Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Dream Come True

The other day I got a message from a dear friend letting me know that she passed her visa interview for New York. The first thing that cross to mind is a was right when I told her over the phone to go with her original plan as she is having a second thought whether to take the interview or moved it.

I was really happy when I got her sms because its a dream come true for her. I knew how she worked to gather all the documents she will be needing. What can say? But to wish her good luck in her new journey...

By the way, you can visit her blogs My Daily Thoughts and Moods, My Overview and My Daily Business to know more about her.

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Nova said...

oh.. that's true. dreams do come true if you wish for it, have faith and hope praying with God's guidance... like you said, she was hesitant to pursue the first schedule and i told her that just try on, that way on her 2nd application she'll know exactly what to do, but i was really hoping that she'll pass that way, we will finally make the wish we had before to meet in USA one day. and it did.. oh ikaw kelan na? hehehehe... rosey you too... para bongga tayo...