday morning
And I have no sense of time.
Holding you for hours, yearning
For your lips to be in love with mine
Because when we touch I feel the burning
And our love seems so sublime.

this poem best describe us.

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