Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Unexpected task

After Mr. Google slapped this blog to PR0 reviews are getting slow. Though I can still get few paid reviews from other sites I still missed those days when this blog had always reach the minimum post for the day, which was two months ago. However I did not lost hope and so I opt to submit this blog to some different site advertiser to generate income. But then I almost lost hope that this blog would the way it used to be.

When I checked my e-mail few hours ago I was surprised to receive an e-mail from an advertiser asking for me to do a review of a certain site or gadget to be specific. The payout is not that big and I will not get the whole amount stated in the task but I accept the task with hesitation. In fact I grab every task that is available for my blogs, will I often refuse to do task if I think my capacity is not enough to accept the offer.

1 comment:

Bas said...

These paid reviews are actually the reason why Google took your PR away.

Most likely, anyway.