Friday, August 1, 2008

Discover the cool tool for website

Way back in college I really want to have my own website but there are lots of reasons that are stopping me for doing so. One reason is that I don’t know where to start and where to go. Although I know how to use the internet my knowledge is limited in chatting. Honestly my feeling is unexplainable when I purchase my first domain. I must admit I still need to know lot of do’s and don’t in making a website. Good thing there is a site that is designed to help people like me. At they have lot of useful articles that is worth reading.
But most of all they have this tool called "valuation tools" that provide accurate value of a site. It also provides lot of useful details, graphs, charts and predictions in its detailed valuation report. This tool is also helpful for buyers to get useful information on a site and its likely worth and for the sellers to set a BIN price and provides some inside information on their own website which they are not aware. Truly there are lots of website values that needs to be understand when you want to have a site or to buy a site. Anyway if you are keen to know more about this brilliant tool visit for more information.

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