Thursday, July 3, 2008

Get up late

I am surprised to when I checked my phone clock because its already 5:55 I don't know what happened I did on the alarm of my phone but i didn't ring on time. I am not sure if I forgot to on it or it did alarm but i not able to get up. I am bit disappointed seeing 9 grays on my dashboard. Luckily I still grab one opps and hopefully I can still grab some later because I really need to save some bucks.

1 comment:

Nova said...

Hello darling dear, you might over slept? maybe your tired or something, sige lang.. at least wala ka ma-zero dear...

next time, double check would be a great idea right?

musta naman atong lovelife diha? anything new?

salamat sa imong mga paramdam, hehehe.. ingatz always