Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random Thoughts

Pardon me guys for not posting an update for the past couple days. I am not actually busy but whenever I have an idea to post about I will lost it before I could put it in words. I guess time like this is most difficult part of being a blogger.

On the lighter side, I made a layout for Mommy Riza and I am glad that she like the layout. Hopefully the artist in me will stay longer as I want to change the layout of good friend and I also need to make another layout for my other blog since holiday season is almost over.

I am blaming my self for being a procrastinator because I lost the task I've reserve many times in SS. I just hope I will have a chance to reserve the opps in the future.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mouth Watering Foods

Christmas is few days away and I am pretty sure some of you are starting to gain weights which is possible especially if you're attending left and right party invitations. So no wonder if there are lot of us will be using fitness equipment a week after the holiday season to gain back the sexy and perfect body.

As for me, I guess I also need to use fitness equipment to loose more weight.


For 7 days now I always woke up around 3 in the morning. I've been attending the morning mass for seven days now and hopefully I can complete the nine days mass. Well, I still have two days more to go.

On the lighter note, my sister and I with her kids and son will be going to the mall today to shop for Christmas courtesy of my ever loving boyfriend. Thanks love for always pampering the kids every Christmas for three years now.


Geezzz.. I haven't been updating this blog for quite sometimes now. I've been busy and lazy all time and every time I am in the mood to blog my desktop is always freezing. So this morning when I arrive home from the church I immediately open my desktop and search for spa filters. A friend mentioned a while ago that she is in search of good and cheap spa filters. She don't have internet at home and since I am online everyday I told her that I will try to find one for her.

Anyway guys Christmas is few days away, do you have any plan?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Online Degree

Nowadays, there are lot of stay at home mother that opt to improve their knowledge by taking online education. As a single mother I sometimes think to continue my studying but since I need to take care the needs of my son I don't have ample time going to university everyday and taking online degree is a good option. So for those mommies who want to become a teacher but don't have the time to attend regular university you can still fulfill your dream in becoming a teacher by visiting This website offers online teaching degree and master's program. WGU is the only exclusively online university to receive NCATE accreditation for its online teaching degree programs, a testament to the fact that WGU graduates have the knowledge and skills to be effective in helping all students learn.


Huh, I still have few more task to do and I am running out of time. I should be preparing this time to attend a meeting but here I am sitting in front of the desktop blogging. I actually want to finish all my pending task before I log off as I am sometimes having difficulty opening my desktop because I always freeze.

Dream Vacation

Going to a vacation with my family has been a dream for a long time now. But since I am not rich and I don't have a lot of money to spend for a family vacation all I can do is wish that someday this dream will come true.

Just in case you are planning to take a vacation with your family but you're having a hard time booking.. well worry no more because is here to help you. They offer a lot of option from gulf shores alabama to Caribbean cruise. Cool, right? So what are you waiting visit the website now and have a fantastic vacation.

Busy Like A Bee

Geezz.. I haven't updating this blog for sometimes now. I've been busy for the past few days filling my transactions and I glad that I am done with it. I just hope I can blog hop later today because my desktop is acting up again. And I noticed that is worsen when I download the Monzilla firefox browser.

Anyways, are you guys are planning to take a vacation with your family? Then, you might want to try the Outer Banks rentals in Carolina. Huh, if I only have a lot of money to spend I really want to take a vacation with my family outside the country.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On Chasing Opps

It is really difficult to chase opps these days. And although this blog has its own domain I seldom grab opps for this blog. A page rank would be a great Christmas present for this blog. This blog has been craving for a pagerank for more than a year now.

But then since I can't blog hop from this blog Mr Google wont give any PR for this blog. But then again I am crossing my fingers for the best..

Friday, November 20, 2009

Buy Wow Gold

I am not geeky type of person when it comes to online gaming. However, I am always amazed every time I see kids and adult playing online games. They seem serious on battling to one another.

To those computer savvy and likes playing online games and is searching on where you can buy wow gold head over to the site called It is an online store retailer that sells game money for the computer video game such as World of Warcraft as well as other virtual currency. What I like in this website is that you can always have your money back just in case you are not satisfied with the service.

Blabbing Blogger

I am in the mood to blog today yet but I cannot write what is in my mind. I have so many ideas that keep on crossing my mind but when I tried to write it I end always up watching the desktop screen. It’s really annoying, anyway since the writer is me is not functioning well I opted to blog hope from my other blog. I just feel sad cos I haven’t blog hopping from this blog for a gazillion years now.

I’ve been wishing to gain back the pagerank for this blog that I’ve lost more than a year ago but if I will not try to increase the blog traffic and visitors for this blog I might not get the page rank I am wishing for this blog. How I wish I have all my time to stay in front of the desktop.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Online Insurance

Getting insurance these days is not easy as we think it is, as there are hundreds of insurance companies that promises a good coverage but in fact only few of them are true to their words. Thankfully, insurance companies invaded the World Wide Web which gives insurance seeker better options and find the insurance company that will suffice their needs and budget.

Anyway, if anyone here is searching or planning to buy an insurance online whether it’s health insurance, car insurance or any other insurance I urge you to check out

Long Nap

My mother and my son attended a birthday party this afternoon that is why it was too quite that I had a long nap. It was around 5pm when I woke up and timely because my mother and son arrive and brought me two slice of cake which I shared to my nephew and sister-in-law.

The Monzilla browser isn't not working yet and I am planning to uninstall it and install again.

Laptop As A Gift

Before we know its Christmas time already so before we run out of time it is best to have a list for present and buy them as soon as you can. If you are still searching on what gift to buy to your wife or husband then why not give her/him a laptop. I am sure any person that will get a laptop for a present will be ecstatic. You can check out wide range of laptops at

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ferrari Parts

We have our dream cars and even if I don’t know how to drive I also dream of driving my own car. Just imagine driving freely with your partner and going to some places.
Anyway, if you already own a Ferrari and is searching on where to find genuine Ferrari parts then you might want to visit to this web site called Ricambi America. Through the website you can find all the parts that you need for your precious car.


That is me, yes guys I am starving now. Just done chatting to my lalabs so please allow this sick blogger to take her breakfast and take her medicine. Hopefully I will be back later to return visit but I guess that is after I take a nap. I feel that I needed the nap soon.

So those who visited me expect me in your site as soon as I can today.. have a great day or night!!

Generational Equity Welfare

The advent of internet technology allow user to search and find information from the comfort of your home. Just recently while browsing the net I came across this website which has a good information about generational equity welfare. As we all know there are lots of individuals are having problems with their health care and social security. Often time complain occur too late and the least we can do is wished that we should have done something earlier.
So if anyone here is having any problem you can check out all academic research and you will for sure find amazing information that will help you solve the problem.

Quick Update

It's been a while since my last update, sorry guys yours truly has been sick since last week and I am still in the process of gaining back my strength which I hope I will soon. I need to so some offline stuff and as well online errands. I also dont want to lost the pagerank I have in my other blogs.

Anyway this is just a short update can visit my other blog for more information about my health.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Online Translator

Nowadays, finding a job is not easy as we think. With the high level of competency it is a plus if you know more than one language as some employer would like their employee to be knowledgeable in other languages. So to those you want to know other language you don’t need to fret as you can access translator from the comfort of your home.

Translia is an online translation company that offers professional and affordable services throughout the world. There are different types of translation services available, ranging from brand translation to business card translation. All you have to do is visit and register as client for free. Isn’t it amazing?
My boyfriend for almost four years is from Iceland and I am considering in learning his language little by little so I am going to visit the website often.


Yay, it is really hot here in my room. I opted not to use the aircon every night to minimize the electric bill. As of now I am using the electric fan but because my room is close the fan is not cooling me down. hayy.. I guess I need to open the aircon when I go to bed.

Myrtle Beach Vacation

Holiday season is just around the corner and it is this time that I have a lot of plan for my family. If money is not a problem I would love to take them to a luxurious family vacation and stay in myrtle beach vacation rentals. I am pretty sure we will enjoy the comfort that this beach vacation rentals offers to their customers. As I browse through the website I extremely amaze of their amenities. How I wish I will win a lottery so I can bring my family to this place.

Thinking Of The Future

Time flies and in few months I will be turning 31 I am indeed getting old and one realization that keep crossing my mind is I am not yet secure or my son if something happen to me (god forbid) and so I am considering on getting an insurance. However finding the right insurance is not an easy task as we think for there are a lot of insurance companies that promises a lot. Gladly I recently came across this website which offer insurance leads such as business insurance leads, health insurance leads, life insurance leads and a lot more!

Morning Update

hello guys! How are you doing so far? It will be be a very busy day for me and hopefully I can continue the blog hopping which I started yesterday. I haven't blog hop for this blog lately which is not good for this blog for I want to gain back the pagerank which I lost last year.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Industrial Computer

At last after being inactive to the World Wide Web I can now blog anytime I want. I am going to install photoimpact 7 software soon and start making holiday layout for free. I am glad that I can use my desktop now and hopefully for good. The desktop isn’t working perfect yet as I often freeze especially when I am using the webcam.

While browsing the net I happen to came across this website which offer industrial computer. I don’t have any plan buying a new desktop soon but if you do you can check out the website and who knows you can find something that interest you.


My gosh..I really need to take a nap now. My eyes is nearly close I blame my son why I am very sleepy now. He woke me up very early this morning. He did not leave me alone until I am finally awake.. he kept on saying that the sun is shining and I should not be sleeping. Silly son...

Brain Power Games

While browsing the World Wide Web I happen to came across this website called The website is not for entertainment only but it is also helpful to exercise your brain , improve your brain power, reasoning and memory. I shall visit this website more often and try brain games that they offer. So calling all online gamers! Visit the the website and exercise your brain power for free.

Back Finally

Ohh.. it's been a while since my last post for this blog. The desktop problem that I've been complaining for few months now was worsen few days ago. I can not use the skype and worse I cannot use any type of browser. Well, I can use internet explorer but I always encounter page error.

So I agreed when my lalabs told me to bring the desktop to repair shop and so far so good. Hopefully I will not need to deal hang-ups soon..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nebooks As Christmas Present

The son has been bugging me to put up our Christmas since September and yesterday he was really pleased when I let him put the Christmas balls in the tree.
Talking about Christmas, are you searching for the best present to your love ones? Worry no more head over to and check out their netbooks available. If I am to received this kind of present I would be very happy and would not ask for more lol..

Holiday Layout

Yay, Thoughts of a Sahm finally had the blog makeover for the holiday season. I do hope I will have enough time making another more layout for my other blogs. I also would like to offer freebie layout. Hopefully, I will not be lazy for the coming days lol. You know laziness and procrastinating always hit me.

By the way you can check out the layout live in my other blog or if you wish to check out the screen shot and my other design you can take a peak in my design blog.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Christmas Wish

Christmas is on the air and everybody are getting busy making a wish list. Like everybody does I do have a wish list for this coming Christmas. One of my list is to have a branded bag and if money is not an issue I would love having a diamond ring or earring.

Anyways, if you are searching on where to find wide selection of diamonds head over to

20% Witch

hello guys how is your halloween doing so far? As for me no plan for the halloween but in fact I haven't celebrate it in my whole life. Weird? Well, its darn true, hopefully I will be able to celebrate it in the future with my partner.

Anyway, i take this quiz at blog thing.

You Are 20% Witch

Nope, nothing really witchy about you!

You seem a bit too normal to be a witch. You don't have many witchy attributes.

You may want to consider dressing up as a witch for Halloween.

It's fun to feel a like a powerful witch, even if you're just pretending.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Office Furniture

Are you planning to put up your own business? If so, then you will need office furniture for your office. I happen to find this fabulous online furniture store which offer wide range of office furniture in a reasonable price. Shopping online would be a good idea to prevent from being exhausted as they will deliver the products right at your doorstep; you can do all the transaction needed from the comfort of your home.
Should you need more information just visit

Good Morning

Hello guys, how are is your morning so far? Wondering why I am up really early? Well, I and my lalabs agreed to chat early as I will be off early today to do an important matter. We agreed to chat at 5am but he is not yet online I just hope he didn't fall asleep while watching television as he usually do.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Waste Management Software

Few weeks back there are some places of the Philippines were hit by flooding, lot of people lost their love ones and personal belongings. One reason of this is improper waste disposal which is difficult so solve.

Anyway if you are looking for the latest application for waste management I urge you to It provides Waste Management Software that surely fits the waste management problem of the Philippines and other country.

Are you interested to know about Waste Management Software? Check out, they are an online software package that provides RFID tags, Mapping, Mapping GIS, GPS Truck tracking, automated invoicing.

Random Thoughts

I was a chatting to my lalabs a while ago and I am grateful that my desktop allowed us to used our cams. Few days ago my lalabs told me something that made me really sad. I've been longing and waiting for this to happen that is why I was very sad and disappointed when he started to talked about it few days ago. And because it is too personal to blog about it I will not be talking about it here.

I am glad that we are doing well again after our chat today. And I do hope one day we can grasp our dreams. I am keeping my fingers cross for this to happen.

And yes, while chatting to my lalabs I was listening to Christmas songs online. I always love to listen Christmas songs, well no wonder because Christmas is my favorite time of the year.

Affordable Dental Center

Who doesn’t want to have a pearly white teeth and a nice smile. I guess every does, but we all know that dental insurance can be expensive. But it is different at Hospital Angel this institution offers an affordable and quality solution to get the dental care that you need such as; bleaching, root canal, full smile makeover, implants, fillings and a lot more. So guys if you are searching for an affordable dental implants Mexico I urge you to visit for more information.

Browser Problem

Grrr.. yesterday I cannot access the Mozilla browser in my desktop. I tried to uninstall and install it again and again but to no avail. Opera and internet explorer is a big suck, it does not allow me to open some sites. Hopefully, I can make the Mozilla browser work in my pc again. I guess I need to check the setting, I suspect my nephew has something to do with it.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Best Buy Of Holiday and Invitations Cards

Time really flies so fast in more than a month from now the wonderful time of the year will be celebrated by almost everybody around the globe. It is this time that member of the families and friends who live far away received holiday cards from their love ones. And if you happen to be in a lookout on where to find wide range selection of holiday cards, wedding invitations, baby birth announcements, graduation announcements and bar mitzvah invitations I urge you to visit Invitation Professionals at

They have been supplying quality wedding invitations through Carlson Craft, Regency and Birchcraft for over 10 years now. And as for their products its very affordable but the quality is superb. You can visit the website to see the products for your self.

No Updates

My apologized if I haven't been updating this blog for almost a week. Last week was a busy week for me. It was my son's school foundation day and family day. My son was one of the contestant for the the Search for Mr & Ms SNTLSBEI but sad to say my son didn't make it this time. lol as if I feel bad about it.. but actually I am not.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Too many things that need to be done today and that include checking EDIS. I don't have any idea on this stuff, really.

Good Morning

Hello guys! How is your day or night doing so far? Hope you are having a great time blogging or surfing the net.

Like usual I really don't have any interested story to share for this blog but it's been few days since my last update so I might update this blog with non-sense story lol.

As I've said in my previous post that I will be cleaning my link list for this blog because I found out that some of the blogger in my list are in active in blogging. I haven't started the cleaning yet but I do hope I can soon.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hello guys! how is your day so far? As for me, i don't have any plan to gout today anyway it's a gloomy Saturday so I will be staying at home like usual. I really hope the designer's mojo in me will get back today as I want to finish a layout which is long over due.

Yesterday, I did visit some of the links in my link list and I notice some of them has been idle for sometimes now. That is why I am going to update my link list anytime soon.

I also want to fix the layout for this blog as the background loading is too slow. hay... I do have a lot of things to do online.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Investing And Saving For My Son

Last month, I almost had accident I was on my way to downtown riding in a public utility vehicle when I noticed that we are in the right lane and when I turn to the front I saw a truck coming. Luckily, nothing happen to us as the truck was not fast and the driver stopped when he noticed that the vehicle I was riding in was not in the right lane.
After this incident, I realize that life is too short. We never know when is our time to be with HIM. And I become conscious that if something happen to me that day (god forbid) I do not have any saving for my son. Since of this accident I’ve been thinking of a good way to save for my son, I even think of investing in gold or silver through Monex. I’ve heard that investing precious metals is a good investment nowadays.

Big Thanks!!

Thank You Myspace Comments

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to those who returned the visit and to those who visit me. I am going to return the visit as soon as I am done doing my online assignment. That is, if I will finished it immediately coz also need to take a nap before going back online later tonight.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blog Hopping

For long time I haven't been blog hopping for this blog. I am glad that I am starting to get back on the track, so I am expecting a return visit from the blogs I visited today and yesterday. It's more than a year since I lost my pr for this blog and I am hoping to gain it back soon.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On Any Kinds Of Filters

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Should want more information? Then don’t hesitate to click the link above.

Thankful I Am

I really grateful that payu has been giving me some link assignment lately. In time coz I really need to save for the furniture I get a more than a month ago. I still need to pay more than half of the price.

Well, I still have more than a month to save for the whole amount I'll just pray that I could get some task from other paying site. Keeping my fingers cross...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Great Buy Of Plastic

Are you guys in search of lexan plastic related materials? Then look any farther visit, it offer products like plastic sheets, plastic rods, plastic tubings, plastic profiles in standard size and customized size. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the website now for great buy of plastic materials.

Miss Chatting

I missed chatting to my lalabs this morning, the reason is that I need to accompany my son as they will have their pictorial along with other contestants. My mother woke me up early as well to prepare breakfast coz she is going to be with her brother.

After I am done with my next post I am going to take a nap.. I badly needed it guys...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Holiday Vacation

Christmas holiday is fast approaching and I am sure some of you are planning to spend the holiday in other country. If money is not a problem to me I would like to take a vacation outside the country. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about panama city, so I like to explore the place to see it myself.

But then, since I am not rich it would take me a hundred years before I can save the money that I am going to spend for this vacation unless of course I won a lottery which is impossible coz I not bet in a lottery.

Too Lazy!!!

I am suppose to prepare in going to downtown but I am still lazy to take a shower and to go out. But then, I don't have any choice but to go or else I will run out of time. I will just finish the last task assign to me and I will off. To all my visitor apologize if I haven't return the visit yet I promise to be in your door step soon..

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Home Furniture Store

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Thursday, October 1, 2009


Geezz.. I am really sleepy as of this moment. I manage to grab an opp but I dont think I can submit my review this time. My eyes are going to close anytime, in fact I think I need to toothpick to open my eyes.

Hay, this what I get for waking up very early just to blog. Hopefully, I can still open my desktop after few hours when I wake up. See you then guys!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Business Talks

Are you a business owner? Or are you planning to put up your own business? Nowadays information technology plays a big rule in every business and for you to succeed in your business endeavor I urge you to visit

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The Best Colon Cleanse

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Best Wieght Loss Pills

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Should you need more information? Visit the link above.


Geezz, thank goodness I manage to chat to my lalabs now though we haven’t try using our cam. But we try using it when he is back, hopefully pc will be good then. I also hope I can blog some after we chat because I still have some task to do. I am keeping my fingers cross..

Friendly Family Vacation

Months ago, I had written a piece about Karisma Hotels, perhaps due to its various offers and good vacation experience you can have when you visit any of their resort.
So if you guys are thinking of doing something that would bring happiness to your family and love ones why not surprised them to a magnificent vacation? Or better yet book a vacation for your family and love ones in one of the finest Family Friendly Resorts that Karisma Hotels offer.

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That is me, every body are still sounds asleep. I should be sleeping still but I have a task that would expired few real soon. So I am here typing as fast as I can.

So Upset

I really am last night, my desktop didn't cooperate with me again. I tried to open it at around 7.30 but I can't still open it until 10 pm which is the scheduled time to chat to my lalabs. It's been few nights that I haven't able to chat to my lalabs cos my pc will suddenly freeze after opening it.

It's really early in here, but I decided to get up and tried my luck and luckily I was able to connect to my blogger and blogive dashboard. I also tried to call my lalabs but can not get through. I will try again after few minutes.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Halloween Vacation At Orlando FL

Have you ever been to Disney World? Or do you have a plan to visit the place real soon with your family, friends and loved-ones? Well, if you do have a plan to take a vacation this Halloween then better grab the chance now to purchased your Disney World Tickets at They are currently offering a big discount on Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2009.

This family-friendly Halloween event gives you Halloween, Disney style. A great parade of Disney villains and a new fireworks show with beautiful Halloween colors lights up the sky at the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom as you trick-or-treat, in costume, with your favorite Disney characters. So what are you waiting for? Visit the link provided before you run out of tickets.

I Missed

I was about to attend a wedding and baptism yesterday and today. But because my mother is not feeling well I decided not to attend the wedding yesterday but I am hoping I can attend the baptism this morning since I am one of the god mother. But then my mother is not fully recover yet so I opt not to attend the baptism but sent an sms to my cousin the reason why I can't attend the baptism.

Taking A Break!!!!

I shall take a break for now I’ve been multi-tasking since morning. I am glad that I am finally done doing the laundry two hours ago. I can now blog and take peek on update of the aftermath of typhoon Ondoy. I was surprised when my lalabs told me this morning during our chat that there are more or less 50 people died because of flooding in some parts of Northern Luzon.

My prayers to those who lost their love ones and hopefully the rain would stop real soon. I am thankful that our place is safe with this catastrophe. Thanks God!!

Ceiling Fan, Anyone?

Argh.. I cannot think of what I am going to write for this post, I’ve been staring the monitor for 15 minutes now but still I couldn’t think of a good topic.

Anyways, while staring the desktop I heard my son calling my name and so I hurriedly check on him he is bed taking his afternoon nap. No wonder why he is calling me he is sweating a lot I did not open the aircon because my mother is in bed too and she is kind of cold. So I opt to open the electric fan and focus it to my son. And speaking of fan I am planning to get a ceiling fan for our living room. But I still need to save for it lol. I am not rich you know.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mesothelioma Info

Have you heard about the illness called Mesothelioma? If not, then it I urge you to visit The website is an excellent source for information about mesothelioma and other diseases cause of asbestos chemical. You can use their search engine to find doctor specializing in mesothelioma or find a treatment center in your area. They also offer a free and no obligation legal consultation if you need one. So what are you waiting for? Visit the link above for important information.

On Blogging

Blogging and coming online has been difficult this time. Aside from being busy running some errands my desktop is one big pain in my butt. It suddenly freeze few second after pushing the open button. I already called the computer technician and he suspect the motherboard need to be change.

I don't think it is practical to buy a new motherboard and my lalabs seems to agree this. Anyway, let's see what will happen.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Diet Supplements

If you are follower or a regular visitor in all my blogs you will notice that I’ve been trying to lose weight for sometimes now. But because I am a food lover, I am having a hard time losing those unwanted fats in my body. I sometime resort on taking diet supplements that a friend told me to be effective.
However, because I know that there are hundreds of diet pills and diet supplements available in the market today I am scared that I might buy something that is ineffective and risky. Thank goodness I don’t need to take any diet supplement this time as I am losing weight little by little. For two months I lost 3 kilos not bad for people who like to eat, like me lol.


Is what I am doing for almost one week and it's worth it. I am finally done posting some of my transaction last year, it's uber late I know but I blame my self for being a procrastinator. Now, I only need to post this year's transaction and hopefully I am done with it next week or at least before this month ends. hehehehe..

As for now, I need to review my son for his exam on Tuesday. I hope I will have more patience this time. I also hope he will do good in all of his exam. He ranked 3 in last time not bad for a student who more want to draw and get busy in his coloring book.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tiredless Moving

Moving isn’t fun, though I haven’t experience moving to one place to another I just noticed when I my aunt and her family opt to live for good here in the Philippines. Just imagine the packing and unpacking of all their belongings I am pretty sure my aunt would not like to move to another place.

So whether you are moving out from one state to another state or from one city to another city I urge you to hire the service of cross country moving to save your ass from boredom. is one dependable moving expert who has a proven track record in handling cross country moving for some years now.

Indoor Exercise Equipment

Have you been wanting to lose wieght for sometimes now but you haven’t reach your ideal weight? Then you should know that skipping meals isn’t enough. You need to exercise to burn those extra fats in your body. If you are a type of person who don’t enjoy the outdoor exercise you could always buy an indoor sporting equipment like ellipticals to allow you to do your exercise from the comfort of your home.
If you opt to buy elliptical online you can order one at offers a great selection of elliptical, treadmills, exercise bikes, steppers and a lot more to choose from at a very affordable prices.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blogging Thoughts

When I started blogging I didn't know anything about pagerank blog traffic or any stuff about blog. All I want was to have a website of my own, where I can share my thoughts and rants. But I was anxious at the same excited when I found out that I earn some money in blogging. So without any hesitation I submit my blog to some paying site which I found through searching.

At first, I did not mind having a pagerank but that was the time that I didn't know that having a pagerank would help me earn more. After I lost the pagerank for this blog for almost a year now I am starting to long for a pagerank, at least for this blog. lol

Friday, September 11, 2009

Buy WOW Gold At

Having an internet connection at home is superb. Aside from seeing your love ones that live in the other part of the world you can also buy the stuff you need from the comfort of your home. Paying of bills can also be done and online but more people especially the young ones they use the internet in searching online games. I remember when I was chatting from one of the internet café near my place I always saw teenagers playing world of warcraft with their other friends. I am amaze how they play it but unfortunately I did not able to ask them until I buy my own desktop.

Anyway, if you an online game fanatic and is searching on where to Buy WoW Gold I urge you to visit My MMO Shop is a world leader in Wow Gold sales. The retail store sells World of Warcraft Gold and other virtual currency with complete 100% money back guarantee on all orders. They have been in the business since 2003 and have moved their way up to become the #1 rated Gold Seller on the Internet in terms of sales quantity and customer’s satisfaction.

Making Money Online

is currently slow, having a zero page rank really affect my online venture. I seldom chase opps from the day I lost all the page rank in my blogs. Hopefully, I have all the time to gain back my lost PR's.

On the other hand,I am still thankful that I sometimes grab opps from other paying site that I joined a year ago. How about you guys, how's your making money online?

Amsterdam Chatting

The advent of internet technology allows users to mingle and share different views on different issues. If you one of those who are searching for the best chat gateway online or looking for amsterdam chat room, then I urge you to visit This website is very ideal to those who want to meet other Amsterdam singles. Re registration is very simple and quick and most of all 100% FREE. So, if you are interested just visit

An Update, Finally

Hello Guys, How are you doing? Hope all is well with you and your love ones. Again, I would like to apologize for now updating this blog for few days and for not returning the visit, I've been busy for the past few days. One of the stuff I attended was to bring my father to the doctor, as you all know my sister told me that our father is sick. I've posted it in previous post, in this link.

Now, our father is under medication and I am praying I can support all his medicine.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Philips AED

The advent of internet technology made our daily life easier. It helps us find everything we need from the comfort of our homes. Take online shopping as a good example, aside from not going outside our home finding the things that we need it also help us save some bucks.

So if anyone here is searching on where to find Philips AED I advise you to visit American AED offers wide range of Automated External Defibrillator, for public and professional use.

What I like in this online store is that all their AED’s are brand new with full factory warranty and the same day shipping if you order by 5pm est. Their goal is the customer’s complete satisfaction which allow unsatisfied customer to have their money back in 30 days.

Sad News

I got an sms from my sister this morning and I ask her how they are doing. I felt bad when she told me she is getting better after being sick for few days but no my father who live with her. He is still sick, how I wish I could visit them today. But I know I can't make it and the least I can do is pray for his fast recovery.

Aside from visiting my father who is sick I also miss my niece and want to play with them. Hopefully, my sister come for a visit..soon

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Modern Furniture, Anyone?

Have you tried shopping online? If not, then you are missing a good chance to save some bucks. Do you know that shopping online is the best way to find any thing you need in a very reasonable price? So folks, if you are searching nor planning to buy new furniture for your house I urge you to visit This online store offer modern furniture such as, for living room, dining room, bedroom, kid’s room and many more.
They are known as having one of the largest, exclusive and comprehensive modern furniture selections in United States. I will for sure visit this website in the future I am still saving for the modern dining room furniture that I am planning to buy

Good Morning!

Good morning folks! How was your sleep? As for me, I had a nice sleep though I need to wake up early as I am going to attend a meeting this morning. Hopefully, I can take a long nap later today like I usually do during weekend.

Anyway, do you have any plan for this weekend? No plan in here, I need to do some offline errands. And yes it's a special holiday on Monday, it's the burial of the Iglesia Ni Kristo leader Ka Erdie Manalo.. May he rest in peace!

Friday, September 4, 2009

On Bell TV, Anyone?

Few years back, I was into television and reading books. But after my boyfriend bought my desktop it brought a drastic change to my daily life. Now, you won’t see me watching TV and reading book like I usually do before. But now, if I am not sleeping you will see me chatting to my boyfriend or blogging. But it doesn’t mean I stop watching my favorite shows on TV in fact I sometimes wish that our television got many channel like the bell tv has.

Yes guys, you read it right you can choose from over 500 digital channels and enjoy the stunning HD picture quality or take ultimate control with the HD PVR. Bell tv also provides the best HD service including the most HD channels. So if you are searching on where to find great deals of bell tv I urge you to visit The Source and avail of their free shipping. Isn’t it a big saving?

Load Slowly

I noticed that every time I tried to open this blog the background's loading is really slow which made me think to change the background. As you know, some blogger don't want to visit back if the website loads slow. Well, I my self don't like it because it's time consuming.

Hopefully, I can fix this soon as I am not sure if I have enough time this afternoon because I need to be at the accounting office. I need to talk to our book keeper.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Choice Of Career

With the recent economy situation that some countries are getting into finding a high paying job is not an easy task to do. In fact, having a college degree is not a guarantee that you will get your dream job. The high level of competition among other applicant is one of the reason is to why you not get you dream job. That is why, there are hundreds or even thousands of professionals opt to further their education.

Talking about education and dream job, I recently came across this website called My The website has a list of top jobs such as accountant, cardiologist, bank teller, broadcast technician and a lot more which offer good Salaries.

So guys, if you want to stay ahead and keep ahead, check out My It will surely give some confidence to your employer if they see that you are trying to improve your self by getting an advanced education.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Got Back The Domain

Yes, at last after trying to get back the domain for this blog over and over I finally did it the other day. I was getting pissed in fact because I always encounter and error every time I save the settings.

The lesson I've learn from this mistake? Never mess the dashboard if you are not sure you know what you are doing.. hahaha..

On the lighter note, it's September 1st. Aren't you excited? I am uber excited Christmas is in the air... how time flies.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Barcode Scanner, Anyone?

If I have a lot of money I would like to put up my own business. I am thinking thinking of putting my own grocery store or internet shop. Anyway, if you are a business owner that need top quality but affordable barcode scanner? If so, I advise you to visit, this website is one of the leading online stores that offer complete POS system. They alson carry card printing, barcode printing kits, receipt paper and a lot more.
So what are you waiting for! Visit today and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact their excellent customer service for more info.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blabbing Me

Gezzz... paid post is really slow since last week... well, no wonder I lost the PR’s in my other blogs. Deeply In Love lost its PR more than a week now and Designs and Scrap LO lost its PR few days ago. And I blame myself for not blog hopping seriously for more than a month. Well, my pc was not working properly and it made me lazy to stay online longer.

But now that my pc is fix my blogging mood is gone and all because of this PR thingy. Hay... life of a blogger is not really easy.
Anyway, aside from losing the PR’s in my other blogs, I stunned when I try to open my other blog who have its own domain. The domain expired last August 23 and I didn’t receive any mail to notify me about the expiration. Hopefully, this will not affect my paid post that is pending for approval. I am not sure if I can pay renewal tomorrow because my plan to go downtown is on Thursday.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Unforgettable Family Vacation

Are you still looking for a place where you can spend good quality times with your love ones? Well, fret no more I’ve heard so much about Karisma Hotels and Resort and for curiosities sake I hurriedly visit the website and boy the place is awesome. If money is not an issue I would like to take my family to their family-friendly resort.

The place is not only ideal for family vacation but it is also a favorite spot for wedding destination and honeymooners. And if you are a food lover, Karisma Hotels will surely satisfy your cravings.

So guys if you are planning to take a break don’t look any farther visit They are committed to fulfill their client satisfaction.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Come Back Blogging Mojo

Boy.. My mind is wandering around, I have four tasks that I reserve this morning and I want it to be done before it expires tomorrow. I do not know what’s wrong with me, I’ve so many ideas in my mind but I am having difficulty writing them.
Hay.. hopefully my blogging mojo will get back soon as I have some task that need to be done. I need to save some bucks because I need to pay something every month and that is for three months.

Sleeping Marathon

What a long sleep i had yesterday, I was too sleepy when I wake up in the morning and I can not go back to bed cos I will be chatting to my lalabs so I go back to sleep after we chat instead. And boy.. I stay in bed until 1.30 pm... and last night my lalabs didn't wake me up and I go to bed early.

So just imagine how long I slept.

Monday, August 17, 2009

On Different Types Of Filters

The advent of internet technology help us find good deals of clothing, furniture, jewelries and a lot more. Just recently, while browsing the net I came across this website which offer different types of filters like furnace filters, air conditioner filters, air filters and a lot more.

I just bought an air condition for my room and in case I need to buy a new filter for it I shall go back to this website.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lazy Sunday

What a lazy Sunday for me, I have so many things that need to be done but laziness hit me. I still need to search for graphics that I am going to use in making Phoebe's layout as part of her prize in Mommy Tammy's contest last month.

But for now I shall go to bed and go back to sleep. Hopefully I will be better later.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

On Bedding Sets

After a very tiring and exhausting work, nothing can make you relax than getting a nice and complete rest. You can achieve good night kiss with you have a comfortable bed. And speaking of comfortable bed, I am in a look out for an affordable but good quality of Bedding Sets for my bed.

Thankfully, I happen to came across this website called They offer a wide range of bedding sets, leather bed, decorative pillows and a lot more! So guys if you are looking for modern contemporary furniture's and bedding head over to

After A Long..

absence I am no updating my blog. The reason? Simply because I do not have any interesting story to share. Maintaining more than one blog is not easy especially if you don't have any interesting topic.

Anyway, i do hope you are having a weekend blast wit your family and friends. As for me I had an out of town trip. I had a chance to visit the geothermal power plant in Kananga Leyte

Saturday, July 25, 2009

On Premeir Lighting

I and my boyfriend is planning to make our home more presentable and beautiful. I've realized that making a house beautiful needs a lot of effort and money. However, if you are wise you can still find great deals of home furniture's. As for our home there's so many things that needs to be done and for sure it's going to take a long time. One of the things that I want to install is Premier Lighting, this lighting is strikingly beautiful and made of a good quality but costs less.

So folks if you are in a look out of chandeliers, pendants, flushmounts and etc head over to

Good Night

Good night guys, I am going to bed now as I am really sleepy. I will wake up after two to three hours to chat to my lalabs. I hope you are having a weekend blast with your family and friends.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

On Eye Creams

When it comes to facial looks the most worrying factor would be wrinkles. There are many products which help us to get rid of wrinkles. However not all of them help in removing wrinkles around your eyes, eliminate dark circles and even reduce puffiness underneath your eyes.

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On Outdoor Furniture Covers

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

On Best Diet Pills

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On Rare Coin Investment

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I Hate To Be Single?

Nahh... I really don't hate to be single. I mean I didn't had any problem dealing with it when I am unattached. But when I try to answer this blog thing that the result is I hate to single. hahahaha.. Either way I am always happy but of course happier when I have I am in love.

You Hate to Be Single

You're the kind of person who wants to be in a relationship at all times.

You're the first to admit being single stinks. You hate being lonely.

You'd also have to admit that you've dated some not so great people in the past... just so you could be with someone.

You're a serial dater, but you figure you'll stop once you find the right person.


It's been raining the whole day, and because of this thew way to our house has a lot of water rain and mud that makes me too lazy to get out. I was not able to blog hop earlier because of being lazy. So I end up watching television, I am loving Kambal Sa Uma, Precious Romance [Bud Brothers] and the new Mexican telenovela.

On Home Theaters

First and foremost I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to those bloggers who kept on visiting this blog although I can’t visit them back in regular basis. I’ve been busy like a bee for the past few days, as I have mentioned in my previous post I am in the process of installing the ceiling and door in my room. Tomorrow the carpenter will start making the cabinet for my room and hopefully it is through before weekend. Thanks to my lalabs who helped me financially in this undertaking. This morning I was in one of the hardware store in downtown but before I drop by in one of the big appliance store in the city.

Since my lalabs want me to check how much it will cost him if he buy a HD-TV. I honestly stunned upon seeing the price but I know the price is worth it. Aside from checking HD-TV I also check other home entertainment equipment. If money is not an issue to me I would like to purchase high-end audio visual television. If anyone here is searching for a best resource for high-end audio visual equipment, music and television installation, home theater, home theater installation home theater installation Home Theater Systems San Diego, Southwest Audio Visual will make your dream into reality.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Wish

if financial is not a problem to me I would like to bring my family to an out of town gateway. But since I am not rich I can not simply bring my family to a vacation anytime I want. Hopefully, I will win a lottery in the future. lol.. which is impossible because I don't bit.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Best Body Repair Shop

Accidents may happen anytime but it is still our key responsibility in maintaining them properly from all kinds of danger. People mostly involve is some disastrous events which ends up in creating a huge damage to the car. And the beautiful car loses its glory because of that unhappy event.If you have come across this situation and want to find a perfect solution in getting back its glory and performance one has to recruit the best expert who can find effective solutions in retrieving them. There are so many places where one can find some sort of auto repair shop around their locality.

But I suggest you to visit, you will find the one you can rely on when it comes to auto body repair; they are network of collision repair experts who follow strict guidelines when it comes to quality of their job as well as the service. And if you check their website, you will learn from testimonies of their customers which undergo auto body repair irvine on how pleased they are with the service. Visit their site now for the nearest body shops in your area.

Morning Update!

Hello folks! How are you? Hope all is well. As for me I started my day really early as I need to prepare my son in going to school because nanay is not feeling well. And soon, I need to prepare my self to pick him up. Hopefully, I will be back soon online to do the usual blog hopping which I missed doing for sometime now.

On Fastin Diet Pill

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Protect Your Car

One of my dreams is to drive my own car, but I know for the fact that this dream isn’t simple. First, is I do not have enough money to spend for a new or second hand car. Second, I don’t know how to drive. I know I can enroll in some driving school if it’s needed.

But we all know that maintaining a car need a lot of effort of money. If I have to own a car I want to mount a push bars, installing this kind of bar your car will becomes tougher, more durable, and unquestionably stylish. If anyone here is in search on how to protect your car front then I suggest you to visit They have a wide range of car front protection that will suit to your car model and style.

On Public Speaking Anxiety

I haven’t been comfortable talking and speaking in front of many people. Thankfully, I am getting rid this fear little by little. I remember when I was in college I always pray that my professor will not give me any report to present in front of the class. But we all know that it’s very impossible as reporting is assign to every body.

During those days, I always hope I can take anything to make me comfortable standing and talking in front of the class. But unfortunately I could not do anything but try my best to relax while doing my report.

Anyway, if you having what they called public speaking anxiety fret no more because there is a remedy that will help you get rid of this feeling. The product is called Bravina, it is composed of nine supplements that promote relaxation and facilitate concentration. You can visit the website for more information anytime!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Too Slow

Gezzzz...I my connection is very slow for many hours now. It takes a some times before i finally open anything. But in fact I do not know if its the pc or the internet connection that is busted. As you all know my pc is acting weird for sometimes now and I guess is time i bring this to repair shop.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Modern Beds at

Having a good night sleep after a day that is full of hard work can be rewarding. And we will achieve a good sleep we are laying in a comfortable bed. Few months ago I decided to buy a comfortable mattress since I can sleep well the floor. It’s not that expensive but it’s comfortable to sleep on.

If anyone here is planning to buy modern bed, I suggest you to visit They carry a wide range of modern beds, bedroom set, nightstand, dressers and a lot more. They cover almost all well-known brands and designs to give the vast choice for the customer to choose online. They give you the best deal with best pricing. Aside from that, all their products come with a one year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about any future damage in the product. Isn’t cool?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Hello guys.. how is your weekend so far? Hope you are all having a blast especially those are celebrating Happy 4th of July. As for me, I did not do anything today though I was off early to attend the School and Home Partnership Program in my son's school.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Colonix Reviews

Nowadays people has a very active life style to the point that they forget how important to be healthy. There are lots of people who are suffering from colon cancer because of taking it for granted. Gladly, there is a website which will help you how to prevent this illness called colonix. To know more about colonix, you can know more about this product at website, there you will find Colonix reviews, such the top 5 colon cleansers, colonix side effects, Colonix ingredients and much more.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Treadmill at ProForm

I’ve been gaining weights for the past three years and for few months now I have been thinking to shed the unwanted fats on my baby. But unfortunately this is not happening especially when I opt to stop walking every morning for personal reason.

How I wish I own a treadmill, with this I do not need to go out to do my daily exercise. Anyway, if you guys are planning to have your own treadmill at home you can purchase this equipment at ProForm. They are the world’s No.1 fitness brand providing the best cardiovascular exercise for your running or walking workouts.

Update..update... NO.2

Yay, at last I had a chance to update this blog again. Updating each of my blog has become a hard task for me. There are times that I can only update a specific blog every time I have an assign task to do. Annoying sometimes since my first intention on having my own blog is to chronicle what is happening in my life.

But this is the reality of life, nothing is constant...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rejuvenate Your Skin and Body

Spider Vein is a group of widened veins that can be seen through the surface of the skin, according to

I personally knew someone who got a spider vein in her legs. Some says it is cause of pregnancy but other people said it is because of too much standing and wearing high hilled shoes. Luckily I did not get any of this while I am pregnant with my son four years ago. But my friend is not that lucky because she spider vein started to show up when she was five months pregnant to her first baby. The thought of getting rid of it when she gives birth did not happen. That is why she having a hard time dealing with it especially if she needs to wear a short pants.

If you are living in Chicago fret no more because Tiffani Kim Institute Medical Wellness Spa is here to help you achieve a healthier skin and rejuvenated body. They offers Spider vein treatment Chicago, acupuncture, internal medicine, dermatology services and a lot more. Should you need more information? Visit them at or better yet call them at (312) 260-9000 and talk to any of their medical concierge

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there...

Thursday, June 18, 2009


For few days now, I can not open the Monzilla browser in my desktop. I've been using this browser for almost two years now. Now, I left without choice but to used Opera browser which is annoying me. Myabe because I am not new with the browser but then last night I suddenly recieved an error warning... I can not log in to a a certain website...

Darn... I've been thinking of blog hopping since yesterday but with the current browser problem I don't think so I can make it soon.

Can anyone, tell me what am I going to do?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Reduce Sign Of Aging

I turned 30 few months ago and every time I checked my face in the mirror I can see few sign of aging. Sure I not worry much of getting old but I often want to have a noticeable face. Well, women in nature always want to feel good about ourselves. Luckily, I've found a cream that would help me look younger and more beautiful.

Revitol Anti Aging Solution helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other effects of aging. This revolutionary anti aging cream utilizes the most advanced ingredients available today. The active ingredients not only help to firm, hydrate, and tighten facial skin but also help to repair the appearance of fines lines.

So ladies out there if you are having difficulty hiding those wrinkles and fine lines why not visit the link above for more information.


Geezz.. I can not believe... I am not updating this blog for many days now. The reason? Well, I do not have any reason actually, I am blogging everyday but I do not have any exciting story to share for this blog so I end up neglecting this blog and my other blog.

Hayy.. thats how to difficult to have a multiple blogs. There are times that you are running out of words.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

On Apidexin

Sometimes I really feel bad for my body .At present I am 30 years old. I have put on a lot of weight a year after giving birth to the little bugger. My waist has increased a lot past for more than three years. For few months now I’ve been struggling on how to loose weight little by little. Few days ago my boyfriend noticed that I am gaining again. Geezz.. no wonder because I ate a lot of mouth watering foods last month.

Often times I am thinking of trying to take slimming pills but I need to be sure that the pill I will be taking is safe and effective. While browsing the net I came across this Apidexin review. Now that I am done reading the some feed back from some users, am I ready to take the outcome?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

On Dogwoods Tree

Flowering plants and trees add beauty to your home. Just recently, I and my mother plant some flowering plants and we will be planting other flowering plan in the coming weeks or months.

If you guys are looking on where to find wide selection of flowering dogwood tree I suggest you to visit They are currently offering 25% off on all their remaining trees and fruit trees varieties. So what are you waiting for? Visit Nature Hills Nursery now.

Bored? Listen to Music

When I am bored I usually open my music album online and listen to my downloaded music but since the speaker is not broken since last week I can not use my pc to listen music. Instead I used my mobile phone , I am not used to it but I do not have any choice because I am damn bored in here. I still have few task that need to be done before i finally sign off.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On Rare Coins

Are you into collecting coins? Or are you in search on where to invest your money? If so, you may consider investing in rare coins, rare coins are the best investment that you can keep for a long period of time. You are not going to worried of degrading the value of the coin in the future as the price of rare coin are increasing. So if you are and is on a lookout for a rare coins dealer, head over to Monaco Rare Coin. They are part of the Monex family America’s number one leader in precious gold and metals for over 40 years now.

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Retain the PR

Mr. Google has been updating since last week unfortunately this blog is not lucky like my other blog. Its been a ages now since I lost the PR of this blog. Hopefully, time will come that Mr. Google will reward this blog a pr that I deserve.

I guess I still need to work double effort to gain unique visitors. How about you guys? Are you lucky with google this time?

Another Hope

Yes, I am hoping that my wordpress blog would get an overhaul soon. As you all know I have been talking a lot about that blog but I am not really eager to update it as much as I want because I can not change the current layout and I can not add widget on the side bar.

The disadvantage without wp knowledge. hehehe.. You need to help until someone do the job for you.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trendy Sofas

Finding the right home furniture can be difficult and tricky, that is why it is a must to be careful on choosing which furniture to buy. If you are planning to buy a SOFAS for your home I advise you to visit Spacify offer a wide selection of home furniture such as, bed room furniture, living room furniture, office furniture, home furnishings, contemporary chairs, modern tables and a lot more. Currently they are offering free shipping and 30% in thier selected products.

What I love in Spacify furniture is that they have a they has a unique and trendy looks and made of high quality materials. If have enough money I would love to have the sofa in the picture.

Got The Payment

Finally after I waited for more than two weeks I got the payment from one of the site that I joined. The payment I got today was the highest payment from them so far. I've been doing reviews from this website but only last April that I was able to reserve a lot of task. Now, I have some dollars in my paypal account.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Home Lighting

Hello folks, lighting fixtures does not only give is light during the nights but it also add beauty in our home. If you are searching on where to find discounted home lighting head over at Lighting Show Place. They are offer 10% off on their weekend sale. You can also avail of their free shipping on orders over $75.

Lighting Show Place also offers ceiling fans, chandeliers, wall lanterns, home decor, landscape lighting, mirrors and a lot more!


Hi folks, I am really sleepy in here just finished chatting to my boyfriend few minutes ago and I promise him to go to bed soon. But I can't go until I am done with the pending task. I want to have a worry-less Sunday.. lol.....

Anyway, this will not take me some times I just need to finish two more task and I am off to bed... So I will bid good night to all before I forget it....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Custom T-Shirt

Hi folks, I recently came across this website called They offers custom T-shirts printing with no minimum orders. Other available products are mugs, kids t-shirts, hoodies, aprons, organic t-shirts,mouse pads, personalized gifts and a lot more. If you wish to get any of the above mentioned stuff don't look any farther, visit Custom Your Shirt.

Early Bird

Good morning folks! I woke up few minutes before six in the morning. If was not the sms of my friend I am sure I am still sleeping at this time. Anyway , while typing this post I am also filling up the vouchers for the SK Inter-zone Basketball Tournament Awarding tomorrow.

So I will not make this post long because I am running out of time. I need to finish filling it up before 7.30 am.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On Mesothelioma

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A Reason To Update

Hmmpp.. I am glad that I have a good reason to update this blog again. It's almost a week since my last post. I do want to update all my blogs everyday but for some reason I am can not think of a good topic to write about. That is why, I can only update this blog or my other blog every time I have a link assignment which seldom happened for few weeks now.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Looking For Bridesmaid Dresses?

Early this month I was surprised when my cousin handed me a wedding invitation. I do not have any idea who among my friends are going to tie the knot. And to my surprised the wedding invitation is from the couple I know from our place that but decided to settle in another place. The couple is marriage in a civil ceremony for some years now.

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Getting Late

Everybody is sounds asleep now except me who is making some noise from my keyboard. I better kick my ass outta here. I still need to wake up early tomorrow to prepare the things that we need to bring to my sister's place.

So guys, I will not make this post long now.. A wish you all a good night sleep!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

On Birthday

Few years ago I am not earning the way I earn today, that is why life for me and my son is quite difficult. Thanks God, he is good to me. He give me a supportive boyfriend, a way to earn some buck online.

Anyway, because of financial difficulties I was not able to gave a birthday bush to my son when he turned one year old. If I only have a lot of money to spend that time I will surely look for 1st birthday party themes. I hope I will to my next child, crossing my fingers cross..winks..

A Rest

Yes, I finally had a long rest today. I was sleeping for many hours today, after a very tiring preparing and entertaining visitors yesterday I really deserve a good rest. My sister is home now, she is having a small business for their upcoming fiesta with her sister in law. Tomorrow is another tiring day, we need to clean and keep the utensil that was used.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Payday Loans

I spend quite a big amount of money for the past few days. I kept on buying some goods that we will need on Saturday and another unexpected expenses came last Sunday when we brought my nephew to the hospital. I am surprised when my sister handed me the hospital bill. It was a big amount for a one day stay in the hospital. Thanks God my boyfriend is always there to help me financially.

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What I Am Doing

I am really busy for the past few days preparing for the santa cruzan celebration on Saturday. Tomorrow morning we are going to my sister's place to fetch the pigs that we are going to use on this occasion. Hopefully, I can still blog tomorrow when I arrived from my sister's place.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Quick Update

Its been days since my last update and I don't have any plan to do an update either. But then I deem it proper to make a short update to let my visitors and reading knows what I have been doing.

To start with, yesterday we brought my nephew to the hospital because he accidentally bumped his head on the wall while playing. I worried because his appearance his really bad, he looks pale and he vomit once. I hope the vomit is because he is nervous cos he always like that. Every time he is afraid of something he would vomit. I hope the x-ray result will be negative. Please help us pray for that..

So I better go now but before I hit the sign out I must read about ephedra, the supplement that has been around for many years now and has maintained its consistency of being the most trusted supplement for people who wants to shed off some pounds and to reach their personal satisfaction.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weekend Update

MySpace Happy Weekend Comments

Weather nowadays is really unpredictable, it's summer here in the Philippines but its been raining for few days now. The kids, can not play outside like they usually day last weekend.

Anyway, I do hope you guys will have a fruitful and happy weekend.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Payday Loan

Being a single mom I am sometimes having difficulty on financial. I am just grateful my boyfriend is always there to help me. But there are times that i choice not to tell him if I am having financial difficulty without trying to solve it myself. And often times getting loans is my number option.

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Bad Mood

I am not in my best since this morning. As much as I want to share it with you guys but I more want it to keep it my self. It is too personal and I think it's not good to brag it here.

But, who knows I will share it when time right comes....


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Monday, April 27, 2009

She Complain

I just sent the money for my sister few hours ago. A while ago I receive an sms from her and she seems to be complaining that the money I sent is not enough. My golly.. what can I do, I have too many bill to pay and I can not withdraw my money in paypal because I am saving it from my mother's Santa Cruzan.

I sometimes feel tired when everybody seems to depend on me.. I do have my own expenses and I am not earning that big.. I also have financial problem... hay.. life.. how I wish I am rich so money matters would not be a problem anymore.

On Health Living

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How's Your Week?

How was your week guys? Did you have a nice and enjoyable weekend with your family? As for me here, I had a very tiring weekend. I am online must of the time, blogging, I wasn't able to do my usual ritual which is sleeping. lol...

Well, I am not complaining since I had a very fruitful weekend... so no reason to complain......

Good Morning

Good Morning guys! how was your sleep? I have a very nice sleep although i only slept for few hours. It was very late when i go to bed last night and in fact I am still sleepy. My gosh.. I think I will be going back to sleep a bit later as my eyes are still heavy. I just need to finish my online errand because I am running out of time.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Option Screener

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Im Back

I am finally back after being offline for few hours. I was not able to get back online when I arrived from buying our groceries because my tito ask me if he can use my pc. He got a message from his wife that is in Dubai. So while they are chatting i decided to watch the basketball games. An inter zone tournament that is hosted by the SK Council.

I Am Mild Spicy

I am not into spicy foodie so I was wondering what would be the result if i get to take the blog thingy. So without any ado I took the test in all honesty. The result is true although I was referring is to foods but the questions is a bit naughty.. hahahha..

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There's a chance you're taking yourself too seriously. Relax a little!

On Family Vacation

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yay, I am full...I was about to make a cup of coffee when my son called me to eat breakfast. And he has this attitude that he will not eat until i join him in the table. It makes me feel important whenever my son show this gesture to me. I wonder what it will be when he get older. Hopefully, he will be a good son to me.

Haven't Eat Breakfast

Yay, it's already 8.30 am here but I haven't eat any nor drink any for breakfast. I immediately open my pc when I woke up because I still have some pending task that I need to finish before it expire.. Hayy.. I am running out of words in here. Anybody help!!!! lol...

Anyway, since I am starving now I better get off my butt in here and make a cup of coffee for my self..

On Online Education

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Sweet Gesture

Oppsss.. got a call from lalabs...I was not expecting that he is going to call me since we were just chatting few minutes ago. Hay.. this gesture of my lalabs really makes me feel special and great... I am sure you will agree with me. lol

Anyway found this lovely poem online the other day, what do you think? isn't lovely?

Saturday Night is Sunday Morning

Watching you breath-- it fills my soul with life
Every time you see me I feel your warmth that shines.
You open your eyes to kiss me, just before goodnight;
You're tired, I know, but you'd rather shine a light
That dims very slowly throughout the quiet night.
Its almost Sunday morning so you better not fight
And let go.. close your pretty eyes real tight
Falling asleep next to me will be just fine.

Watching you leave on a Sunday is suffering death
And my soul plunges in itself, like lady Macbeth's.
I think of Saturday night and how it never ended
But Sunday morning came and both days felt splendid
So that Saturday night and Sunday morning blended
and every pain I've ever felt has now been mended.

The sun hasn't died just yet this Friday night;
I can sense your soul behind its essence shine
And always feel your arms around me tight
With tender loving hands all rightly mine--
When I'm with you i know everything is fine.

Sunday night is Sunday morning
And I have no sense of time.
Holding you for hours, yearning
For your lips to be in love with mine
Because when we touch I feel the burning
And our love seems so sublime.

this poem best describe us.

Can't Stay Longer

I was chatting to my lalabs few minutes ago, we need to stop soon cos he needs to be back in the hospital to be with his papa. I did promise in my previous post that i will get back to do my pending task but I think I can do it. I am really sleepy, I have been yawning while chatting to my lalabs.

I think its because my eyes is used of sleeping straight during night time while my lalabs were on vacation for 10 days. Now, I need to adjust my sleeping habit again.. So good night for now guys see you tomorrow morning

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Unique Wedding Favor

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I am going to bed now, though I will be back in an hour or so to chat to my lalabs. I've been online for few hours now and my eyes and hands are getting tired now. lol... **sigh** my brain is drained too, I can not think of a right word to use in my post. So guys good night for now and I see you soon... enjoy your weekend...


I am not sure if Rose were online earlier today, as she promise me yesterday that she will be online today. But then, I we had power outage for few hours. And when the electricity was back I can not go online because the modem was not working. So i called the customer assistant and after few minutes I got a call from bayandsl technician.

Gladly, I was still at home when they call as I was about to go in one of the internet cafe in town. I hope Rose will still be online later today so I can chat with her. I really want to fix the layout of my other blog.

Allegro Medical Supplies

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Computer Hang Up

Again? Few months ago i brought my pc to repair shop and now and my pc kept on restarting while I am blog hopping. I don't know what's the problem this time. I let my nephew use the pc when he woke up every afternoon.

Now, I worry that my pc could have a virus cos of online games. I hope I am just freaking out... cos I could not afford another unwanted expenses this time.

Opss.. Tried blog hopping for this blog and since i usually start hopping in letter A, this time I want to start it from the bottom and I was surprised cos the five links that i open was is not updated and the links are not working. Sigh.. I guess I need to update the links on my blog roll.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


hello guys!how is your week? I hope all is well, as for me I am in peace after ranting for two days. I am in peace now and waiting until my lalabs go back home which is on Friday. sigh.. few more days to go , I really miss my lalabs too much.

Anyway, soon I will always see him so nothing to worry about. I just need to be patient and stop worrying.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Wish

I have been planning and wishing to own a digital cam. It has a been my dream to capture the greatest moment with my son. Although, I knew I can not buy the digicam that I have been dreaming because I need to save for an event next month. But I promise to my self after this, I will start saving for my dream camera.

As early as now I am starting to search online on where to find great deals of digital camera's from the top brand. Good thing I came across this website called, an online store for the best price of Digital Camera, Camcorder LCD TV's and more!

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A Dream Come True

The other day I got a message from a dear friend letting me know that she passed her visa interview for New York. The first thing that cross to mind is a was right when I told her over the phone to go with her original plan as she is having a second thought whether to take the interview or moved it.

I was really happy when I got her sms because its a dream come true for her. I knew how she worked to gather all the documents she will be needing. What can say? But to wish her good luck in her new journey...

By the way, you can visit her blogs My Daily Thoughts and Moods, My Overview and My Daily Business to know more about her.

On Investing

Are you planning to invest your money online? Then, you should visit All you have to do is visit the website and start Sign Up for Stable Interest. Cool right?