Friday, October 24, 2008


Wow it's TGIF once again. Do you have any plan for this weekend? As for me I don't have any plan yet, but for sure I will be staying at home doing some house errands. Last night I did not able to wake up at the time that I and my lalabs agreed to chat. In fact it was my fault because i press the wrong number when i set my phone alarm.

I was surprised when my phone alarm at 12.25 am instead of 10:25 pm. So I just call my love telling him i just woke up and the reason why. Since we only had a very short time left I open my triple P dashboard to check if I have opps to grab and bingo i missed 6 opps already and so I waited for few minutes. God is too good because i able to grab 2 opps though its just small fishes. lol... And this morning I was surprised to see 4 missed opps again. Could it be tripple P were giving opps until now? huh.. I hope so, So I will have a chance to grab some fish. lol


jHeLea said...

daghan kaayo opps from PPP karong adlawa sis....I was able to grab two opps....kalagot kaayo kay usahay naa green ug white tapos inug reserve na nako makalit gray....haaaay!!!!

Tey said...

nothing special to do this weekend. Just blog, eat and sleep..lols
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