Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pet supplies

Are you a pet lover? Do you love to spoil your pet? Then I am sure you would love to visit, it’s a pet store website which offers low low price of everything you need for your pet. They offer a huge variety of pet supplies. This site is good for my boyfriend as he always need of dog supplies for Bangsi. Anyway you can visit the site for complete information of their pet products.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

What a nice surprise

What a nice surprised I got this afternoon when I check my entrecard stats. For the first time since I joined entrecard I reached more than 300 cards that dropped on this site. Isn’t amazing? Despite the fact that I am having sudden showdown I still try to drop reach the minimum drop for this blog as much as I want to do so in my other blogs. But sad to say I cant this time, hopefully next week.

Anyways, I would like to thank to all the ecarders who dropped on my site but I apologize since the minimum drop per day is 300 I can’t return the favor to all of you. So, I decided to choose ecarders who have been patiently visiting my site constantly. Just keep on dropping and I promise to visit your site one of this day.

Below is the screen shot of my stats yesterday.

Ecommerce merchant account

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High performance weight loss formula

Fact, there are more and more people who are struggling to loose weight. I my self is not excuse of this struggle, I am trying or planning to loose weight for a month now but sad to say I am not losing anyway weight. Truth is I am gaining. Argh.. this is really disappointing and made me think to try Fenphedra. This pill claims to be a “High Performance Weight Loss Formula” but does not contain a bunch of stimulants like so many other High Performance / Hard Core fat burners. If you are eager to take a deeper look at this fat burner visit

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am sleepy

As much as I want to stay online to drop ec and wait for some opps in triple P but my eyes is not cooperating. I am yawning for an hour now and I my eyes is getting heavy every minute. So i guess time for me to say nite nite, hopefully i rise early tomorrow to continue ec dropping. I still have one task do do from payu2blog but I'll just do it tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Great recipe

I know I am bragging about Christmas in my previous post and in my other blog. But can you blame me Christmas is the time to reconcile, giving gifts, and most of all it the time for family get-together. During this day I always prepare special recipe and this time I am planning to cook something that I haven’t cook yet. I came across this site called and I find their Christmas cookies recipe interesting.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Powdered milk panic

Few months ago toys that are manufactured by China was banned, it was found out that a toxic material that is harmful to children is being used to create this toys. And recently, they did it again but this time it is too much, I say too much because there are thousands of babies were brought to the hospital and four was lost their lives. A melamine substance used for making plastic was found to be one of the components in the baby’s powdered milk. It diagnosed that a baby who drink this contaminated milk will have an acute kidney failure.

I couldn’t understand why a melamine that is used in making plastic is used in making powdered milk. I also don’t understand why China seems to neglect the wellbeing of the people who will buy their products. But I guess the best thing to do is don’t buy the product from China. If their entire product is unsafe it is deem and proper to ban products from China.

Honestly I am scared when I heard it on the news. You see I used powdered milk for my son and few months ago I switched to another brand of milk. And sad to say they haven’t sent any press release to let their consumer know that their product is safe. Unlike the previous brand of powdered milk I buy declared that their product is safe and that they are not using a melamine substance. Now I am thinking to just buy his previous milk.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ferrari part at

What I like in online shopping is that I can find everything I want in a reasonable price. I don’t need to roam around in looking the stuff I need. I can buy everything I want and need without hassle. So if you are looking for Ferrari parts, the place is to visit is Ricambi America. It is a one-stop supplier for all original Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini parts and accessories. They have over 80,000 original parts, tools and accessories in their catalog.

Car insurance quote?

Do you own a car? Are you planning to buy a new car? If, yes then you should think of getting a car insurance for future purposes. We all know that there is lots of company that sells car insurance, problem is we are not sure of their service quality. You need to fret because is here to help you with your car insurance quote problem. You can get various insurance companies that have a great deal of information on any types of insurance.


I am finally done doing the 300 drop for this blog. I am now doing the drops on my other blog. I did check my real rank in triple P and I am glad that it reach 700 something. Well it was 500 something before but is goes higher when I get sick. But too bad triple P did shower some opps to some blogger but I am not definitely one of them. huhuhu.. though I got 2 grays on my dashboard I was not able to grab it as I was off from my pc.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Whole saler os beads

I have a gay friend who makes his own gown and jewelries. I sometimes visit him and I am amazed of his finish product. I remember I tease him once that I will ask him to make my wedding gown and the accessories I need for my wedding and he gladly say yes to me. But anyway this friend of mine has different kind of beads for his gown making and accessories. Yes, he is also make earrings, bracelets, necklace and many more. He can actually have his own business. And boy I was shock when I asked him how much he paid for those beads and I tell you its kind of expensive.

But I guess if he bought the beads on the store that offers wholesale gemstone beads like Beads of Cambay dot com I am definitely sure he can save some of his money. Beads of Cambay is one of the top wholesale beads suppliers. They offer discounts of up to 30% on a wide range of high quality gemstone beads and freshwater pearls. So if you are keen to know more about this site and what they offer I suggest you to visit

Finally an opps


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Weight loss products

Are you planning to loss weight? What method would you consider? There are some ways to loose weight but the question is, are you serious enough to sacrifice those mouth watering foods? If so then you can you can check some weight loss product that is available in the market today. We all know that there are hundred or even thousands of weight loss products in the market so we need to be caution in choosing. And to be sure that you are choosing the right pill for you why not take a look at They reviewed over 200 diet pills and ranked with the following criteria, value, customer’s feedback, safety, ingredient quality and many more.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Go go go Charice

The other day I was watching the video of Charice during her latest guesting in Oprah and I also saw when Celine Dion invited Charice to have a duet with her on her concert. That big day came when Charice sing with Celine Dion. And boy,.. the kid really did well I don't sing but heck I know she did a good job.

On the other hand I am grateful to Celine Dion cos she let Charise shine on her concert. I know this girl would go far in singing. At the age od 16 she had a chance to sing famous singer and celebrities in Hollywood. Anyway I hope you will have fun watching the video as I do.

I want a pearl earrings

I have been wanting to buy jewelries in fact I did search some online store and I came across this site that offers high quality of pearl jewelry like pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets, pearl pendants and many more. So if anyone here is planning to buy pearl jewelries then you should visit You will get more than 70% off the price at a retail store. Isn’t great? I am for sure check this site, I lost the lock of my earrings and I need to get one.

Monday, September 15, 2008


peepz... It's been a while... it's Monday once again. How was your weekend? Mine was boring, I was about to chat to my lalabs last night as we planed. I was thinking he would call so I was confident that I will see him and he would wake me up. But sad to say he can't contact me and so he end up sending sms to me. When i woke up at 9:45 pm I was disappointed to see his sms cos I know I am very late and for sure he will be off then. And i was right cos i only read his short offlines. Hay i guess was in a deep sleep that i did not hear my phone when I got his sms.

How i miss my lalabs I only hope I will see him later today. I 've been sick for few days and so I can't drop ec. I must admit my blog RR went high when I start doing serious ec drop but when I check it today I was disappointed that it reach 900 something now but before i made it to 500 something. Now i need to work hard to get a higher RR again. It's been a weeks since my last task from triple P and i heard they are updating thier member and some blogger has been cut off from there system. I pray that I am not one of them. I know i sometimes remove a task especially if I i edited it many times but it always end rejected. I really need to work hard with task if I want to stay.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stroller for my next baby?

Buying baby stuff is really exciting, I remember when I was pregnant to my son I always shop for babI remember when I was pregnant to my son I always shop everything for my baby every time I go out buy something. I and my love wants to have another baby when times come and honestly I am excited for that. I found this online store that offers baby's their Bob stroller. I just love and I am sure I will be buying one when I and my boyfriend will finally have our baby. Having a stroller is a big ofhelp especially if the family need to go out or want to hang in the park.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Wise shopper

I am always a wise shopper and I tell you with the present economy I am wiser now. Wiser in a way that I shop online now. Shopping online is a great way of saving money because you will find great deals in everything you need. Christmas is in the air and as early as today I am preparing for my present for my family. I came across this site the offers low low price of everything. How I wish I can afford to buy the playstation 3 for my nephew I am pretty sure he will be happy to have this. Anyway I still have enough time to save for this.

Promotional items at

Are you having difficulties on how to promote your newly open business? Then worry no more because you can promote your business without sweat. All you need to do is visit and choice among their wide variety of promotional items that you think is appropriate with your business. You can have it customized with your company logo of message. You can also chat with their friendly customer service assistance if you have any question regarding there items.

Quick chat

I had a quick chat with my lalabs a few minutes ago. 'twas a quick chat, too bad we only had 10 minutes. But tomorrow he promise a long chat and I am looking forward to it. By the way my lalabs is in Turkey with his father and sister. It's a 2 weeks vacation and I hope my lalabs sister will be fine after this vacation.

I am getting better now thanks god. Hopefully i can drop ec tomorrow morning. I really miss it eh.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Be aware of Cholecystitis

Nowadays getting sick can be too expensive, I am thankful that I am getting better now. Now i realize how important to be healthy. During those days that I am lying in bed I have so many things that I need my attention but sad to say they need to wait until I am fully recover. While I am off from blogging I opt to have a research of different illness and I stumble upon this site that talks about illness, symptoms, treatment and anything that you will need to know in a disease. The site I am talking about is In this site I able to read about Cholecystitis which happens to be the illness of my friends father. If you are keen to know more about this illness visit the site for more information.

Quicky post

hello peepz!!!!just a quick update here. Its been a while since i update this blog. As you all know i was not feeling for 4 days now. I am not fully recover yet but I miss blogging and I have some task to do. Hopefully I will be fully recover in one to days. I still have a seminar to attend next week and my presence is a must along with our Barangay Chairman, Committee in finance.

Awesome site award

I got this award from Lynn I am not yet fully recover from sickness but i have many things to do online and I don't want to lost those task waiting for me. I've been waiting for this task for few days now. Anyway isn't great having this award? It really brightens my day although I still have this bl**dy migraine. I am passing this blog award to Imelda, Jhona, and Jhelea

Monday, September 8, 2008

Increase you online sales

We all know that there are a lot of people you are trying there luck to try online business. Who would not? When lot of people choice to do business, shop, and pay the bills online. It is very visible that business online today is doing well and sometimes earning more than they expect. That is why competition in online businesses today is soaring high and business owner are trying to look for an innovation that will help their business and increase online sales. And finding the right strategies can be difficult. But worry no more because a retired Chief Technology Officer of one of the world's top 10 software companies are here to help you.
This man aims to help people who have an Internet-based business through his new e-book and audio book on creating successful businesses. The product is called the "Online Business Gameplan, Executive Leadership Guide" it provides proven strategies that can be applied to achieve above average growth in today’s competitive online environment. If you are keen and curious to know this product I am talking about visit the site and check out their 5 day free video that covers strategies for small online business, marketing and sales, and entrepreneur.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Liezel the star scholar

Marie Liezel Garcia - " Pride of Puerto Galera" A 22 years old from Dubai. This lash immediately flew to Dubai after graduating to work in a hotel for her to earn money for her self and family. She believes that there is not limit and boundaries in fulfilling her dream to become a singer.

Liezel is always chosen as star scholar she even once the undefeated star school for 3 weeks. What I like her is she has a soothing voice and i know she will make to the top. She is even my second choice to make it to the top three along with Bugoy and Laarni.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Apologize.. myspace graphic comments

There is something wrong with my entrecard account. I've been trying to access my account since this afternoon but to no avail. I did tried to change my password but still I can't access my dashboard. I already sent a message to entrecard and hopefully i will have an answer soon. So to all my entrecard dropper i am sorry if i can not visit your site but I'll make it up as soon as i can access my account.

Top dropper for the month of August

thank_you Myspace Comments

here is the list of my top 10 entre card droppers for the month of August. To all of you guys thank you for all the dropped. And to my other entre card droppers keep coming back and who know next month you will be one of the top droppers.

In need of medical supplies?

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