Friday, April 3, 2009

Summer Thoughts

Summer is finally here and I am pretty sure some of you have plans to take summer vacation with your love ones. It's been a wish for me to bring my family in a summer gateway for a day or two in one a nice beach resort. I've been planning this for a year now and I have a doubt that I will not happen this year as we need to save for the santa cruzan this coming May in our barangay.

Sta. Cruzan is celebrated in the month of May by some organization or groups. Of course this happens also mostly at last week of May. Others, pray the Novena, some prays only for three or nine days and still others for one day. Sta. Cruz is mostly prayed by the older folks and children. I could still remember when I was small we don’t pray attentively but when the part where “Ang Bandera sa langit gin buklad…” is sung, thats the time I straighten up. It means the long prayer has finally come and some food is distributed. This tradition is also practiced by Zones and/or Barangay where they have a procession and is done during the evening.

Nevertheless, we will for sure have a nice summer though we will be just staying at home. I remember when my son was one year old I never failed to put disposable diapers in my bag whenever I am going to attend santa cruzan and fiesta.

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twinks said...

Hi sis,
Hmmm..santa cruzan.. brings back happy memories. When I was a kid I always look forward to May because of that. hehehe..

Happy Sunday sis.. btw, tagged you here:

Ingat ^_^