Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lazzzzy butt...

that is what i a feeling right now. I have a long queue of tag's to do and i promise yesterday that i will do it today. Today is one of my lazy lame and lousy Sunday i did not do anything. Stayed long in front of the pc and make the new layout of Ma'am Imelda. Lookie that is the screen shoot, how i wish i have photo shop to use for the header.

Thanks anyway to Lenny Bae a friend from friendster for introducing this site where i can edit photo. I am getting addicted in ec card dropping and again i reach the minimum drop for this blog and also i also started dropping in my other blog i had more than 100 for today and hopefully i can also reach the minimum droped. And when i decided to sleep i saw the romance novel i have been reading for few days but i can't finished it for some reason. lol.. So for now allow me to take my rest, my eyes is really craving for that. hehehe.. I still have to wake up later today for a chat to my lalabs.

1 comment:

Gem said...

Me too, sometimes I can't help feeling lazy over the weekend.

It hit me too! I just wanted to crawl back to bed and get lots of sleep.