Friday, October 10, 2008

Pretty annoying

I am, or I was dropping ec a while ago and suddenly the downloading gets slow as a turtle and when its done I only see white background on screen. What's wrong with entrecard today. Yesterday i did not finished my dropping cos they are doing some update. It seems that my time and pc is not being good to their boss. lol. When i have time my pc is not working properly. Hopefully i can reach the minimum drop in one of my blogs.


Shimumsy said...

same here. i thought ako lang ang may problem sa ec. hope they fix it soon.

Tey said...

we have all experienced the same problem I hope they will update the dwnloading speed of their website
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twinks said...

hi sis..hope all is well.
now lang me nakapag blog hop kasi was busy with my pc hahay..

I reckon EC is having some issues kaya ganun.

Jackie said...

Same here with me. It does seem a little better today.

I am trying to get caught up but between them and their updates and me being sick I am so so so far behind.
Happy day:-)