Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Getting sleepy

In deed I am. The clock in my computer screen says it's pass one o'clock. I am getting sleepy and tired. But triple P is giving away some opps. In fact I already missed 3 opps now. I am trying to be fast on grabbing those opps but it seems that they are not for me. Well I hope i can catch some before I finally off to bed.


Gem said...

Sleep! Or are you still awake? =(

jHeLea said...

I'm lucky enough sis I can grab opps from PPP...pero I don't stay late at night para lang ka grab....tsamba lang talaga waaaaaah....BTW, an AWARD for you.

Lynn said...

Wow Sis...dami mong opps ha. :)

Musta na?

Tey said...

I always feel the same way everytime PPP is giving away some good opps. My brain just couldn't handle all of it so I have to let it go.
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