Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Web hosting reviews for you

I remember when I decided to make my own blog, it was not east as 1 2 3. I asked my online friend many questions. And when I finally settled my own blog I want to have my own domain in it. I tell you, I don't have anything idea of what is web hosting. Again I asked some of my blogger friends and they advise me to search online. In my search I came through this great website that provides some information about getting a domain of your own and etc. Getting a web hosting provider can be tricky and difficult but thanks to web hosting geeks they make is easy and hassle free. If you are in search for a web hosting service, your should visit They have listed top ten web hosting providers which you can choice from.
They are ranked through:
  • Best priced-value
  • Reliability uptime,
  • Key features
  • Bonus features
  • Customer support
  • Past and current user feedbacks
  • User-friendliness
  • Hosting awards
Webhosting geeks gives special awards to web hosting company who offer best quality services such as:
  • Best Budget Hosting
  • Best Blog Hosting
  • Best Forum Hosting
  • Best Unix Hosting
  • Best Windows Hosting
  • Best PHP Hosting
  • Best Email Hosting
  • Best Ecommerce Hosting
  • Best Multi-Domain Hosting
  • Best VPS Hosting
  • Best Reseller Hosting
  • Best Dedicated Hosting
So if you are planning to get your own domain and want to know more about web hosting visit, for unbiased and real web hosting reviews and don’t forget to check their helpful articles.

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gLoR!e said...

i plan to have my own webhosting but i need more information about it..thanks for sharing!:)