Thursday, August 7, 2008

Finally access

..for 2 days i was not able to access this blog i was surprised this morning when i tried to enter the url i finally see my blog's homepage. It was frustrating when i can not access my this blog because it can only be mean that i can not make reviews. Now i can continue my blogging journey without any glitches..hehehee...

but upppss... i am posting this from the internet cafe my pc at home was infected of a virus this morning. so i decided to re-reformat everything and i found out that the person who fix my pc last time did put a virus on my pc. Well i don't like to believe but i just bought a new hard drive so it is impossible that i will get a virus this soon. Anyway i hope my pc will be okay now after the reformatting. im crossing my fingers cross

Too much of this pc rants i still have to check project collaboration tool and i still need to blog hope and campaign hehehehe..

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