Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy B-day anak

It's my son's birthday yesterday, i know i am a bit late on posting this but better late that never. lol To you son may you have more birthday to come, more candles to blow, good health, and may you grow up to be a good person that mama wants you to be. Happy happy birthday anak kisses!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Paintball Gear

I haven't try playing paintball but i have a good friend who is into paintball for few months now and she says the key to win this game is allerness and proper equipment. Speaking of equipment, if you are in search of paintball gear and equipment has a vast selection of equipment including Tippmann, tippmann alpha, goggles, body gear and a lot more.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Itchy Eyes

For almost a month my eyes wasn't itchy that is why I am not wearing my eyeglasses always. I became aware that if i use my glasses less the more that my eyes get itchy. So I guess I need to wear my glasses always and more if I am using the computer to avoid problem with my eyes.

How about you do you have the same eye problem like me?

Modular Homes at Modular Direct

Who do not want to own a house? I am quite sure everybody wants and dreams to own a house. However, owning a house at this point of time is not really easy, in fact there are individuals and family who lost their house because they can not pay their monthly mortgages. Isn’t frustrating? But then again if you are eager and enthusiastic to have your own house you can achieve it by means of searching low cost housing without taking the risk of the quality and durability.

Anyway, while browsing the net I came across this company called Modular Direct at Through this company you will find Modular Homes and Modular Log Homes without spending too much money as you can buy your home directly from the factory. What is good in this website is that you can browse through their Design pages which you can find arrays of alluring custom designs for the potential customers. You can also found modular home prices, information on modular log homes.

So, if you are planning to build a house but you have a tight budget Modular Direct it the right place to visit. With their program eliminating the middle man for sure you can save some buck on building your dream house.


yay, I can't believe I haven't update this blog for few days now, I blame it to my laziness. Anyway here I am again leaving a quick update as I am getting sleepy in here. Wonder why I am sleepy in at this early? You can check the reason why here.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Lipovox, anyone?

Weight loss products are popular among people who are very much concern about their figure. But because there are hundreds of weight loss products in the market today you should be careful on choosing which product best suit you.

Have you heard of Lipovox? If not, here is brief information about lipovox, It is the original super foods supplement. It contains highly concentrated extracts of Brazilian Acai, Cayenne Pepper Fruit, Garlic, Soybeans Isoflavones, Barley, Wheatgrass, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Alfalfa Sprouts, Flaxseed and Buckwheat.

Since is contains the richest blend of nature’s most powerful foods that will help you lose weight quickly and successfully, while fighting both acne and wrinkles. Isn’t great? So hurry, visit the site for more information about Lipovox.

New Layout

Have you noticed the purple layout I have here? Since I do not have anything to do online I opt to make a new layout for this blog. And here is what I got, it's not perfect but I will settle for this layout for the time being. Hopefully, I can make another layout that look better. Wish me luck guys!!!

Best Fat Burner Listed

Are you dying to loose the fats that you gained during the holiday season? Well, you are not alone in this dilemma I myself is getting in-despair to loss the weight I gained for almost three years now. Though I am desperate to have my slim body back I am not considering taking some pills because I am afraid of the side effect.

But I know one day I would try anything just to loss the unwanted fats in my body. That is why, as early as now I am searching the best fat burners that I can find online. Gladly, I came across this website that has a complete list of the best fat burnet in the market.

Alive and Kicking

At last I had this domain up again. It takes five days before I got it back and I am getting desperate because I have few assignment assigned this blog. My thanks to Ma'am Imelda for paying the domain. Hay.. madami na akung utang sayo. hehehe.. I would like to thank Job of nokiahost for processing the domain.

Elm Tree

The advent of modern technology brought each and everyone’s life easier. Nowadays, you can do almost everything online. Among the things that you can do online are online banking, chat, research, shopping and many more. Speaking of shopping, do you know that you can buy trees and flowering plants online? Cool, right? At, they have variety of Elm trees that you may like.

So, if you are looking for different kind of trees and flowering plant visit TyTy Nursery for a bunch choice of trees and flowering plants.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

An Accident

I go back to sleep at around 3 am this morning that is why I never knew that an accident happened while I was sound as sleep. I was shocked when my aunt told me the story. A distance relative was hit by a motorcycle. Good thing he is not badly hurt but I sympathy the driver of the motorcycle because he passed away in the hospital. [May his soul rest in peace]

Rumors say, that the motorcycle driver was drunk. Huh, if this is true no wonder he bumps the Pedi cab which was driven by a distance relative. Through this accident I realize that life is precious and we should take care of it. We can never say when our last breath is.

May this accident serve as a lesson to the driver out there to take extra careful in the while driving. Furthermore, avoid driving if you are in the spirit of liquor.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'll Be Off For A While

To attend our regular session. I hope to be back later today and do some of my due tags. Ohh, apologized to all my friends who have sent tags to me. I have been very lazy for past weeks and I hope my mojo is back now.

However, though I have been lazy it seems that i am enjoying exploring my new installed software. I am into scrapping now. Please check my very first LO in scrapping and show some love violent reaction is also appreciated as I am a newbie in this field. I still have lot of things to know.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Want To Change the layout

It's been a while that I want to change the layout of this blog. But since I am having problem with my pc i can not simply do it whenever I want plus the laziness that hits me few days ago.

Finally I able to change the Christmas layout for this blog. I just used the previous theme of this blog I just added few twinks. And i am not yet done fixing the layout. I really want to have a new layout for this blog but since I don't know yet how to make a nice layout I guess I will be using this layout. Until when? I am not sure yet lol.

I still need to change my other blog's layout but I always encounter error whenever i try to change the layout.

Weight Loss Supplement

Are you considering in taking weight loss supplements to take all those fats that you gained during the holiday? But, you are having difficulty on which loss weight supplement to take. Then you might want to visit They have unbiased customer reviews, expert reviews, and clinical studies that make up the most comprehensive list of the best weight loss pills. I’m pretty sure you want to try out something that has been proven and tested by others, right?

I haven’t tried any weight loss pill and because I am having problem in loosing weight I am considering on taking weight loss pill.