Saturday, August 9, 2008

What's in 888?

I should be posting this post yesterday but lazy butt hit me once again. I am having my post menstrual period too. yesterday the Beijing Olympic begun and our new municipal hall was officially open yesterday. at first i was wondering why they put 888 in front of the municipal hall only to found out that it mean august 8, 2008. Chinese people believes that this date is lucky that is why lot of couple decided to to take their vow on this day.

anyway whatever the significant of this number i hope them the best and to all the Philippine athlete mabuhay...i


jHeLea said...

yesterday sis,,dito sa Bacolod nag grand opening ang 888 na mall, chinese ang owner,,,lucky daw kasi ang #8...btw got an AWARD for you...

myi4u said...

hi there,

Chinese believes that 8 = Fortune. That is the reason why Chinese people like the number 8. Also the 8 is quite similar to the $ sign too.

Some Chinese refers number 6 as good luck because some Chinese dialects pronounce number 6 as 'luck'.

Have a great day.