Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Not for me

Wow.. I got 9 grays in my TP dashboard but unfortunately only 2 of them are available for me “and I was not able to reserve” the other 7 opps are not for me. Wondering why it is on my dashboard? Well, I already write a ticket to customer love regarding this glitch and they say it’s a system error. There are opps that shows available though the blog did not meet the requirement and there opps that shows unavailable though the blog did meet the opportunity requirements. How about you, are you having this kind of problem?


sweetytots said...

i hope you dont mind me asking.. but what is TP?
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Jard The Great said...

hi there.. just dropping by.. u got a nice blog here... but very difficult to make out the words due to your template design.. =p

Raquel said...

Hi Rosemarie, it happens sometimes kaya nga nakakainis kase akala natin, ma grab, yun pala hindi.

@ Sweetytots: I am assuming it's the triple P (PPP).

Lynn said...

it happened to me before too, sis. i was kind of irritated nga kasi why nakalagay dun tapos di pala ako qualified to take it. hehe. so i figured, baka may may problema lang ang system. :)

Tey said...

I am getting lazy grabbing opps kasi puro sa PR# blogs ko.. ala sa low pR blogs.. kakainis na minsan
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