Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Go go go Charice

The other day I was watching the video of Charice during her latest guesting in Oprah and I also saw when Celine Dion invited Charice to have a duet with her on her concert. That big day came when Charice sing with Celine Dion. And boy,.. the kid really did well I don't sing but heck I know she did a good job.

On the other hand I am grateful to Celine Dion cos she let Charise shine on her concert. I know this girl would go far in singing. At the age od 16 she had a chance to sing famous singer and celebrities in Hollywood. Anyway I hope you will have fun watching the video as I do.


Mharms said...

I was so fascinated by the performance and Celine's kind heart for letting Charice sing with her.

Lan said...

I was in tears coming down my check while listening Celine introducing Charice. I'm so happy and very proud of Charice singing with the famous star. I grab this video ok.

TVK said...

thanks for sharing :) Im proud of Charice

Prettymom said...

@ Marlyms,i am touched by Celine's cos singing with her is Charise's dream and she fulfilled it.

@ Lanie, I was in tears too when I was watching Celine's introduction especially when she mentioned about the mother thingy hehehe.

Lynn said...

Seen the clips of the performance at tv patrol last night. Will try to watch it over youtube later.

Musta sis? Hope all is well.