Friday, October 3, 2008

Another new day

Good morning everybody... How is your morning going on so far? Mine is good. I had a very nice chat with my Lalabs last night. I am also grateful to payu2blog because they always assign new task for me. Just yesterday I finished doing two task and I wasn't expecting that I will have another assign task this morning. Thank Payu,

The bad side for me this morning is my throat is hurting in fact it started yesterday. I only hope this is not a sign of another illness. Yay, it seems that everybody are getting sick.


Tey said...

hmmm I wonder when will Payu approve my account.. Geee, I am cusrious to get tasks form them
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twinks said...

Hi sis..
hope your throat is better na. is in the air..hehehe..
congrats with your PayU opps sis. Me too, I always get tasks from them. Great!
Happy weekend :]