Saturday, September 6, 2008

Liezel the star scholar

Marie Liezel Garcia - " Pride of Puerto Galera" A 22 years old from Dubai. This lash immediately flew to Dubai after graduating to work in a hotel for her to earn money for her self and family. She believes that there is not limit and boundaries in fulfilling her dream to become a singer.

Liezel is always chosen as star scholar she even once the undefeated star school for 3 weeks. What I like her is she has a soothing voice and i know she will make to the top. She is even my second choice to make it to the top three along with Bugoy and Laarni.


Paula said...

Just watched her - she's so pretty tonight! She's also my bet, I like her humility and you can see that she's really kind at heart. Eventhough they say she doesn't give emotion to her singing, I know she'll master this soon - she's just shy that's why.

twinks said...

She's one of my bets sis.
I love her voice and she's pretty good in singing. WIsh her luck.
For sure she'll in the top 3 :]