Wednesday, November 12, 2008

List of 12 Participantes of Fear Factor

the continuation... i have listed few participantes here. As we all know the reality show started last night and i am a bit disappointed because i haven't want any episode. Hopefully i will tomorrow night.

Another batch of Participantes:


Gail Nicolas
Age: 25
Origin: Quezon City
Occupation: TV, commercial, and ramp model; nail artist
Greatest fear/s: heights, dark places

As the winner of Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007, Gail is undoubtedly one hot woman. She has graced numerous TV commercials and fashion shows. Her beauty, charm, and physique are her tools as the breadwinner of their family. When Gail was 17, her father’s relatives forced them out of their house, and not long after, her father passed away. Since then she has assumed the responsibility to provide for her family, and she even helped her older brother finish school.

Gail used to play volleyball in college. She believes that being athletic is her edge in conquering all the challenges in Pinoy Fear Factor.


Savanah Lamsen
Age: 23
Origin: Quezon City
Occupation: Ledge dancer, model
Greatest fear/s: cats

Savanah is a woman who can excite men’s imagination with her sexy body, and also tickle everybody’s funny bone with her sense of humor. She once posed for the center page of a sexy magazine in hopes of getting into showbiz. Savanah dreams of helping her family through a tough financial situation.

When her parents were still together, Savanah’s family never had any problem about money. They used to have a meat dealership business that enabled her to spend all the cash she wants for parties and other luxuries. But when crisis struck their livelihood, she had no other choice but to adjust to a simple life.

Savanah is determined to become the first El Ultimo Participante of Pinoy Fear Factor. Though most of her friends find her clumsy, she is out to prove that she can conquer all the challenges in the biggest reality stunt show. Savanah plans to use the two million cash prize as capital for her parents to start a new business so her family can be reunited.


Marion dela Cruz
Age: 21
Origin: Austria/Valenzuela City
Occupation: Student
Greatest fear/s: Heights
Marion’s father was a driver in an embassy while his mother was a cleaning lady in another embassy. He was born in Vienna and spent most of his life in Austria. Nevertheless, his parents managed to teach him to speak Tagalog and live the good Filipino values. Marion met a lot of women in Vienna, but never had a serious relationship with any of them. He said he still prefers the conservative Filipinas over the liberated Austrians.

Marion was a good soccer player but later became unfit to play any sport after getting into lots of vices and troubles. He frequently got into fights because of racism and would often drink and smoke. When his parents couldn’t handle him anymore, he was sent to the Philippines to live with his grandmother.

Starting a new life in the Philippines was challenging at first for Marion. But because of his lola, he got used to doing lots of households chores and going to the palengke. Now, Marion is up for a much greater challenge as a Participante of Pinoy Fear Factor. He is ready to face whatever kind of challenge to win the top prize so he can convince his parents to live with him here in the Philippines.


Ram Sagad
Age: 23
Origin: Quezon City
Occupation: Model, student, ex-basketball player
Greatest fear/s: Heights, unusual and exotic edibles

Ram considers basketball as his first and greatest love. He was playing for NCAA but had to let go when he felt that he wasn’t being given the recognition he deserves. It was difficult for Ram not to be able to play, but he was happy with his choice to keep his self-confidence.

After leaving the court, this six-plus footer figured he was too young to take life seriously. He devoted his time to his family, school, playing video games, and going to bars with friends. But Ram decided to go on a different kind of adventure by joining Pinoy Fear Factor. Going to Argentina was the first time he was separated from his family and from the things he loved. He hopes that his athletic background will give him the advantage in facing his fears, like heights and eating exotic edibles, and winning the two million pesos and the brand new house and lot for his family.


Lynn said...

i never missed an episode since monday. i don't know ngayon kasi i'm tired and sleepy na. we'll see. :)

twinks said...

hi sis,
i haven't seen a single episode sis.. hehehe.. but all the participants are beauties and hunks! nite nite sis :]

Lynn said...

hope u'll be able to watch na soon, sis. :)

anyways, got something for u here..