Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Payday Loan

Being a single mom I am sometimes having difficulty on financial. I am just grateful my boyfriend is always there to help me. But there are times that i choice not to tell him if I am having financial difficulty without trying to solve it myself. And often times getting loans is my number option.

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Bad Mood

I am not in my best since this morning. As much as I want to share it with you guys but I more want it to keep it my self. It is too personal and I think it's not good to brag it here.

But, who knows I will share it when time right comes....


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Monday, April 27, 2009

She Complain

I just sent the money for my sister few hours ago. A while ago I receive an sms from her and she seems to be complaining that the money I sent is not enough. My golly.. what can I do, I have too many bill to pay and I can not withdraw my money in paypal because I am saving it from my mother's Santa Cruzan.

I sometimes feel tired when everybody seems to depend on me.. I do have my own expenses and I am not earning that big.. I also have financial problem... hay.. life.. how I wish I am rich so money matters would not be a problem anymore.

On Health Living

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How's Your Week?

How was your week guys? Did you have a nice and enjoyable weekend with your family? As for me here, I had a very tiring weekend. I am online must of the time, blogging, I wasn't able to do my usual ritual which is sleeping. lol...

Well, I am not complaining since I had a very fruitful weekend... so no reason to complain......

Good Morning

Good Morning guys! how was your sleep? I have a very nice sleep although i only slept for few hours. It was very late when i go to bed last night and in fact I am still sleepy. My gosh.. I think I will be going back to sleep a bit later as my eyes are still heavy. I just need to finish my online errand because I am running out of time.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Option Screener

I don’t have any idea about option screener, in fact I haven’t heard this word in my 30 years of existence. I know its weird but it’s true. If in case you are planning to invest your money in stock you should be aware of all the pros and cons before taking a decision. Or better check out for more.

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Im Back

I am finally back after being offline for few hours. I was not able to get back online when I arrived from buying our groceries because my tito ask me if he can use my pc. He got a message from his wife that is in Dubai. So while they are chatting i decided to watch the basketball games. An inter zone tournament that is hosted by the SK Council.

I Am Mild Spicy

I am not into spicy foodie so I was wondering what would be the result if i get to take the blog thingy. So without any ado I took the test in all honesty. The result is true although I was referring is to foods but the questions is a bit naughty.. hahahha..

Your Spicy Score: Mild

You don't feel like you need to spice things up. You're happy to play things cool.

You'll go along with fun, but you don't feel like you have to be the life of the party.

While people appreciate your cool vibe, as long as you're laid back and not uptight.

There's a chance you're taking yourself too seriously. Relax a little!

On Family Vacation

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yay, I am full...I was about to make a cup of coffee when my son called me to eat breakfast. And he has this attitude that he will not eat until i join him in the table. It makes me feel important whenever my son show this gesture to me. I wonder what it will be when he get older. Hopefully, he will be a good son to me.

Haven't Eat Breakfast

Yay, it's already 8.30 am here but I haven't eat any nor drink any for breakfast. I immediately open my pc when I woke up because I still have some pending task that I need to finish before it expire.. Hayy.. I am running out of words in here. Anybody help!!!! lol...

Anyway, since I am starving now I better get off my butt in here and make a cup of coffee for my self..

On Online Education

There are plenty of reasons is to why someone could not finish school. It’s either they are busy wit their chosen career or busy taking care of the household chores and baby sitting their kids or you simply don’t have the endurance in going to school everyday. But that was many years ago, because with the advancement of technology nowadays you can get a degree online any time you want. Capella University is an accredited online education institute that helps people who can’t go to school everyday.

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Sweet Gesture

Oppsss.. got a call from lalabs...I was not expecting that he is going to call me since we were just chatting few minutes ago. Hay.. this gesture of my lalabs really makes me feel special and great... I am sure you will agree with me. lol

Anyway found this lovely poem online the other day, what do you think? isn't lovely?

Saturday Night is Sunday Morning

Watching you breath-- it fills my soul with life
Every time you see me I feel your warmth that shines.
You open your eyes to kiss me, just before goodnight;
You're tired, I know, but you'd rather shine a light
That dims very slowly throughout the quiet night.
Its almost Sunday morning so you better not fight
And let go.. close your pretty eyes real tight
Falling asleep next to me will be just fine.

Watching you leave on a Sunday is suffering death
And my soul plunges in itself, like lady Macbeth's.
I think of Saturday night and how it never ended
But Sunday morning came and both days felt splendid
So that Saturday night and Sunday morning blended
and every pain I've ever felt has now been mended.

The sun hasn't died just yet this Friday night;
I can sense your soul behind its essence shine
And always feel your arms around me tight
With tender loving hands all rightly mine--
When I'm with you i know everything is fine.

Sunday night is Sunday morning
And I have no sense of time.
Holding you for hours, yearning
For your lips to be in love with mine
Because when we touch I feel the burning
And our love seems so sublime.

this poem best describe us.

Can't Stay Longer

I was chatting to my lalabs few minutes ago, we need to stop soon cos he needs to be back in the hospital to be with his papa. I did promise in my previous post that i will get back to do my pending task but I think I can do it. I am really sleepy, I have been yawning while chatting to my lalabs.

I think its because my eyes is used of sleeping straight during night time while my lalabs were on vacation for 10 days. Now, I need to adjust my sleeping habit again.. So good night for now guys see you tomorrow morning

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Unique Wedding Favor

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I am going to bed now, though I will be back in an hour or so to chat to my lalabs. I've been online for few hours now and my eyes and hands are getting tired now. lol... **sigh** my brain is drained too, I can not think of a right word to use in my post. So guys good night for now and I see you soon... enjoy your weekend...


I am not sure if Rose were online earlier today, as she promise me yesterday that she will be online today. But then, I we had power outage for few hours. And when the electricity was back I can not go online because the modem was not working. So i called the customer assistant and after few minutes I got a call from bayandsl technician.

Gladly, I was still at home when they call as I was about to go in one of the internet cafe in town. I hope Rose will still be online later today so I can chat with her. I really want to fix the layout of my other blog.

Allegro Medical Supplies

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Computer Hang Up

Again? Few months ago i brought my pc to repair shop and now and my pc kept on restarting while I am blog hopping. I don't know what's the problem this time. I let my nephew use the pc when he woke up every afternoon.

Now, I worry that my pc could have a virus cos of online games. I hope I am just freaking out... cos I could not afford another unwanted expenses this time.

Opss.. Tried blog hopping for this blog and since i usually start hopping in letter A, this time I want to start it from the bottom and I was surprised cos the five links that i open was is not updated and the links are not working. Sigh.. I guess I need to update the links on my blog roll.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


hello guys!how is your week? I hope all is well, as for me I am in peace after ranting for two days. I am in peace now and waiting until my lalabs go back home which is on Friday. sigh.. few more days to go , I really miss my lalabs too much.

Anyway, soon I will always see him so nothing to worry about. I just need to be patient and stop worrying.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Wish

I have been planning and wishing to own a digital cam. It has a been my dream to capture the greatest moment with my son. Although, I knew I can not buy the digicam that I have been dreaming because I need to save for an event next month. But I promise to my self after this, I will start saving for my dream camera.

As early as now I am starting to search online on where to find great deals of digital camera's from the top brand. Good thing I came across this website called, an online store for the best price of Digital Camera, Camcorder LCD TV's and more!

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A Dream Come True

The other day I got a message from a dear friend letting me know that she passed her visa interview for New York. The first thing that cross to mind is a was right when I told her over the phone to go with her original plan as she is having a second thought whether to take the interview or moved it.

I was really happy when I got her sms because its a dream come true for her. I knew how she worked to gather all the documents she will be needing. What can say? But to wish her good luck in her new journey...

By the way, you can visit her blogs My Daily Thoughts and Moods, My Overview and My Daily Business to know more about her.

On Investing

Are you planning to invest your money online? Then, you should visit All you have to do is visit the website and start Sign Up for Stable Interest. Cool right?

Lazy but Reading

As you can see, I am not yet done tweaking the new layout. I've been sitting in front of the pc since this morning but I am not in the mood in tweaking the code now. Instead I am searching some tutorials that could answer my questions..

I my eyes is a bit tired now I better go and take some nap..

Fence Installation

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Gay Vacations

As you noticed, there are lot of people who belongs to third sex community are doing good in their chosen profession. I personally knew some gays and lesbian that is successful in their chosen field, they work hard for it. Who says, they don't need a break? They are still human being, they need to relax, they need to enjoy their life like other people do.

Sometimes, I am convincing a gay friend to take a vacation but he is having difficulty on where to go as looking for a gay vacations deals is difficult to find. That is before I heard about, Spirit Journeys offers gay travel, gay vacations and gay retreats.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Look!!

again? Yes, finally I was able to change the layout for this blog. I have been planning to change the layout for few weeks now but my mood does not allow me. I still have some tweaking to do, but as of now I need to take my sleep.

So, to all my visitors please bear with me. I promise to finish the tweaking tomorrow.. For now, it's time to say GOOD NIGHT!!!

On Diet Pills

As you all know I have been struggling to loss weight but unfortunately nothing has change. In fact I gained few more pounds for few months. Exercise is not my thing I admit, that is why I am having a hard time losing weight. With this I am tempted to try taking diet pill but then I having a second thought since I haven’t try any diet pill in my whole life. Good thing I can now search diet pill reviews to avoid bad side effect. So if you are considering to take diet pill better check out website now!

Hair Loss Treatment

Do you know someone that is getting bald in a very young age? Well, I personally knew someone that is having hair loss problem. At the age of 25 sign of getting bald is already showing and he is not ready to embrace the hair loss thingy. Well, who will do anyway especially if you are young like my cousin. My cousin is considering to undergo hair transplant if his baldness get worse. But his mom will not agree on this plan that is why she is now in search of a good and reliable hair loss treatment that will help my cousin.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I know it's a too early to be sleepy, but that is what I feel now. I guess I am just tired, we hanged out at my friends house in Tolosa, the next from where I leave. We have a nice chit chat to my other friends, though Ate Leah was not there because she is now living in Laguna with her husband we still had a blast. Well, no wonder because we are always in their house few years ago, when I was still in college. So, Ate Leah's family knew us already, that is why we are still welcome to visit them..

To Nanay Lydia and Tatay Auring thanks for for being a nice to us...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Align Center

dropping by wishing you all a happy and fun easter.. see you around

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wake Up Late

Ohhh.. I wake up very late today, I do not know why i slept early last night but still I woke up very late. Because of this I was not able to chat to my lalabs and I can't contact him in his phone I guess he leave his phone on his car again.

I really miss him so much cos I didn't see him for 4 days now. Hopefully I will wake up early tomorrow so I can chat my lalabs. My phone's alarm is acting weird cos the alarm is not working.

Anyway have a holy good friday to all!!!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Home Business Opportunities

Four years ago, my mind was already set that I will find a job after giving birth. As single mother to my son I know that I need to have a permanent job to support our daily needs. But God has another plan for me, when I was starting to prepare the requirement to work abroad I met someone and later he become my boyfriend and when I told him that I am planning to work abroad to support my son he didn’t allow me instead he promise me to take care our needs.

Although I have my monthly allowance from my boyfriend I still want to earn while staying at home. At that time I do have any resource on how to earn money at home. Gladly, I bought my pc and someone introduce me to the blogging world and that was the time I start earning at home. But I didn’t stop searching on how to earn at home and recently I came across this website that provide balanced reviews on the best and legitimate work at home opportunities online. So I better go now and start checking, I am pretty sure this website will help me find other resource in home business

Happy Weekend

Hi guys! how is your weekend doing so far? As for me had my laundry this morning and had a long nap after. And's Palm Sunday today, its a start of the holy week. Do you have any plan for this holy week? For sure, some of you will be going to the beach. But for me I will be staying at home and will surely attend a precession of Good Friday.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Summer Thoughts

Summer is finally here and I am pretty sure some of you have plans to take summer vacation with your love ones. It's been a wish for me to bring my family in a summer gateway for a day or two in one a nice beach resort. I've been planning this for a year now and I have a doubt that I will not happen this year as we need to save for the santa cruzan this coming May in our barangay.

Sta. Cruzan is celebrated in the month of May by some organization or groups. Of course this happens also mostly at last week of May. Others, pray the Novena, some prays only for three or nine days and still others for one day. Sta. Cruz is mostly prayed by the older folks and children. I could still remember when I was small we don’t pray attentively but when the part where “Ang Bandera sa langit gin buklad…” is sung, thats the time I straighten up. It means the long prayer has finally come and some food is distributed. This tradition is also practiced by Zones and/or Barangay where they have a procession and is done during the evening.

Nevertheless, we will for sure have a nice summer though we will be just staying at home. I remember when my son was one year old I never failed to put disposable diapers in my bag whenever I am going to attend santa cruzan and fiesta.

On Taking Summer Class

I am considering to enroll my son this summer, I have a relative you run a private school and I heard from the wife of my cousin who works in this school that they are now accepting summer enrolles.

My son just turned 4 years old last January and next school year I will enroll him in the nursery though I haven't decided the school yet. Anyway I still have more than two months to think about it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mesothelioma Lawyers

It's busy Wednesday for me, my plan was to install Mys layout but then i noticed that we have a lot of dirty clothes that need my attention. So I do not have any choice but to do the laundry. I thought I will finish it early but I was wrong cos it's almost 4 o'clock when I finally hang the clothes.

Anyway, after taking my shower I immediately go online to chat my lalabs. Since he was not yet online I check about Mesothelioma lawyers, I was curious about this illness and what legal advice they can offer to those who are affected with this kind of illness.