Monday, September 15, 2008


peepz... It's been a while... it's Monday once again. How was your weekend? Mine was boring, I was about to chat to my lalabs last night as we planed. I was thinking he would call so I was confident that I will see him and he would wake me up. But sad to say he can't contact me and so he end up sending sms to me. When i woke up at 9:45 pm I was disappointed to see his sms cos I know I am very late and for sure he will be off then. And i was right cos i only read his short offlines. Hay i guess was in a deep sleep that i did not hear my phone when I got his sms.

How i miss my lalabs I only hope I will see him later today. I 've been sick for few days and so I can't drop ec. I must admit my blog RR went high when I start doing serious ec drop but when I check it today I was disappointed that it reach 900 something now but before i made it to 500 something. Now i need to work hard to get a higher RR again. It's been a weeks since my last task from triple P and i heard they are updating thier member and some blogger has been cut off from there system. I pray that I am not one of them. I know i sometimes remove a task especially if I i edited it many times but it always end rejected. I really need to work hard with task if I want to stay.


twinks said...

Hi sis.
How you feelin na?
Me, still coughing and still got a cold. least I'm not feverish na.
Too bad you weren't able to chat with you lalabs but for sure he understood why you were sound asleep..maybe dreaming of him? hehehe..

Take care

Nova said...

hello rosey...sige lang gud.. next time nlng, i felt that feelings pud dati when i miss my bana and then missed him online.. pero i'm glad na after one time it happened.... he called me na jud aron di na mi both ma-lonely.

i know you miss your bf jud....for sure sya pud...