Monday, August 4, 2008


Whoot…. I am done with my task assignment from payu2blog. It’s time for me to sign off for a while and iron the uniform of my son, nephew and niece. Gosh… that’s a lot. I should be doing this yesterday but I am too tired to make another house chores instead I rest and had my bath. So see you after few hours…


jHeLea said...

ka nice lagi sis kay daghan mo, i can't take any wuhuhuhu

Aisha said...

glad there's payu2blog to help us earn money :D

Tey said...

okey rose, pahinga ka na.. dami mo ng pera lols.. Have a great day to you
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Liz said...

me problema nga ata ang google kahapon, pero yung sa akin hindi naman nagloko

Lee said...

Hi, go have a nice cold glass of orange juice, or Chinese green or cold, you'll feel good.
Looks like you have some ironing to catch up, huh?
Anyway, you have a great weekend, Lee.