Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gadget advisory

Are you a gadget and technology lover kind of person? Do you know that there a website that will keep you updated in all of the coolest electronic gadgets and current technology? has the best article about gadgets, technology news, computer hardware and computer software. In fact this website has the latest articles about online backup services which I hope I knew before my hard drive bug down for good. Another piece that I find very helpful is the top extensions for Firefox, I know there are lots of people who use Firefox nowadays and I am one them. I some times stumble upon some errors and I don’t know how to resolve it.

Another article that I find very helpful to every household is the Logitech universal remote control article. I can say that the site is well organized and easy to navigate. So hurry visit Gadget Advisor at to know more about the latest gadget, technology, computer software and hardware that is out in the market today. By the way I have something to share with you guys that if I am a type of person that loves to read about new technology I will not lost important files that I save in my pc.

Few months ago I have been ranting about my computer’s glitches. I did not mind although the computer technician that checked my pc told me to back up my important files because my hard drive will bug down any time. And because I am hard hidden sometimes I did not do anything to back my files and so the time comes when the hard drive of my pc give up and I did not able to store some of my important files. I was barmy when I found it out. But I know I can’t blame anyone but my self if I only look for an online backup service I should not be loosing those files.

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